Mercury Combust In Capricorn: The Zodiacs & The World Bears The Brunt!

Mercury Transit In Capricorn: AstroSage endeavors to bring to you the latest and the most important astrological events with every new blog release to keep our readers up to date with the latest happenings of the arcane world of Astrology. Mercury becomes combust in the sign of Capricorn on 8th February, 2024. Let’s find out what impacts Mercury Combust In Capricorn will have on the zodiac signs. 

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A strong Mercury may provide all the essential satisfaction in life, good health and a strong mind. A strong Mercury may provide the natives with all positive results with high success in attaining extreme knowledge and this knowledge may guide the natives with sound decision making with respect to business. Natives with strong Mercury in their horoscope may make them good and shine well in speculation practices, and trade. The natives may be flourishing extremely in occult practices like astrology, mystics etc. In astrology, Mercury represents the principles of communication, mentality, thinking patterns, rationality/reasoning, adaptability and variability.

Mercury Combust In Capricorn: Timing

Mercury will become combust in the sign of Capricorn, ruled by Saturn on the 8th of February, 2024 at 21:17. Mercury and Saturn are friends, therefore Mercury performs well in the zodiac sign of Capricorn. Let us see how it would impact the zodiac signs, the nation and the world. 

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Mercury In Capricorn: Characteristics

Capricorn is a movable earth sign, having Saturn as its lord. While Saturn and Mercury share a friendly relationship, this placement brings some obstacles due to Saturn’s omnipresence in the background. People having Mercury in Capricorn are methodical and cautious in their ways. These natives think carefully before taking a step. Both Mercury and Capricorn have earth as their element so the native having Mercury in Capricorn is quite realistic and grounded, and doesn’t build castles in the air.

They have better-than-average business acumen and their organization ability is also at par with excellence. This naturally gives them an edge in their career. The negative influence of this placement makes the person harsh, deceptive, clever, and reserved in nature. These natives do not like to communicate much and keep their emotions hidden. They often spend their life serving others rather than starting something of their own. 

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Mercury Combust In Capricorn: These Zodiacs Will Be Positively Impacted 


Mercury is the lord of the 2nd house and the 5th house and will now become combust in the 9th house. Even though Mercury is combust, there are still great chances that it may do well for you Taurians. On the career front, you may have to change your job and it may not be a very comfortable period for you, but once you change your job you may know that whatever happened was for your good. Promotion could be delayed but you will get a promotion for sure.

If you are engaged in business then this may not be highly profitable for you due to Mercury being combust but it will still be good as Mercury rules both the positive houses for you and is even posited in the 9th house. 


Mercury rules the 3rd house and the 12th house for Cancer natives and will become combust in the 7th house. This will lessen the negative impact Mercury would have on these individuals in the normal course. On the career front, you may be more of a philanthropist during this period and you may be in a good position to do more hard work and rise to the position of gaining more recognition for the job that you have done. 

You may be getting good chances during this month in the form of new onsite opportunities and such chances may be opening new avenues for you. You may become more flexible with your job during this period and you may be receiving the support of your superiors and colleagues and this support may in turn enable you to achieve wonders with respect to your work. 

Mercury Combust In Capricorn: These Zodiacs Will Be Negatively Impacted 


Dear Leos, Mercury becomes the lord of the 2nd and the 11th house and will now combust in the 7th house. On the professional front, you may get chances for going abroad during this time and such chances may not appear to be fruitful. You may try to maintain individuality with respect to your job and try to rise to the top position but may not be able to do well enough as per your and others expectations. During this time, your intelligence with respect to work may not receive due recognition and this may be causing worries. Individuals working as lawyers or part of the judiciary in any way may face difficulties in putting forward their points with conviction. On the business front, if you are doing business, then you may need to show maturity and professionalism in order to gain more profits. Else you may be facing tough competition from your competitors and may end up losing money. 

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Mercury becomes the lord of the 1st house and the 10th house and will become combust in the 5th house of love, romance, education and children. On the professional front, you may need to exercise more control and focus more so that it is easier for you to understand and rectify the mistakes you must be making. There may be a lot of pressure at work during this course of time and such things could make you anxious.

Artists or individuals working in the creative fields may find themselves falling short of creative ideas at work, thus facing problems and will get frustrated. On the business front, if you are pursuing business-then during this time, you may be falling short of anticipated profits that you are expecting.


Mercury rules the 8th house and the 11th house for Scorpio natives and will now become combust in the 3rd house. On the career front, you may be facing more job pressure and lack of good recognition from superiors. Due to this, you may not be fully satisfied and feel demotivated and decide to switch over to a new job which may provide you with growth. But such a good situation may not be easily possible during this time.

If you are pursuing business, you may be facing unwanted setbacks in the form of sudden loss or your business may perform below expectations and you may fall short of profits. However, if you still put in effort, the battle can still be won. You may be meeting with more threats from your competitors which you may not be in a position to manage. Due to this, you may need to carefully plan your business moves to meet with secure profits.


Mercury has the lordship of the 7th house and the 10th house for Sagittarius natives and will now become combust in the 2nd house of speech, earnings and family. On the career front, you may need to take care of as you may be facing job pressure which may arise due to more challenges during this course of time. You may be facing obstacles from your colleagues which may give you worries and you may even consider a job change, however good offers may not come your way during this time.

If you are doing business, you may be facing tough competition with your competitors and thereby you may need to plan a lot to cope up with the threat that you may be facing. During this month, you may be having chances of earning moderate profits. Your family business may also not be able to generate profits as Mercury becomes combust in the second house (the house of earnings). This could also become a reason for conflicts between you and your family members. 

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Mercury rules the 4th house and the 7th house and will become combust in the 11th house. With respect to the career front, you may be embarking on your own potential to meet with success in your job and due to this-you may be able to gain recognition for your work.

If you are doing business, you may be able to gain high profits and there may be good stability in meeting high profits and meeting the growing needs of the business. You may be able to further new multiple businesses also but may not find immediate success there. 

Mercury Combust In Capricorn: Impactful Remedies

  • One of the best ways to worship Mercury is to chant the mantras for Jaap of Lord Buddha ‘Om Braam Breem Braum Sah Buddhaya Namah’
  • To calm Mercury, one should also feed parrots, pigeons, other birds, etc.
  • Feeding cows at least once a day before you eat is one of the best treatments for mercury imbalance. 
  • Green vegetables, such as spinach and other leafy greens, should be donated or fed to poor children in particular.
  • Giving soaked green gram to birds also strengthens the weakened Mercury in the horoscope.
  • Maintaining good oral hygiene is a therapy in and of itself to decrease Mercury’s harmful effects.

Mercury Combust In Capricorn: Worldwide Impacts  

Research & Development

  • Mercury combust in Capricorn will elevate research and development in many fields, especially in the engineering and medical field.
  • This combustion of Mercury will bring delays and obstacles in research and development and frustrate scientists by hindering a solid foundation for their invention as both these planets are related to education and knowledge.
  • Scientists and engineers, researchers, and medical students, doctors, etc will benefit but not to a great extent from this combustion of Mercury worldover. 

Healing & Medicine 

Mercury In Capricorn will enhance the careers of people engaged in healing professions such as healers, doctors, medical staff, tarot readers, etc as Mercury helps us in memorizing things and Saturn promotes these professions.

  • Doctors, medical staff, nurses, etc will notice an escalation in their professions. 
  • The medical field will benefit through new research and innovations taking place in the medical field specifically.
  • People doing higher studies such as PhD and other higher degrees would benefit. People looking to study further or enhance their skills might do very well.

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Business & Counseling 

  • People engaged in counseling of any sorts will also benefit from this transit.
  • Mercury combust in Capricorn may even hamper the export of spiritual products such as incense sticks, etc as demand may fluctuate.
  • Teachers and educators may benefit a lot from this transit. You will be able to spread your knowledge and wisdom but with certain limitations.

Mercury Combust In Capricorn: Stock Market Report

Planet Mercury will now become combust in the zodiac sign of Capricorn on the 8th of February, 2024 and like every other event in the country it will also impact the stock market. Astrosage presents to you the Stock Market predictions  as Mercury transits into Capricorn and what changes it may bring in the stock market.

  • Hospital management, Automobiles, Telecommunication, Media & Broadcasting industries are expected to perform well.
  • Transport Corporations industries are also expected to perform well.
  • Imports, Exports and institutional Corporations would do well during this period. 
  • Public sector and the Pharma sector industries are expected to do well too.
  • The  research and development sectors would do well.

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