Mercury Direct In Aries; 3 Zodiacs Could Be In Trouble

Mercury Direct In Aries: In astrology, every planet is significant in some way. Human life is directly impacted by the change in their movement. Mercury, the ruler of the planetary system, will enter Aries on May 15, 2023, at 8.30 am who will have an impact on all 12 zodiac signs, but there are 3 signs that will need to exercise extra caution at this time. Let’s learn more about those zodiac signs.

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Mercury Direct In Aries: These Zodiacs Have To Be Cautious!


Mercury is going to be direct in Aries only. There are indications that your life’s economic matters may see significant ups and downs during this time. You should be careful because your spending can go up during this time. Traveling at this time can be very exhausting for you, so you should avoid doing it.

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Mercury will be transiting in the twelfth house for those born under the sign of Taurus. You could therefore have to deal with tension brought on by family issues. In addition to this, your financial situation could see ups and downs. Due to needless costs, there are warning indicators that the people may experience problems. In addition, it is suggested that the natives exercise caution while traveling because some of your possessions can get lost.

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For those born under the sign of Leo, the Mercury transit is not anticipated to be particularly advantageous. You might have to deal with health-related issues during this time. You are advised to exercise caution when it comes to money matters. Any bank paper in particular needs to be thoroughly reviewed before being signed.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Q.1 Which conjunction gives love marriage?

Ans. The conjunction of the fifth and seventh houses rulers.

Q.2 Which house is not strong?

Ans. The 12th house is a weak one as it symbolizes harm, loss and isolation. 

Q.3 Which planet is good for Karma?

Ans. Saturn the planet of Karma is good for Karma.

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