Mercury Combust In Taurus Brings Problems In Love & Marital Relationships

Mercury is associated with intelligence in Vedic Astrology. The impact of this planet influences the communication skills of a person. Now, the planet of intelligence, Mercury had combust in the zodiac of Venus, Taurus on 2nd June. Later, it will enter the Gemini zodiac on the 14th of June and it will rise in the same zodiac on the 27th of June. 

Mercury combust in Taurus happened on 2nd June at 6:10 in the evening. This combustion of Mercury will leave an impact on all the different aspects of one’s life but certain zodiacs may have to face several issues in their love life during this period. Before moving further and learning about those zodiacs, we are first going to tell you about the Mercury combust in Taurus. 

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Mercury Combust In Taurus: Astrological Meaning 

In Vedic Astrology, Mercury is the planet of intelligence, logic, study, and communication. The weak position of Mercury in a birth chart creates the feeling of insecurity in one’s mind and their focus and concentration reduces as well. A lot of time their memory gets weak as well. 

Whenever a planet combusts, its positive impact and influences are reduced. It is believed that the power of the planets lessens during combustion. 

Apart from Rahu-Ketu, whenever the other planet comes within 10 degrees of the Sun, they get the energy of the Sun and become weak. Whenever Mercury combusts, the people face various problems like the shortage of money and problems within the family. 

Moving ahead, we are now going to know the zodiacs whose love life is heavily affected by the Mercury combustion in Taurus. 

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The Love Life Of These Zodiacs Can Suffer 


The ruling lord of Aries is Mars and Mercury is the lord of the third and sixth house. Currently, Mercury had combust in the second house. There are chances of disturbances in your relationship. There can be arguments or disputes between you and your partners. These problems may arise due to less communication between you and your partner. To make things good in your love life and marital relationship, regularly chant the mantra, “Om Bhaumay Namah” 19 times. 

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Mercury had combust in Taurus itself and the ruling lord of this zodiac is Venus. Mercury is the lord of their second and fifth house. Now, it had combust in their first house. Due to this, you may have to face several challenges in various aspects of your life. There are chances that you may have to worry about your children as well. The dynamics of your relationship will be affected. Also, the relationship between you and your partner may become weak as well. It is advised to chant ‘Om Namo Bhagwate Vasudevaya’ 11 times daily. 

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The ruling lord of Libra is Venus and Mercury is the lord of their ninth and twelfth house. At present, it had combust in their eighth house. During this period, the natives of the Libra zodiac may have to suffer with problems related to their egos. The negative effect of the same will be seen on their partner as well. To maintain peace and happiness in your love life, you are advised to maintain some coordination from your side. Also, chant ‘Om Shri Durgaya Namah’ 11 times daily. 

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Mercury is the ruling planet of the seventh and tenth house of Sagittarius zodiac and right now, it had combustion in the sixth house. Due to this, there are chances that the Sagittarius natives may also have some arguments with their life partner. Arrogance and ego problems can arise between you and your partner. It would be better if you and your life partner both control the ego and arrogance coming in between. Perform a Yagya Havan on Thursdays for Guru. 

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Frequently Asked Questions 

When will Mercury rise? 

Mercury will now rise in Gemini on 27th June. 

Is Mercury good in Taurus? 

Yes, Mercury allows the native to think and speak clearly when it is Taurus. 

What happens if Mercury combusts? 

When Mercury combusts, the natives suffer from problems in communication, intellect, and analytical abilities.

What to do to pacify Mercury? 

To pacify Mercury, you need to do the Pooja of Tulsi on Wednesday. 

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