Mercury Combust In Taurus Fills These Zodiacs’ Wallet!

Apart from transiting from one zodiac to another, planets are also known to retrograde, direct, rise, and combust. The way a planet’s transit affects the lives of the people, its rise and combustion also leaves an impact on their life. This time, Mercury will combust at the beginning of the month, June which is likely to influence the financial lives of the people in both positive and negative manner. 

On 2 June 2024, at 06:10 in the evening, Mercury is going to combust in Taurus and after this, it will transit to Gemini on 14th June and then will rise on 27 June in the Gemini zodiac itself. The Mercury combust in Taurus can bring a vast improvement in the financial situation of some zodiacs’ lives. There are chances of financial gains and abundance in their life. But, on the other hand, the natives of some zodiacs may also have to face several financial difficulties. 

So, moving ahead, we are going to know about the zodiacs who are going to be blessed with financial abundance and prosperity due to Mercury combustion in Taurus. Along with this, the zodiacs have a hard time executing their financial dreams because they may have to beat losses in this period. 

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These Natives Will See An Improvement In Their Financial Condition 


Mercury is the ruling planet of the first and tenth house of Virgo zodiac and this time, it is going to combust in its ninth house. When Mercury will combust in Taurus, you will earn a great amount of profit. You will also be able to save a lot of money in this period and due to this reason, not just now, but in the future as well, you are going to enjoy a strong financial situation. To maintain or make things favorable for you, you should perform a Yagya on Saturday to impress Rahu. 

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In Leo’s zodiac, Mercury is the lord of the second and eleventh house. There are chances of money-related benefits to find your way but you will not be able to save this money. You should chant the mantra, “Om Bhaskaray Namah” every day 19 times.

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These Zodiacs May Have To Face Financial Difficulties 


For Pisces natives, Mercury is the lord of the fourth and seventh house and now it is going to combust in the third house. Due to Mercury combustion, there are going to be challenges on the way to make progress and there are chances that your courage may also decrease in this period. You may have to travel for work purposes even if you don’t want to and there are chances of financial loss in these trips. On the other hand, the focus of the business natives will be less on their business so they may have a hard time earning money or profit in their business. You should offer food to Brahmins on Thursday. 

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Mercury is the ruling lord of the fifth house and eighth house for Aquarius natives and now it is going to combust in their fourth house. You will feel less satisfied with your work. Along with this, the business natives will also have to go through tough competition and challenges in their field. The direct impact of these will be seen on your financial situation. There is a speculation that your expenses will increase in this period. You should chant, “Om Mandaya Namah” 44 times every day. 

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Now, for Sagittarius natives, Mercury is the ruling lord of their seventh and tenth house and it is going to combust in the sixth house. The employed natives of this zodiac may have to face certain problems in this period. The situation is similar for business natives as well. The natives running their business should not expect much profit during this period. This will also affect your financial condition. Your expenses will increase and you may be worried about this. Yagya Havan should be performed for the Gurus on Tuesday. 

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Mercury is the ninth and twelfth house of Libra and this time, it is going to combust in the eighth house. You will make progress but along with the same, there are chances of hindrances as well. You may even feel insecure regarding your job. The natives who are running a business may have to bear a sudden loss and the competition will also increase for them. If you get careless with money, then you may have to face financial losses as well. Chant “’Om Shri Durgay Namah” 11 times a day. 

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Frequently Asked Questions 

What happens when Mercury combusts in a birth chart?

When Mercury combusts in a birth chart, the natives may have to suffer from skin-related disease.

When Will Mercury Combust? 

On 2 June 2024, Mercury will combust in Taurus.

At what degree does Mercury combust? 

Mercury combusts at 13 degrees. 

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