Mercury Combust In Aries: Loss In Career And Job For These Zodiacs!

Mercury Combust in Aries: Mercury, the planet that signifies intelligence will combust in Aries zodiac sign on 04 April, at 10:36 am. It will affect the country, world, and all the zodiac signs. The Mercury combust in Aries will prove beneficial for some zodiac signs, but there will also be troubles for a few signs. 

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Due to Mercury retrograde in Aries, the natives of some zodiac signs may face troubles in their professional lives. It results in the creation of discord or disagreement in the marital and love relationships of natives. The retrograde will also result in a downfall in the careers of natives and thus need to be aware of the situation. This AstroSage blog contains specific details of Mercury retrograde in Aries, its date, and the list of zodiac signs that can experience downfall in careers. 

Let us move further and learn about the effects of Mercury retrograde in Aries zodiac. 

Mercury Retrograde in Aries: What Are The Effects?

When Mercury stays in the retrograde position, the speaking ability of the person gets affected adversely. The nature of individuals also becomes aggressive and impulsive. There are chances of troubles in work and professional life. They speak without thinking or acting impulsively. There are chances of negative outcomes in the professional lives of people. 

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In this period, the natives are advised to stay away or avoid unnecessary disputes. They need to work patiently and other than these challenges, Mercury retrograde in Aries provides the right opportunities for natives for learning and introspecting about themselves. 

So, without any further delay, let us check the zodiac signs that will face downfall in careers due to Mercury retrograde in Aries. 

Mercury Combust In Aries: These Zodiacs Should Be Careful In Their Careers


With Mercury combust in Aries, the Capricorn natives need to be a little careful in their career field. There are chances of higher work pressure due to it and stress will result in thoughts of job change. It is advised to stay in their current job role instead of changing their present role. They need to commit to their present workplace and this will result in new heights in their career. 

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The Sagittarius people need to stay careful with every step in their workplace. Due to Mercury combust in Aries, there are chances of higher work pressure which can result in negative results in their professional life. At work, there will be more challenges than before and they need to deal with it carefully. Due to this, the self-confidence of natives can be shaken up. For the working professionals, there can be different troubles for the colleagues. There are chances of stress because of it and the natives can have thoughts of changing their current position. 

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The Mercury combust in Aries will result in painful outcomes in the careers of natives. There will be a downfall in their careers and chances of higher work responsibilities. The relationship with superiors will deteriorate significantly. For the tasks carried out by the Scorpio natives, there are chances of getting appreciation at the workplace. This will result in dissatisfaction with their jobs. If there are thoughts in your mind of getting a new job, then it would be better to leave aside such thoughts. The situation won’t be favorable for the natives. If you overcome the challenges and pressure in your current job role, then there are chances of enhancement in your overall abilities. 

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There are chances of mistakes at the workplace of Virgo natives and it can result in downfall in their careers. They need to commit and concentrate at their workplace so that they come out of tough situations firmly. The natives can also feel worried due to the work pressure. Mercury combust in Aries will result in challenges in the field of career and it can break the self-confidence of natives. If you’re involved in a creative field, then there are chances of a lack of ideas for them. Thus, the natives can lag in showcasing their creative skills. It will impact the progress and promotion of natives at the workplace. There are also strong chances of trouble and disappointments in the workplace.

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Mercury combust in Aries will prove unfavorable for the Cancer natives, especially in their job field. They need to be careful about each step in their career after the Mercury combust. There won’t be support from superiors or seniors at the workplace. There are chances of heartbreak because of it and there will be troubles in working diligently. The natives might be dissatisfied with their current job. You might also apply for a new job in another company. There can be new twists & turns for the Cancer natives that will prove unfavorable for the natives. 

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Due to Mercury combust in Aries, there will be different troubles for the Gemini natives. They might feel dissatisfied with their job and there are indications that they won’t get success as per their abilities. There won’t be much satisfaction in the work field and even hard work won’t provide suitable results to the Gemini natives. Such things can trouble your mind and might be surrounded by negative thoughts regarding your job. There might be work pressure in this period and there are chances of growth of such feelings on a continuous basis. There will be troubles for the working professionals and thus they need to be careful in career decisions. They will find it hard to reach heights of success in their careers. This can result in the decrease of self-confidence of individuals. It will be hard for you to find the right solutions for the professional troubles and ways to deal with such situations. 

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There will be negative effects in the careers of Taurus natives due to Mercury combust in Aries zodiac. Also, the indications showcase you may not progressive results in their careers. You might also face troubles in working diligently and will be easily dissatisfied with their work & salary. Don’t expect any kind of support from the superiors or higher officials at the workplace. They might also turn the blind on you across activities. There are chances of job loss due to it and there will be dissatisfaction with the current job position. You might think of changing the job and moving to a new position. 

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