Mercury Combusts- 5 Zodiacs To Face Loss In Business!

In Vedic Astrology, Mercury is the planet of intelligence and now this planet has entered combust state on 2nd June, at 06:10 pm in Taurus. Combustion of a planet means that apart from Rahu-Ketu, if any other planet comes within the 10 degrees of the Sun then it becomes weak due to getting the energy of the Sun. 

The effects of Mercury Combust in Taurus will be seen in the different aspects of one’s life, especially in the field of business. In this blog, we are going to tell you about the zodiacs whose business can get affected by the Mercury combustion. 

Business Of These Zodiacs May Suffer 


Mercury is the ruling lord of their third and sixth house and currently, it is going to combust in the second house. During this period, you may have to suffer from some challenges financially. There are chances of an increase in your expenses. The business native can have a hard time making profits. There are speculations  of great loss in this period. 

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Mercury is the ruling lord of their second and fifth house and now, it is going to combust in the first house. During this period, you will have to face several challenges in various aspects of your life. The business natives will have to make peace with earning less profit. Due to this, you may feel unsatisfied. 

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For Gemini, Mercury is the ruling planet of the first and fourth house. Right now, it is going to combust in the twelfth house. There are chances that your energy and passion may decrease and its results will be seen in the business. You are likely to make less profit in this period. Some challenges are also going to arise which may affect your success and progress. There are speculations that you may have to experience a financial crunch due to your carelessness in this period. 

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Mercury is the ruling lord of the third and twelfth house of the Cancer zodiac and right now, it will combust in the eleventh house. During Mercury combustion in Taurus, you may feel a lot unsatisfied. The natives running their businesses will also not be seen as satisfied in this period. There is a hope that you will receive an average profit. You may even have a hard time-saving money. 

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Mercury is the ruling lord of their fourth and seventh house and at present, it will combust in the third house. There are chances of a delay in your progress. As your focus may reduce from your business, the chances of profit will also reduce. It will be better for you to focus on your business in this period. 

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Business Of These Zodiac Will Flourish


Capricorns have Mercury as the ruling lord of their sixth and ninth house and currently, it is going to combust in your fifth house. There are chances that the business natives will get benefits from the share market. However, this profit will be of average profit.  The business natives are likely to earn average income from the business activity. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Which is the lord of business? 

Mercury is the ruling lord of business. 

What are the businesses related to planet Mercury?

If Mercury and Venus are strong, then success is achieved in the textile industry. 

Which planet should be strong for business?

Mercury must be strong in the birth chart. 

Which God’s picture should be placed in the shop? 

The idol or the picture of Maa Saraswati, Goddess Lakshmi, and Lord Ganesh should be placed in the shop. 

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