Mercury Combust In Aries: BUSINESSES Worldwide To Feel The Burnt Of This Combustion!

Mercury Combust In Aries: AstroSage endeavors and strives hard to produce good content every day so that our readers are updated with every small and big change in the astrological movements of planets, their transits and their impacts on the world, the nation, the zodiac signs and even on individuals. Like every other blog, in this blog too we would like to present you with crisp and informative content. 

Astronomically, Mercury is a small and fast moving planet and is also the closest to the Sun even in distance. Similar to its nature, in astrology too the planet Mercury transits from one zodiac to the other at a quick speed owing to its quick movement and high speed. 

Mercury rules over one’s intellect, speech and their communication. If positively placed in one’s horoscope it bestows with all the things mentioned above but if negatively placed or under malefic influence then you might lack in one or all of the areas mentioned above. Mercury will combust in Aries on the 23rd of April, 2023 and we will elaborate on its worldwide and nationwide impacts further. 

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Mercury Combust In Aries: Timing

Mercury takes approximately 28 days to transit from one sign to another. On 23rd April, 2023, at 23:58 Mercury Combust in Aries. Let us read further to know what impacts would Mercury combustion in Aries have on our nation and the world at large.

Mercury Combust In Astrology

Combustion is a phenomenon of losing its strength and its benefic presence as a whole. Combustion in short is failure and lack of power. Combustion occurs when any planet gets close to the Sun within a few degrees degrees and because of coming so close to the Sun the planet may feel the brunt and lose its power and its benefic properties. 

Likewise Mercury too gets combust if it comes within 14 degrees on either side of the Sun. A combust Mercury may negatively impact a person’s intellect, speech, communication and health depending upon the placement, aspects and the lordship of Mercury in an individual’s chart. 

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Mercury In Aries: Characteristics

Mercury is known as the planet of communication, intellect, logical reasoning and  quick action, while Aries is a fire sign associated with assertiveness, leadership and confidence. All in all Mercury in Aries is quick witted, direct and pioneering. Mercury in Aries doesn’t hold back and speaks its mind. With Mercury in Aries our thoughts and speech become more courageous and innovative. Mercury in Aries gives immense encouragement and is best to start something new. It gives interest in arts, music and dance and such individuals can be highly creative and they are quick learners and want to finish things fast. They cannot carry on doing one thing for too long and like to have something new and exciting to work on everytime they set out to achieve some goal. If however, Mercury is combust in an individual’s horoscope then they might lack to some extent in all or most of the characteristics mentioned above.

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Mercury Combust In Aries: Worldwide Impacts

  • The export business owners may thrive but could experience some delays in receiving money from overseas. 
  • People involved in professions related to communication such as journalism, counseling, etc may get in trouble with authorities and people in power because of their choice of words. 
  • Important leaders from the government may end up making wrong remarks and get into trouble or may have to seek apology.
  • Some foreign countries could try to create problems for India but we should respond or take any action after careful thought as Mercury combustion is not a very good time.

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  • The creative businesses and artists in India and abroad may also experience a slump in business for sure.
  • The Government representatives and officials could be seen making immature remarks or statements and may get into trouble or face opposition. 
  • Public figures and people at important positions might also seem impatient and irritable when questioned about different subjects and could get into trouble.
  • The music industry and entertainment industry worldwide may experience a slight slump in business or the music albums and movies may perform below expectations. 
  • Miscommunication, misunderstandings and mismanagement would largely impact big organizations  and their business. 

Mercury Combust In Aries: Impactful Remedies

Follow these remedies for Mercury combustion:

  • Wash new clothes before wearing 
  • Chant Lord Budh’s Mantras to appease Mercury 
  • Feeding birds is a way to calm Mercury 
  • Feed cows daily before you eat, or 1-2 times a week
  • Provide feathered creatures-soaked green gram to empower Mercury 
  • Always keep good oral hygiene. 
  • Install and worship the Budh Yantra

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