Career Downfall For Natives Of These Zodiacs Due To Mercury Combust In Taurus!

On 02 June 2024, Mercury combusts in the Taurus sign at 06:10 pm. After that, Mercury transits into the Gemini zodiac on 14 June 2024 and remains in the position till 27 June. The Mercury combust in Taurus proves very vital in Vedic Astrology. 

It impacts the lives of people in different ways. The Mercury combust in Taurus brings both & negative outcomes in the lives of people. The natives of some zodiacs can hugely benefit from it and few will face losses too. As Mercury combusts in Taurus sign, the natives of some zodiac signs will face challenges & obstacles in their careers. 

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This AstroSage blog contains accurate details on Mercury combust on 02 June 2024 and the list of zodiac signs that are likely to face troubles in their careers. 

Mercury Combust In Taurus – List Of Zodiacs That May Face Career Challenges


Mercury is the lord of the third and sixth house of Aries zodiac. The planet is going to combust in the second house for Aries natives. Due to Mercury combust, the natives may face different challenges and multiple financial troubles. They can face difficulties in their careers and they will remain dissatisfied with the job. There can be troubles or hindrances in the career progress of Aries natives. 

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Venus is the ruling planet of the Taurus zodiac and Mercury is going to combust in this sign. Mercury is the lord of the second and fifth house of the Taurus zodiac. The planet will combust in the first house of the Taurus natives. As Mercury combusts in the Taurus zodiac, they might face challenges across various aspects of people’s lives including careers. Be patient while talking with your colleagues and avoid misunderstandings that may arise in your career. The period won’t prove very favorable for the natives. 

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Mercury is the ruling planet of the Gemini zodiac and it is the lord of the first & fourth houses. It will combust in the twelfth house of Gemini natives. They will lack attractiveness & enthusiasm in this period due to Mercury combust. Your career will be affected by it. There are chances that luck won’t favor the Gemini natives in their careers. It can result in a rise of challenges at work and it will be hard to manage them. 

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Mercury is the lord of the second and twelfth house of the Leo zodiac sign. The planet is going to combust in the tenth house of the Leo natives. They need to be careful about even small activities in their work life & career. They may face different challenges in their careers. There can be a rise of pressure at the workplace and also your hard work might go unnoticed. For the employed people, the Leo combust will be a little bit delicate. 

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Venus is the lord of the Libra zodiac and Mercury is the lord of its ninth and twelfth house. Mercury is going to combust in the eighth house of Libra natives. There can be different hurdles and obstacles in the career of Libra people. They might feel the pressure at the workplace and the feeling of insecurity can arise in your job. There are likely chances of losses for the traders of the Libra zodiac sign. 

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Mars is the ruling planet of the Scorpio zodiac sign and Mercury is the lord of eighth & eleventh house. The planet will combust in the seventh house of the Scorpio natives. The work pressure on them may increase hugely and they might end up losing their job. Their work efforts won’t yield the best outcomes and there can be loss of repute. The business persons will earn less profits during this period. 

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What Does Mercury Combust In Taurus Mean?

As per Vedic Astrology, Mercury is considered to be weaker in the Taurus sign. This is mainly because Taurus is an earth zodiac sign and Mercury is considered to be the factor of learning, intelligence, and communication. The nature & qualities of the Taurus zodiac are exactly opposite to planet Mercury. Thus, the natives will face troubles in learning and communication. 

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As Mercury combusts in the Taurus sign, the position becomes weaker due to its proximity to the Sun. This results in the stubborn nature of the natives and their ability to accept new scenarios becomes weaker.  They will find it hard to learn ideas or adapt to new plans. They will also find it hard to express their feelings. 

According to astrology, the planetary positions in the horoscope of people at the time of birth impact the personality of individuals. This also influences the strengths, weaknesses, experiences, etc. Every planet has certain qualities & energies and they dominate specific zodiacs or houses in the horoscope. The Mercury combust in the horoscope impacts the life and behavior of individuals. 

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Q1. When does Mercury become weaker?

Ans. Mercury is weaker when placed in the debilitated sign Pisces or in the sixth or eighth house with a debilitated planet. 

Q2. Which planets are the enemy of Mercury?

Ans. Mars and Moon have enmity with Mercury. 

Q3. How to please the planet Mercury?

Ans. To get the best results from Mercury, worship Lord Vishnu and Mother Lakshmi.

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