Mercury: Different Yogas Formed By Mercury In Kundli: Auspicious Or Inauspicious?

Mercury has attained special importance in astrology. It is considered to be extremely auspicious. If Mercury is placed in an exalted position in one’s horoscope with other favourable planets, he/she gets positive results, while on the other hand, if it is positioned in a debilitated position with other unfavourable planets, the results are inauspicious. If we talk about the planet Mercury, it is considered to be a significator of intelligence, communication, friendship, cleverness, arithmetic, etc.  

The basis of conjunction is decided after knowing the presence of Mercury with other planets. Even some of the conjunctions are favourable while some are unfavourable.  In this blog, we will learn what Yogas will emerge with the presence of Mercury in one’s horoscope and its conjunctions with other planets and their impact. In addition to this, there are some remedies to strengthen the planet Mercury in one’s horoscope. 

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Impact of Mercury

In view of astrology, if Mercury is placed in the first house, known as Lagna, in one’s horoscope, they are attractive and remain successful in their profession. Besides this, if its position is strong and auspicious in one’s horoscope, they are good at winning the hearts of others through their words. If Mercury is stationed in a weak position in one’s horoscope, they have to go through both mental and physical stress. In this regard, astrologers suggest some simple remedies to strengthen the planet Mercury in one’s horoscope, and for that, read this blog till the end. 

Mercury: Religious Importance

Mercury has been given the place of a deity in Sanatan Dharma. It is considered to be a benefactor of intelligence and prosperity. Besides this, Lord Vishnu represents Mercury and there is a tradition of worshipping it on Wednesdays. In this scenario, worshipping Mercury is highly fruitful to sharpen the intellect, gain success in business and promotion in service, etc.

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Mercury: Conjunctions & Their Impact

  • Lakshmi Narayana Yoga (Conjunction of Mercury & Venus): On one hand, Mercury is considered to be a benefactor of intelligence, wisdom, while on the other, Venus is considered to be a significator of beauty and luxury. Lakshmi Narayana Yoga is formed by the conjunction of Mercury and Venus and is considered to be highly auspicious. This Yoga blesses the natives with fame and fortune.
  • Budhaditya Yoga (Conjunction of Sun & Mercury): This Yoga is formed by the conjunction of Sun and Mercury. The Sun is the benefactor of soul, respect, etc. while Mercury is the significator of intelligence, knowledge, etc. If this conjunction is formed in one house in a horoscope, it gives results equivalent to that of Raj Yoga and blesses people with fame, respect, popularity, and flourishing business, etc.
  • Panch Mahapurush Yoga: Out of all the planets such as Mars, Jupiter, Venus, Mercury, and Saturn, either one or more than one is positioned in an exalted state in its own sign and in the Kendra Houses i.e 1st, 4th, 7th, or tenth house, then conjunction that is formed is named as Panch Mahapurush Yoga. This Yoga is also considered to be auspicious and is compared with Raj Yoga. People bearing this conjunction are financially sound and never face monetary problems. 
  • Jadatva Yoga (Conjunction of Mercury & Rahu): The conjunction of Mercury and Rahu leads to the formation of Jadatva Yoga. This conjunction is considered to be inauspicious and the formation of this Yoga in one’s horoscope creates fiscal problems, sudden losses, followed by mental anxiety and tension. 

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Remedies to Appease Mercury 

If Mercury is in an exalted position in one’s horoscope, there will be no hurdles in their progress while if the same planet is in a debilitated position and is inflicting negativity, then any of the following remedies can prove to be a silver lining in the cloud. 

  • Worship Lord Vishnu and if possible, observe fast on Wednesdays and recite Vishnu Sahastranaam Stotra
  • Make the most use of green articles. 
  • Be honest in business and don’t deceive anyone in any way. 
  • On Wednesday, donate green grass, Moong Dal, spinach, items made of ivory, etc. to the needy as per your financial capacity.
  • Besides this, Emerald (2 Carat) – Grade 3 can be worn to appease Mercury for best results. However, a gem can only be worn after consulting with an intelligent astrologer. 
  • Over and above, Chaar Mukhi/Four Faced Rudraksha or Dus Mukhi / Ten Faced Rudraksha can also be worn. However, consultation with an astrologer is must.  

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