Mercury Combust In Aries Creates Health Troubles For These Zodiacs!

On 04 April 2024, Mercury combusts in Aries, at 10:36 am. As the planet Mercury combusts, different changes can be witnessed across the country and the world, along with natives of all the 12 zodiac signs.

As per Vedic astrology, when Mercury combusts in Aries, there are great possibilities of health deterioration in the lives of natives. The blog also contains specific details of health concerns that can trouble the natives of some zodiac signs due to Mercury combust. 

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Mercury Combust In Aries: List Of Zodiacs That May Face Health Troubles 


The Aries natives need to be careful in this period in terms of health due to Mercury combust in Aries. There are chances of neck and shoulder pain for the natives. Other than that, they might be disturbed by digestive problems. They need to control their eating habits and there are fears that the overall immunity of the natives can get weaker. If you plan to stay healthy for a longer period, then it will be crucial to dump the junk food and adopt a healthy lifestyle. The natives need to consult a doctor or health expert even if they suffer from minor health troubles. Ignoring the health concerns can prove costly for the Aries natives. 

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Due to Mercury combust in Aries, the Taurus natives can encounter different types of health troubles. They will find it hard to maintain their health in this period. The natives are likely to face a severe burning situation and pain in their eyes. Thus, the natives need to take special care of their eyes during this period. Due to weak immunity, the Taurus people can fall ill very quickly. To maintain the right type of health, it will be crucial to maintain a balanced diet and exercise regularly. The Taurus natives can improve their health conditions by adopting the right measures in their lifestyle. 

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Due to Mercury combust in Aries, the Gemini natives may feel insecure about their health. During this period, the stress levels of people can rise and they may face troubles like headache and dizziness. They will also suffer from low self-confidence in life. Because of poor health, their mind might be filled with anxiety and dissatisfaction. In this timeline, the Gemini natives need to take special care of their health. 

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The Leo natives need to stay aware of heat strokes during this period. The overall immunity of people will go down due to Mercury combust in Aries. There are great chances of stomach upsets in such a timeline. The digestive system will get weaker and not eating food on time will become the reason for stomach concerns. The best solution for stomach troubles will be to eat food timely and avoid overeating of any kind. Prefer eating home-cooked food and avoid eating food from outside. 

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The Mercury combust in Aries won’t prove very healthy for the Scorpio natives. They can suffer from troubles like leg pain, toothache, and skin allergies in this period. The Mercury combust will result in back pain or related issues for the natives. You are advised to do exercise to avoid health concerns. Other than that, control your eating habits and include nutritious items in your meals. The natives need to be especially careful with their health in this period. 

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The Capricorn natives need to be careful with their health due to this Mercury combust. There are clear signs of health ups and downs in this period. As Mercury combusts in Aries, the natives may face complaints related to leg and waist pain. Avoid carelessness with your health as it causes deep concerns for the natives. During this period, the Capricorn natives shouldn’t avoid minor health issues and reach out to a doctor for treatment. 

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