Maa Durga In Dreams? Know The Meaning & Indications!

Many of you might be aware of Maa Durga (the Hindu Goddess). Durga In the Hindu religion is worshiped as Devi and Shakti. According to Hindu mythology, Durga was created for defeating and killing Mahishasura (the demon with a buffalo head). She was created by the powers of Brahma, Vishnu, and Shiva. With their collective energy, she became undefeatable by the divine powers of the strongest deities. Born beautiful but fierce, she represents powers, and strength with beauty. She is usually picturized as riding a lion, with 8 or 10 arms, each holding a special weapon from the three gods. That is why we in India celebrate Durga Puja to worship her and to remove the bad souls around us. 

Now, after a brief about Maa Durga, let us move to our topic in discussion, why one sees Maa Durga? What are the signs and indications of this dream, so let’s discuss this!

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Why do you see Maa Durga In Dreams? 

  • Dreaming of Maa Durga is a positive sign, the dream means permission to follow your desires and vision. It also means that there will be new hope and change in fortune for good. 
  • Dreaming of Maa Durga’s idol or picture is a sign of progress and good health.
  • When you see the Goddess in a peaceful form that means you will be getting unexpected gains. Your life will be filled with happiness and prosperity. 
  • The angry form of Maa Durga means you are doing wrong deeds in your life and you need to make the changes asap. Try to avoid all sorts of evil and illegal activities.
  • Dreaming Maa Durga in Green color clothes indicates marriage or childbirth.
  • If you see Maa Durga in red colored clothes then it is a sign of victory or success.

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Indications Behind Maa Durga In Dreams

According to dream astrology, one seeing Goddess Durga in dreams means that person is or will be blessed by her blessings and will gain. It is considered auspicious. It indicates that all types of problems will vanish from life if you see such dreams. Along with this, his life will be filled with happiness and prosperity. However, it is important to understand what positions or pictures you have seen of Maa Durga in the dreams. Because different pictures will have different meanings, let’s understand this.

Smiling Pose of Maa Durga 

If a person sees Maa Durga smiling and wearing red clothes then it is considered to be very auspicious. According to dream astrology, there will be positive changes in the lives of such people. Moreover, he will be blessed with wealth, business, and splendor. 

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Angry & Fierce Form of Maa Durga 

It is not considered auspicious to see Maa Durga angry in your dreams. As we have already mentioned above, it is very bad to see the Goddess in fierce form because it means you need to stop what you are doing. If you are doing something wrong then you need to stop doing it there and then and pay attention to your work along with the way you do it. This is an indication to improve you.

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Maa Durga Sitting On A Lion

According to dream astrology, if you see Maa Durga on a lion then it is a good sign for that person. It is believed that all the problems of that person will soon come to an end. However, if the goddess is sitting in an angry pose or the lion is roaring then this is a warning alarm for the problems to come, so be careful.

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