Meen Sankranti 2024: Check Tithi, Significance, Worship Method, & More!

Meen Sankranti 2024: In 2024, Meen Sankranti 2024 is one of the popular Hindu festivals that is dedicated to the Sun God. In Vedic astrology, the Sun is referred to as the king of all the nine planets and it moves from one zodiac to another every month. This movement of the Sun is known as transit and thus, in a year we find a total of 12 Sankranti Tithis. In this special AstroSage blog, the readers can find vital information related to Meen Sankranti 2024, its auspicious time, worship method, and more. Also, check the significance of the event and what things to do or not to do on this day. Read this article till the end to know all the details related to Meen Sankranti 2024. 

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First, let us know about Sankranti. In Sanatan Dharma, the Sun God has been given a special place in astrology that illuminates the world with its light. This is the only lord that can be viewed by people. Let us tell the readers that as the Sun God enters from one zodiac to another, this transit is known as Sankranti and it is referred to as an auspicious occasion for various events. Alternatively, the Sun transit happens across all the 12 zodiac signs and it takes around one year to complete the entire zodiac cycle. Now, the Sun God is going to enter the Pisces zodiac soon to complete the entire zodiac cycle. 

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Meen Sankranti 2024: Date And Muhurat 

In a year, the king of planets, Sun God changes its zodiac sign 12 times and thus there will be 12 Sankrantis over the period. The name of the Sankranti reflects the Sun transit on the respective zodiac sign (Aries to Pisces). The Sankranti is named Meen Sankranti as the Sun will enter the Aries zodiac. In the year 2024, the Meen Sankranti celebrations will happen on 14 March 2024, and on this day the Sun transit will happen at 12:23 pm. Other than Meen Sankranti, the Sun transit is considered special or auspicious for different activities. 

Meen Sankranti Puja Muhurat 

Start of Auspicious Period On Meen Sankranti: Afternoon 12:46 pm to Evening 06:28 pm 

Beginning of Maha Punya Period On Meen Sankranti: Afternoon 12:46 pm to Afternoon 02:46 pm 

Religious And Astrological Significance Of Meen Sankranti 2024

From a religious and astrological point of view, Meen Sankranti is considered very vital during this period as the Sun enters the Pisces sign, the last zodiac sign in the cycle. Also, this Sankranti is the last one of the year and it falls at the end half of the year. The day is considered very auspicious for worshiping Lord Sun. The Meen Sankranti is celebrated in different ways across the country. In South India, the Meen Sankranti is referred to as ‘Sankraman’. 

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In some states of India like Punjab, Kerala, and Tamil Nadu, the occasion of ‘Meen Sankranti’ is celebrated at the start of the year, whereas in Andhra Pradesh, the customary celebrations happen in the latter half of the month. There is special importance of bathing in holy rivers and donations on this Sankranti, similar to all other Sankrantis throughout the year. As per mythological beliefs, the donation of land on the Meen Sankranti occasion will bring happiness and prosperity to the lives of people. 

On this day, the Sun God is going to transit in the Pisces zodiac, which will have different auspicious and inauspicious effects on the lives of natives. In astrology, the Sun is considered a factor of respect, fame, and good fortune. In such conditions, the worship of the Sun God on Meen Sankranti 2024 will provide auspicious outcomes in the lives of people. The luck will favor some lucky zodiacs and it will be the best opportunity to come out of trouble. The sharpness of natives rise in this period and the recitation of Aditya Hridaya Stotra on Meen Sankranti 2024 will result in the blessing of the Sun God. 

The reciting of Aditya Hridaya Stotra on Meen Sankranti 2024 will also assist natives to defeat their enemies and all the negativities will stay away from their lives. The worshiping of the Sun God on Meen Sankranti 2024 will provide individuals freedom from internal & external defects. It also purifies the soul and minds of natives in this period. In Brahma Purana, it is mentioned that Lord Krishna himself said that the devotees worshiping the Sun on this day will provide them respect and knowledge in their lives. The natives also get support from their fathers and it results in prestige & wealth in their professional life. The carrying out of Sun worship or Surya Puja every day is very beneficial, but the puja on the Sankranti day will prove very special. 

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These Auspicious Tasks Are Banned On Meena Sankranti 2024 

On Meen Sankranti 2024, the Sun transit in Pisces zodiac marks the beginning of Malmas and the devotees need to carry out maximum worship in this period. Other than that, the position of the Sun and Jupiter needs to be analyzed in the horoscope for performing auspicious activities. As the Sun God transits in Pisces zodiac, the sign ruled by the Jupiter planet, the overall intensity of natives reduces hugely. Also, due to the intensity of Sun God, Guru or Jupiter becomes weaker. In such conditions, the natives need to avoid auspicious tasks like Mundan, entry into a new home, marriage, etc. during this period. Let us inform the readers that people should avoid carrying out auspicious tasks from Meen Sankranti 2024 till next month. 

Meen Sankranti 2024: Puja Method Or Customs For this Day 

  • On Meen Sankranti 2024, the devotees need to take a bath in the holy rivers like Ganga, Yamuna, Saraswati, etc. This will destroy all the sins of many births for the natives. 
  • Chant the Vedic mantras and do the right kind of right type of charity to get auspicious outcomes across varied tasks.
  • On Meen Sankranti 2024, wake up early in the morning at sunrise and take a bath in the holy river. If that’s not possible for you then mix the holy river’s water in your bath water and then use it. 
  • On this special day, visit the temple and play your tributes to the lord. Or else, worship the lord at home on this day with dhoop, lamp, fruits, flowers, sweets, etc. 
  • After that, donate food, clothes, etc. to needy people and Brahmins as per your capacity. It is very auspicious to donate land on the Meen Sankranti 2024. 
  • A person gets freedom from the sins of previous lives with charity and other religious activities on this date. 

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Meen Sankranti 2024: Specific Remedies For The Day 

  • On the occasion of Meen Sankranti 2024, natives or devotees need to donate bananas after the worship of the Sun God. 
  • On this specific day, dress up your favorite deity with yellow clothes and also wear a yellow outfit. 
  • On the day of Meena Sankranti 2024, chant Surya Mantras or recite Surya Chalisa. 
  • On the occasion of Meen Sankranti 2024, chant the 12 names of Sun God 108 times. 
  • If you desire, then donate red colored clothes to the poor and needy people on the day of Meen Sankranti 2024. 

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