Mental Stress: Why & How To Get Rid Of It?

With the increasing amount of hyper burdening activities and rush in life, undoubtedly the way of living of people has improved, but in return, we have also lost a lot. When it comes to mental health, people have started moving backwards. Nowadays, depression, anxiety and stress have become the major demons in our lives. 

Ever since the arrival of the wrath causing global pandemic in the year 2020, there has been an increase in the problem of mental stress among the common people. People have been forced to live alone, they have lost someone special, fear and anxiety have always prevailed and all these have played an important role in worsening the state of one’s mind.

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Obviously, a person suffering from mental stress also has to face difficulty in concentrating on his work. Apart from this, mental stress also affects the physical health of a person. Due to insomnia and restlessness, the food intake also gets reduced. The mind refuses to even get involved with the favourite activities and there is disinterest in one’s nature, due to which the language also starts becoming bitter, which sometimes becomes the reason for bringing sourness even in a good relationship. Overall, the point is that a healthy mind forms the basis of a healthy body. This is the reason why mental health is a major part of human life which needs as much attention as physical health.

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In such a situation, today we are going to tell you about certain astrological remedies to keep mental stress at bay and they can also help you save yourself from unnecessary stress in everyday life.

Mental Stress & Astrology

Astrology believes that every event that is happening or taking place in the present and future of man depends on the movement and position of the planets. In such a situation, the transit and position of planets also have a great effect on the mental health of a person. There are many such planets whose weak or debilitated status leads to the incipience of mental stress in a person’s life. Let us know the effect of those planets on your mental health and its remedies.

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Sun enjoys the status of king among all the nine planets. The sun is visible, it is revered and considered to be the soul form of all beings. In such a situation, sometimes you may feel that suddenly your confidence has decreased. Officials are not quite happy with you in the workplace. Despite all the efforts, you are not able to concentrate and at the same time there is a feeling of heaviness in the head and mind. So in such a situation it is possible that the Sun is present in a weak position in your horoscope. According to astrology, whenever the Sun transits from the ascendant or the seventh house or is present in its debilitated sign Libra, then the natives may have to face such a situation.

Pacification Remedies for Sun

When the Sun is posited in a debilitated state, the people should wake up early in the morning and offer water, Roli, rice and red flowers in a copper vessel to the Sun God while chanting “oṃ ghṛṇi: sūryāya namaḥ” to pacify the Sun down and avoid its negative effects. This will reduce the mental stress of the natives.

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Mercury is called the crown prince among all the nine planets. It is considered to be the provider of communication abilities and intelligence of any person. In such a situation, if you feel that suddenly you have started having differences with your friends in your life or if you are hurt by the jokes of friends or colleagues, then it inherently means that Mercury is present in a weak position in your horoscope. Apart from this, if you are facing trouble in communicating with colleagues in the workplace or in being able to tell them properly or if you are unable to convey your feelings to the people in the right way, then this too indicates a weak Mercury. If Mercury is present in the right position in the horoscope, then it may also happen due to the fact that the planet in its debilitated sign, Pisces during that time.

Pacification Remedies for Mercury

In the above situation, you should take these measures into hand to pacify Mercury. To solve this problem, you should worship Lord Ganesha daily. Wear green clothes as much as possible. Apart from this, feed green fodder to the cow. 


Sometimes you can realize a sudden deterioration in your life. There might be a rift with colleagues or subordinates at the workplace. Or all of a sudden, laziness has started increasing in life, due to which you are unable to achieve your set goals. Obviously, all these situations contribute towards mental stress. In such a situation it is possible that Lord Shani is displeased with you. In such a situation, the natives should consider the position of Saturn in the horoscope. If all is not well,  then it is possible that Saturn is transiting in its debilitated sign Aries during that time.

Pacification Remedies for Saturn

In the above-mentioned situation, the natives should take measures for Shani Shanti/pacification of Saturn. The person should chant “oṃ śaṃ śanaiścarāya namaḥ” and light an oil lamp in front of Lord Shani on Saturday. Along with this, donate black urad lentil on Saturday. 

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