Mercury Direct In Leo: Specific Details Of Affected Zodiacs And Easy Remedies!

Mercury Direct In Leo: In Vedic astrology, the Mercury planet has a special place and it provides results for its positions like rise, combust, & direct. It is closest to the Sun and remains in the combust position due to it, but sometimes it comes out of the state and rises effectively. 

If Mercury seems to run in the retrograde position, then it results in the rise of different troubles in multiple tasks. Also, the Mercury in the direct position will deliver fruitful outcomes. But, Mercury being in different houses for multiple zodiacs will have different effects. 

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The planet Mercury Direct In Leo sign in the month of September. Its effects can be seen across all natives in multiple forms. Let us proceed and get to details of this special AstroSage blog of Mercury Direct In Leo that affects the natives of all the 12 zodiacs. Also, get to know simple astrological remedies to avoid the ill effects. 

Mercury In Leo: Date And Time 

Mercury, the factor of intelligence, logic, and friendship will direct in Leo on 16 September 2023 at 1:21 pm. The effects will be pretty clear on all the 12 zodiacs. 

Significance Of Mercury Planet In Astrology 

The planet Mercury is very vital in the astrological world and it provides both positive and negative outcomes. Mercury is the lord of Gemini and Virgo signs. The latter one is the exalted sign and the former one is their debilitated sign. Among the Nakshatras, the planet Mercury has the ownership of Ashlesha, Jyestha, and Revati Nakshatras. 

Mercury is considered the factor of logic, communication, intelligence, and friendship. The friendly planets of Mercury are Sun and Venus and the enemies are Moon & Mars. The color of the planet Mercury is green and Wednesday, out of seven days of the week, is dedicated to the planet. 

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The vital role of Mercury among all the planets is widely considered and its weak position in the horoscope will result in different problems in the life of natives. If Mercury is placed in a strong position in the horoscope, then the person gets different kinds of happiness in their lives and also the chances of success across fields rise. 

The presence of Mercury in the birth chart of individuals along with any other malefic planets, then the chances of negative results also become prominent. The results of weakening Mercury lead the person to different kinds of problems in their business life also. 

Effects Of Mercury In Leo Zodiac 

The nature of the natives becomes gentle with the influence of planet Mercury in the Leo. The voice of such people is so sweet that people get attracted to them and aim to stand out in the crowd. It fills the natives with life & energy. Leo symbolizes creativity and Mercury represents the skills so that their overall creativity increases. It also results in the rise of interest in singing, arts, and films. 

If we talk about love life, they stay attracted to their partners. They hold the hands of their partner once and don’t leave it for their entire life. These people are also very honest in the relationship. They also ensure the maintenance of cordial relations with brothers and sisters. 

These people are learned, also have attractive personalities, and are inclined toward spiritual tasks. If we talk about the negative side of such people, they have an arrogant nature at times. They also have the nature of aggressiveness towards others and also lie to people as per interests. They also have impatient nature with dishonest people. 

Even after taking suitable decisions, they are more likely to make haste decisions and thus become surrounded with multiple types of troubles. In such a situation, the natives are advised to think carefully before making any decision during Mercury Direct In Leo. 

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Relevant Signs Of Weak Mercury In The Horoscope 

If the Mercury planet is afflicted by malefic planets in the birth chart of people, then it results in different kinds of troubles in their life. Let us now know about the signs of weakening Mercury planet: 

  • If the Mercury in the birth chart is afflicted by harsh & cruel planets, then it leads to all kinds of physical and mental troubles in natives. In such conditions, people feel uncomfortable speaking and presenting their thoughts accurately. 
  • The weak position of Mercury will make the natives mentally unstable and this will result in persons facing different kinds of troubles in simple understanding of topics. 
  • A person might have to suffer heavy losses in the business with the weak position of Mercury in the horoscope. 
  • Other than that, it will result in facing ups and downs in the health life of natives due to the weak position of Mercury. Individuals will face troubles like communication problems, nerve pain, skin diseases, trouble in the nervous system, throat troubles, nose problems, and others. 
  • The bad position of Mercury in the horoscope will result in different types of challenges in the financial sector. The natives will also face the burden of debt and will be unable to repay the debt. 
  • Different individuals will face concerns related to the decrease in self-confidence due to the weak position of Mercury in the horoscope and they will be unable to make the right decisions in life. 
  • Also, there can be suffering due to multiple diseases that won’t be detected easily and the disease will become a problem in the future. 
  • The weak position of Mercury will ensure the deterioration of relations with the family members. There will be disputes with women in the house. 

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Sign Of Strong Mercury In The Horoscope 

  • The communication of the natives becomes efficient and they will be able to answer different questions with the presence of Mercury in a strong position in the person’s horoscope. 
  • The strong position of Mercury provides the native will sharp intelligence and these people perform efficiently in subjects related to mathematics. 
  • The natives with the grace of Mercury planet will be able to attract other persons towards them with their speech. 
  • The strong position of Mercury in the horoscope enhances the brilliance of natives in fields like commerce, writing, anchoring, law, journalism, storyteller, spokesperson, etc. 
  • The native becomes intelligent and ensures the rise of reasoning abilities due to the result of strong Mercury in the horoscope. 
  • If there is a sudden growth in the business, then understanding the position of Mercury planet in the horoscope becomes strong. 

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Measures To Strengthen The Position Of Mercury In The Horoscope 

If the position of Mercury is weak in the horoscope, take the right measures to cool down the effects of the planet. It will provide auspicious results and the chances of success in different fields will be prominent. Let us look at simple ways to strengthen the position of Mercury: 

To Get Rid Of Financial Troubles 

If there are financial troubles in the life of natives, then chant the mantra of Mercury ‘Om Bram Brim Braun Sah Budhay Namah’ every Wednesday at the time of worship. It will result in different financial gains and the right way to get rid of all the debts. 

To Avoid Challenges 

The planting of the Tulsi plant will provide auspicious results in Sanatan Dharm, but if there are troubles in concentration on studies or challenges in job & business then planting of Tulsi at home on Wednesday will deliver proven results. Worship it on a regular basis and also offer water to it. 

To Get Rid Of Health Troubles 

If you struggle with different types of health concerns, then feed green fodder to the cow on Wednesday. Other than that, make the right green donations to the poor and needy people. It will result in the strengthening of Mercury and get rid of troubles easily. 

To Get Prosperity 

For happiness and prosperity in life, worship Maa Durga and also recite Durga Chalisa and Durga Saptashati on Wednesday. Other than that, visit a temple and offer green bangles to Durga Ma on the day and also donate green items to girls. 

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