May Overview 2023: A Quick Glimpse Of May 2023!

May 2023: We are about to say goodbye to April, and May is about to make its entry. Indeed, every month of the year 2023 has something unique to offer, whether it be Holi’s vibrant colors in March or the festivals of Makar Sankranti and Mahashivratri in February. This will also continue in May 2023. In this situation, you might also be interested in learning how this month will go for your business, home life, love life, and job. This special AstroSage May 2023 blog will therefore include the answers to all of your questions.

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You can find information about the dates of bank holidays, fasts, festivals, eclipses, and transits in May 2023 in this special blog post of ours in addition to answers to any queries you may have. Along with this, we’ll learn fascinating details about the personalities of those who were born in May. So let’s get this special piece of blog started right away.

Interesting Facts Related To May 2023 

  • This blog post from May 2023 is unique in itself because we will tell you of the fasting and festival dates that will be observed in May.
  • Additionally, we will be aware of significant details pertaining to the personalities of those who were born in May.
  • When do the bank holidays occur this month?
  • In May 2023, which planet will change its zodiac, and when will it be impacted by an eclipse? 
  • What will the month of May also hold for each of the 12 astrological signs? This blog will provide you with additional knowledge on this.

Let’s now take a look at this blog post based on May 2023.

May 2023 Astrological Facts And Hindu Panchang Calculation  

The fifth month of the year 2023, May, will begin on Ekadashi Tithi of Shukla Paksha under Purva Phalguni Nakshatra and conclude on Dwadashi Tithi of Shukla Paksha under Hasta Nakshatra, or May 31, 2023. Let us inform you that the Ekadashi fast will be followed on the first and last day of this month, but on May 31, 2023, Ekadashi Tithi will last until 01:47 PM, at which point Dwadashi Tithi will begin. We will first learn more about the personalities of people who were born in May.  

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Special Personality Attributes Of People Born In May 

May Born Personality

Every human being has both good and bad traits in their character. Additionally, each individual has distinctive personality traits that set them apart from others. Similar to how each of the 12 months of the year has its own significance in astrology, the month a person is born can reveal a lot about their character and behavior. People born in May are the primary focus of this blog post, so if you were also born in May, keep reading to learn more about your personality.

People who were born in May are typically well-liked. If we talk about personalities, they have a charming demeanor. They quickly have an impact on others. These individuals have a lot of ambition and are constantly enthusiastic. People born in May love to imagine and are frequently observed having dreams. These individuals, however, can’t focus on one task for an extended period of time and quickly grow tired with it. Additionally, these individuals do not like working under pressure.

May borns are imaginative and intelligent. On the basis of their intelligence, they are able to discover solutions to even the most difficult issues. Women born in this month have a demeanor that can quickly win over others. These individuals exhibit a strong romantic trait as a result of Venus’ influence on their love lives. But they need some time to jell up.

People born in May tend to work as pilots, computer engineers, journalists, or administrative officers in their careers, while girls born in this month have excellent fashion sense and can succeed in the fashion business. If so, they will undoubtedly be successful. The downside of women born this month is that they have an arrogant demeanor and a tendency for getting angry at the most trivial things. Once they get mad at someone, it is difficult for them to believe that person again.

Men born in May, on the other hand, are typically impatient and stubborn. They lose their temper easily, and as a result of these flaws, they frequently run into difficulties on their path to success.

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Let’s move on and learn more about the upcoming bank holidays in May 2023 after learning about the personalities of individuals who were born in May.   

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May 2023 Bank Holiday List 

Day Bank HolidayValid In These States 
1 May 2023, MondayMaharashtra DayMaharashtra 
1 May 2023, MondayMay DayAssam, Bihar, Goa, Karnataka, Kerala, Manipur, Tamil Nadu, Telangana, Tripura, West Bengal, Pondicherry
5 May 2023, FridayBudh PurnimaAndaman and Nicobar, Arunachal Pradesh, Assam, Chhattisgarh, Chandigarh, Delhi, Himachal Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh, Jharkhand, Jammu And Kashmir, Maharashtra, Orissa, Mizoram, Tripura, Uttrakhand, Uttar Pradesh And West Bengal
9 May 2023, TuesdayGuru Rabindranath Jayanti Tripura, West Bengal
16 May 2023, TuesdayRajya DivasSikkim
22 May 2023, MondayMaharana Pratap JayantiHaryana, Himachal Pradesh, Punjab, Rajasthan
24 May 2023, WednesdayQazi Nazrul Islam JayantiTripura

May 2023 Religious Significance

Every month of the year has special significance, and May is no different from that from the perspective of religion. Vaishakh, which is regarded as one of the most auspicious months, will mark the beginning of the month of May, while Jyestha will mark the ending of the May month. Both of these months are considered sacred in Hinduism. Vaishakh is the second month of the Hindu year because it starts on the Purnima Tithi of Chaitra month, according to the Hindu calendar. Vaishakh month in 2023 will begin on April 7, 2023 and end on May 5, 2023 with Buddha Purnima.

From a religious perspective, the month of Vaishakh is very auspicious for taking a bath in the Ganges and for performing charitable deeds, and good deeds performed during this period bring the individual numerous benefits. Vaishakh is referred to as the one which grants freedom from sinful acts in religious scriptures. By the way, there is a rule that requires worship of Shri Hari Vishnu during Vaishakh because this month is also known as Madhav month, which is just one of the names of Lord Vishnu.

But when Mahadev, Tridev, i.e Lord Brahma, is worshiped along with Lord Vishnu at the same time, it turns out to be particularly fruitful. A person gets freedom from every sin during this by offering Arghya to the Sun God each morning using a copper pot. Vaishakh month will end with Buddha Purnima and Jyestha month will begin.

The third month in the Hindu calendar, Jyestha, is regarded as being particularly significant. This month, which comes between May and June on the Gregorian calendar, is also known as Jet apart from Jyeshtha. However, in 2023, Jyestha month will begin on May 6 and end on June 4 with Jyestha Purnima. Let us inform you that each month’s name in Sanatan Dharma is based on the Nakshatra. Similar to this, the full Moon occurs in Jyestha Nakshatra which is why it is known as Jyestha month.

It is extremely hot during this period because the Sun enters Taurus in the month of Jyestha itself and is in a very powerful position. Additionally, it is also known as Jyeshtha due to the Sun’s dominance in this month. The significance of water to people is also explained during this month. Jyestha month is also highly valued in terms of worshiping the Sun God and receiving its benefits. Along with this, it is very lucky to worship Lord Hanuman on Tuesday, which falls in the Jyestha month. 

On the other hand, the Jyeshtha month is special in terms of fasting and celebrations because it coincides with important holidays like Shani Jayanti, Nirjala Ekadashi, and Ganga Dussehra. The festivals that will take place in May 2023 are now listed below, along with their days.  

May 2023: Date Of Fast And Festivals

Date DayFast And Festivals 
1 May, 2023MondayMohini Ekadashi
3 May, 2023WednesdayPradosh Vrat (Shukla)
5 May, 2023FridayVaishakh Purnima Vrat
8 May, 2023MondaySankashati Chaturthi
15 May, 2023MondayApra Ekadashi, Vrishabh Sankranti
17 May, 2023WednesdayMasik Shivratri, Pradosh Vrat (Krishna)
19 May, 2023FridayJyeshtha Amavasya
31 May, 2023WednesdayNirjala Ekadashi

Religious Significance Of Fast And Festivals In May 2023

Mohini Ekadashi Vrat (01 May 2023, Monday): In the Sanatan Dharma, each of the 24 Ekadashis that occur throughout the year has a unique significance, and followers observe fasting on these days. The eleventh day of Shukla Paksha in the month of Vaishakh, when Mohini Ekadashi is observed annually, is regarded in this order as being particularly auspicious and fruitful. The devotee is set free from the bonds of illusion on this day by observing fast and worshiping Lord Vishnu, the world’s protector. Also, there is also an increase in family’s contentment and prosperity.    

Pradosh Vrat (Shukla) (03 May 2023, Wednesday): Every month, Hindus observe a variety of fasts, including the Pradosh Vrat, which is one of them. The Shukla day of every month and the Trayodashi date of Krishna, which is dedicated to Mother Parvati and Lord Shiva, are the days on which Pradosh Vrat is observed, according to the Hindu calendar. Religious texts claim that people who observe this fast are blessed with long life and excellent health. According to myth, devotees who observe Pradosh Vrat with a pure heart receive anything they desire. 

Vaishakh Purnima (05 May 2023, Friday): There are 12 full moon days in a year because according to Sanatana Dharma, there is a full moon every month. Vaishakh Purnima, also known as Buddha Purnima and Satya Vinayak Purnima, is one of these occasions. This full moon occurs during the month of Vaishakh, according to the Panchang, and is regarded as having particular significance for religious and charitable works. Buddhists commemorate Vaishakh Purnima, the day on which Lord Buddha was born, with great fanfare. On the occasion of this full moon, Dharmaraj is worshiped with devotion, and it is believed that by doing so, the people lose their fear of premature death.  

Sankashati Chaturthi  (08 May 2023, Monday): As one of the most well-known Hindu holidays, Sankashti Chaturthi is dedicated to the lord Ganesha, Vighnaharta who is always the first one to be worshiped. According to Sanatan Dharma, Lord Ganesha is regarded as the destroyer of the sufferings and sorrows of the devotees and Sankashti Chaturthi implies that Chaturthi is the destroyer of troubles, so to appease him, devotees observe Sankashati Chaturthi fast on this day. The worshippers fast from dawn to moonrise on this day. 

Apara Ekadashi  (15 May 2023, Monday): Apara Ekadashi, also referred to as Ajla, is regarded as being extremely fortunate and sacred. The Hindu calender states that Apara Ekadashi is observed on the eleventh day of the Shukla Paksha of the Jyestha month. The devotees receive wealth-grains and immense virtue by keeping fast on this Ekadashi. Apara Ekadashi fasting has the same impact as traveling to Kedarnath and Badrinath. According to popular belief, Shri Krishna himself in the Dwapar Yuga gave the Pandavas a description of this Ekadashi.   

Vrishabh Sankranti  (15 May 2023, Monday): Sankranti is the name given to the celebration of the Sun God entering a new zodiac sign. The Sun changes signs a total of 12 times per year. As a result, there are 12 Sankranthi in total per year. The Hindu calendar designates the entry of the Sun from Aries to Taurus as Vrishabha Sankranti. For all religious activities, the day the Sun changes signs is deemed lucky. 

Masik Shivratri (17 May 2023, Wednesday): Both the Mahashivratri event and the Masik Shivratri are devoted to Lord Shiva in the Sanatan Dharma. According to the Hindu calendar, the Masik Shivratri festival is observed on the Chaturdashi date of the Krishna Paksha of every month. It is believed that fasting on Masik Shivratri will help one find solutions to their greatest issues. Lord Shiva is worshiped with rituals on this day. 

Jyeshtha Amavasya: (19 May, 2023, Friday): Amavasya Tithi is believed to be extremely auspicious for acts of kindness, charity, and tarpan, among other things, carried out for the tranquility of ancestors. One of these is Jyeshtha Amavasya, which is named for the month of Jyeshtha in which it occurs. This date is made even more significant by the fact that it is also known as Shani Jayanti on the day of the new moon in the Jyestha month. North Indian women who are fortunate also observe the Vat Savitri Vrat on this day in hopes of their husbands living long lives.  

Nirjala Ekadashi (31 May 2023, Wednesday): All the Ekadashis that fall throughout the year are compared to Nirjala Ekadashi, which is seen to be the most significant one. Bhima observed Nirjala Ekadashi fast under Maharishi Vedvyas’ command, which is why it is also known as Bhimsen Ekadashi.  It is one of the harshest fasts in a year because the Nirjala Ekadashi fast is observed without drinking water from sunrise until the sunrise on Dwadashi Tithi. The person receives the fruits of Ekadashis falls in a year by keeping the Nirjala Ekadashi fast. 

May 2023 Transits And Eclipses 

When it comes to the eclipse and planetary transits in May, there will be transits of the big 4 planets this month, while one planet will change positions twice. However, a lunar eclipse will take place at this time. Let’s find out more information on this.

Venus Transit In Gemini (02 May 2023):  The planet of love, Venus, will leave the sign of Taurus at 1:46 PM on May 2, 2023, and enter the sign of Gemini, which is ruled by its friend Mercury. Venus will stay in this sign till May 30, 2023. 

Mars Transit In Cancer (10 May 2023): On May 10, 2023, at 1:44 p.m, the Red Planet, Mars, will enter the sign of Cancer, which is ruled by the Moon. Mars will remain in this sign till July 1st, 2023.

Mercury Rise In Aries (10 May 2023): Mercury will rise in Aries at 12:53 am after exiting its combustion position on May 10, 2023, the day Mars will transit in Cancer.

Sun Transit In Taurus (15 May 2023): The Sun, known as the “king of the planets,” will leave the sign of Aries on May 15, 2023 at 11:32 a.m. and move into Taurus, the second sign of the zodiac, where it will stay for nearly a month.

Mercury Direct In Aries (15 May 2023): Mercury will again change its position in the month of May, moving from retrograde state to direct in Aries on May 15, 2023 at 8:30 am. 

Venus Transit In Cancer (30 May 2023): Venus will make its final transit in Cancer on May 30, 2023 at 7:39 p.m., marking the end of the month of May. Venus will transit from Gemini to Cancer which is ruled by the Moon.

Eclipse In May 2023

Penumbral Lunar Eclipse (05 May 2023): The Penumbral Lunar Eclipse that will occur on May 5, 2023, will be the second eclipse of the year 2023. On the day of Vaishakh Purnima, there will be the first lunar eclipse of the year. On May 6, this penumbral eclipse will start at 8:44 pm and end at 1:02 am. The Sutak time will be valid because this eclipse will be seen in India. 

May 2023 Horoscope For All Zodiac Signs 


  • This month, Aries people might be under a lot of work strain, and you could encounter some new obstacles.
  • After May 15, those who are studying abroad will benefit from the Sun, Rahu, and Mercury conjunction in the first house.
  • These people might face some issues in their family relationships. There is also a chance of conflict with family members.
  • In romantic relationships, you could find it challenging to maintain sweetness in it. 

Remedy:  Perform Havan for Rahu and Ketu on Tuesday.


  • It’s possible that these individuals might experience career ups and downs. Additionally, a transfer is possible.
  • This month, Taurus people’s health will be good, but you might feel anxious in the second half of the month.
  • During this time, it is anticipated that the business sector would make less money, but there may be strong competition from other businesses.
  • This month may be a little tight financially, and you might face issues as a result of money concerns. 

Remedy: Perform Havan for Rahu on Saturday.  


  • The month of May will be favorable for Gemini natives, and you’ll have plenty of chances to make money.
  • You will achieve success in your career if Saturn is in the ninth house.
  • These persons can have the chance to travel overseas thanks to their job.
  • In terms of family life, this month will be a happy, peaceful, and prosperous one for your family.

Remedy: Chant “Om namo narayana” 41 times every day.


  • The businessman may face strong competition from competitors. You will benefit from altering your approach in this case.
  • It’s possible that these individuals might face some academic difficulties, which will have an impact on education.
  • It’s possible that Saturn’s placement in the eighth house could make it difficult to find love and maintain a marriage. There may be a sourness in the relationship in a situation like that.
  • Due to the possibility of having to pay for their mother’s medical care, people born under the sign of Cancer may see an increase in their expenses. 

Remedy: Perform Havan on Monday for the Moon.


  • These natives might encounter some issues with their coworkers in the workplace.
  • People born under the sign of Leo might have to deal with familial conflicts brought on by ego.
  • You will have fresh options to make money throughout this time. However, you might have trouble covering the costs.
  • You will be quite fit this month, which will give you lots of energy. 

Remedy: Worship the Sun early in the morning.


  • From an economic perspective, Virgo zodiac signs might have an increase in expenses in May that they might not be able to afford.
  • These people have a fantastic chance to advance in their careers.
  • May will bring both good and bad outcomes for those who study.
  • There is a chance that the family might experience conflict and disagreement. Additionally, you and your partner could argue. 

Remedy: Duly worship Maa Durga every day.


  • The career of those born under the sign of the Libra might see some ups and downs. Work delays are also possible.
  • May will probably be a profitable month for business people.
  • A lack of coordination and relational issues could arise when Venus is in the tenth house.
  • During this time, those who are connected with the stock market may gain profit. 

Remedy: Chant “Om ketave namah” everyday 41 times.  


  • People born under the sign of Scorpio must make financial plans in advance to prevent financial loss.
  • These people will need to complete their office work extremely carefully because there is a chance that you might make a mistake.
  • This zodiac sign’s students might not be motivated to learn, which could have an impact on your exam performance.
  • You could suffer from headaches and digestive issues in the month of May. 

Remedy: Recite Hanuman Chalisa everyday.      


  • People born under the sign of Sagittarius may find employment overseas, which could be advantageous for them.
  • This month, the people who own their own businesses will make good money and edge out their competitors.
  • Students born under this sign will advance academically quickly. Additionally, these people have the option of studying overseas.
  • These individuals will be able to earn and save money. 

Remedy: On Tuesday, perform the Havan/Yagya for Rahu.


  • The career of a Capricorn is likely to yield a variety of outcomes.
  • The family life of these people could experience ups and downs. Additionally, a disagreement over property is a possibility.
  • This month could be a little challenging for people who are already committed to someone.
  • To make money in May, you might need to put in a lot of effort.

Remedy: Everyday, recite “Om hanumate namah” 21 times.    


  • A lot can change in the world of work for Aquarius people in the month of May.
  • You might experience back pain this month, which could make things a little challenging in terms of your health.
  • This month, you should be cautious with your finances because a loss could occur.
  • It’s possible that the couple who is getting married this month will have to postpone their wedding.

Remedy: Chant “Om namo narayana” 108 times every day.


  • People born under the sign of Pisces might encounter issues at work from the management.
  • The businessmen must proceed cautiously in their business ventures or risk losing money.
  • Couples who are already married might experience ups and downs in their marriage. 
  • A lack of understanding between the two people could exist.
  • These people may incur expenses that they might find challenging to prevent. 

Remedy: Worship Lord Hanuman regularly.  

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