Mercury Combust In Capricorn: Losses & Troubles For Few Zodiacs!

Mercury Combust in Capricorn: When a planet changes its position or moves from one zodiac sign to another, then its adverse and positive effects can be seen on zodiac signs. The positive effect of the combust can be witnessed in natives of some zodiacs and some of them will face troubled situations. Just like planetary transit, there is specific significance in the rise and combust of planets. This will affect various aspects of human lives like career, health, love life, relationships, career, and business. 


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The Mercury combust in Capricorn will happen on 08 February 2024 at 09:17 pm. As the Mercury combusts in Capricorn, some zodiac signs will experience a decline in their businesses. 

Importance Of Mercury In Vedic Astrology 

The grace of Mercury results in the rise of knowledge and intelligence for the natives. This will help them make appropriate decisions for the business outcomes. The strong position of Mercury in the horoscope results in success in business and the share market. These individuals are also adept in secret sciences like mysticism, astrology, and more. This time, due to Mercury combust in Capricorn there are chances of business losses for the zodiacs. Let us move further and know about the zodiacs that will face business troubles in this period. 

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Mercury Combust In Capricorn: List Of Zodiacs That May Face Business Concerns 


Due to Mercury combust in Capricorn, there are chances of business losses for Aries natives because of wrong business plans and strategies. In such a situation, there are chances of rivals taking advantage and they may overtake you. The rivals will be able to earn more profits compared to Aries people. The Aries natives are advised to change and rethink the right strategies for business success. 

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The time is not favorable for the Taurus natives to earn good business benefits as per Mercury combust in Aquarius and thus they need to be careful about it. There will be tough competition with the rivals and this will create business risks for the natives. In this period, the Aries natives won’t be able to earn profits, but neither will face losses because of it. For people associated with the stock market, there will still be chances to make money. 

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According to Mercury combust in Capricorn, there are chances of business losses for Leo natives if they don’t make decisions in a planned way. During this period, the Leo natives will witness tough competition from their rivals. This will result in different kinds of financial losses for the Leo natives. Take the help of relevant business strategies to avoid such situations. Along with this, the Leo natives need to evaluate their existing policies. 

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The Libra natives will face business troubles or difficulties due to Mercury combust in Capricorn. There will be an unlucky feeling for the natives and this will create difficulties in earning the right amount of money. At the same time, the rivals will present tough competition to the natives and thus the natives need to stay more careful about it. During this period, there are chances of good results for the natives, but only after making a certain kind of effort. 

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The Scorpio natives will face losses in their businesses due to Mercury combust in Capricorn zodiac. In this period, the businesses will perform lower than the expectations. Also, hard work will result in positive outcomes in the business field. Stay watchful as the opponents can create troubled situations for the natives. If you desire to make profits, then take one step at a time. It is also advised to make the right business plan related to it. 

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The Sagittarius natives will face different kinds of difficulties in this period due to rivals. They need to plan properly to face the situation upfront with clarity. With this, the natives can reduce the amount of loss in business and need to satisfy themselves with average profit. There will be less profit in the family business too. In family life, there might be an atmosphere of unrest all around. Try to work on new strategies and plans in the business field. 

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In this period, you might face different kinds of disappointments in your career. The business persons belonging to Aquarius natives might suffer big losses. Also, rivals can pose different kinds of threats to your business career. There will be multiple difficulties, even after making honest efforts in the business. 

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