Mercury Combust In Aries Brings Troubles For These Zodiacs In Married Life!

Mercury Combust in Aries: As per Vedic astrology, other than transits from one zodiac sign to another, it also combusts and rises. All these planetary movements have a greater impact on the country & the world, alongside all the 12 zodiac signs. In the month of April 2024, a major planetary combust is going to happen that can create turmoil in the love & married life of people. 

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This AstroSage blog contains accurate details related to Mercury combust in Aries, and the list of zodiac signs that may face troubles in their love & married life. There are indications that there will be storms in the love relationship of people and thus they need to be aware of it. 

Which Planets Will Combust In The Month Of April 2024?

On 04 April 2024, and at 10:36 am, Mercury, the planet considered the factor of knowledge and communication, will combust in Aries. 

As Mercury combines with Mars, it will result in the deterioration of the person’s intelligence. The natives can become impulsive, aggressive, and angry by nature. Aries is considered the zodiac sign of Mars, and this can result in facing troubles in love or married life. 

According to astrology, Mercury is considered the planet for intelligence, logic, education, and relevant communication. The inauspicious effects of the planet Mercury can result in the feeling of insecurity in the minds of natives, decrease in concentration levels, and memory can also be weakened. 

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Let us move ahead and check the zodiac signs that will face troubles in their love & married life due to Mercury combust in Aries. 

Mercury Combust In Aries: Zodiac That Faces Troubles in Love & Married Life 


Due to Mercury combust in Aries, there are chances of bitterness in the family life of the Aries natives. There are chances of differences with the siblings. The natives will have troubles in their love life and thus there won’t be understanding between them. There are chances of losing temper very quickly in the relationship and the misunderstandings can rise unevenly. Others might instigate you for fights, and thus natives are advised to stay away from such people. You will be filled with disappointment because of ongoing conflicts in the married relationship. There will be different troubles between husband and wife. It would be better to take care of your relationships in this period and try to maintain the coordination from your end. 

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There will be different problems in the family life of Taurus natives because of Mercury combust in Aries. They need to be careful about their relationship and make the right decisions related to it. There will be less coordination between you and the partner. It will be hard to understand the feelings and words of each other. The natives may get angry at their spouse and they can also lose their temper due to it. In this period, the natives need to stay patient. If you are not able to stay patient, then it will be very hard to maintain the mutual understanding between the both. Talk with your partner openly, to improve the love relationship. 

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The Cancer natives need to be careful about their love life in this period, due to Mercury combust in Aries. Avoid confrontation and other things between you and the partner. To do the right things in the love relationship, it will be vital to positive changes in the behavior of natives. There are chances of ego troubles between both the love partners. To prevent the rise of conflicts with your partner, it will be advisable not to avoid small things in the relationship. There are possibilities of more arguments between both that can hamper family life. Both partners need to spend quality time alone together. It will contribute towards the removal of bitterness in the relationship. 

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There are chances of obstacles in the love of Capricorn natives because of Mercury combust in Aries sign. Both the love partners will face hardship in maintaining happiness, peace, and mutual understanding in the love relationship. There can also be a decrease in attraction between the two. You can also develop wrong feelings towards your partner that can hamper the relationship adversely. Due to all such conflicts going on in your mind, the distance in the relationship may rise. 

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There might be troubling times ahead for the love life or relationship of Sagittarius natives due to Mercury combust in Aries. There are chances of ego trouble between you and your partner. The distance in the relationship may rise because of misunderstandings with different incidents between the two. Due to this, happiness and peace in the marriage can be disturbed greatly. It will be the responsibility of natives to bring back love, attraction, and affection in your relationship. Try resolving the differences between you and the partner with the right moves. Without the right efforts from your end, the natives may face turmoil in their love and married life. 

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The period will be a bit difficult for the love of the Libra natives. Mercury combust in Aries will result in miscommunication across different sectors of life. They are advised to maintain mutual coordination among both partners. If you fail short of doing this, then bitterness will increase between both in the love relationship. Both of them will have less time to spend moments with each other. Do not stop talking with your spouse as it can worsen the relationship more. On small matters, there are chances of fights between both. There are possibilities that the argument can accelerate and you might lose your temper in it. You can lose control of your speech due to the Mercury combust. Such an attitude of the natives can enhance the bitterness in the relationship. 

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