Masik Shivratri In Sawan: Significance & Rituals!

For Attaining Peace, Financial Gains, Good Health, Etc., Observe the Sawan Masik Shivratri Fast! 

According to Hindu religious and cultural traditions, the fast of Mahashivratri and Masik Shivratri is considered to be quite auspicious to please Lord Shiva. Each and every month, the Chaturdashi Tithi of Krishna Paksha is celebrated as Masik Shivratri(Monthly Shivratri). During the auspicious month of Sawan, AstroSage has once again come up with Sawan Grand Sale. Avail highest discount upto 80% on astrological services, Varta services, astrological products, etc. To know everything, click on the banner given below! 

It has been said about Shivratri and Mahashivratri that the one who worships Mahadev on these days and observes fasts dutifully, gets rid of all kinds of problems. Of all the festivals which arrive monthly, a lot of importance is given to Masik Shivratri. 

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Masik Shivratri in August, When? 

Masik Shivaratri is falling on August 06, 2021. Click here to know about Shivaratri dates of all other months. The occasion of Shivaratri marks the conjunction of Shiva and Shakti(power). Masik Shivratri is celebrated every month on the 14th Tithi of Krishna Paksha. It is believed that this festival of Adi Shakti Shiva also helps the devotees to overcome negative emotions like anger, jealousy, ego, and greed. 

Masik Shivratri Pujan Vidhi

Although things are coming back to normalcy, the threat of the third wave is still hovering around everyone. So, we have brought to your attention the special Pujan Vidhi for this day where you can carry out the necessary rites and rituals at your own house. Since a lot of people’s faith and devotion is associated with this day, the fast and rituals associated with it are also very much influential and virtuous.

Let us take a look at them now! 

  • The Shastras state that the perfect time to observe the Shivratri fast and perform austerity measures is during midnight. However, truth be told, many people do not manage to get going with the Shivratri fast in this manner. 
  • In such a situation, wake up early in the morning and take a holy bath. 
  • After this, visit the Shiva temple. As it is not advisable right now, you can start commemorating the rituals at your house itself. 
  • Before beginning the Puja rituals, you are advised to conduct the Abhishek of Lord Shiva. If possible, try to perform the Abhishek with Gangajal. If it is not possible, then you can even use milk for the same. 
  • During the Mahashivratri as well as the Masik Shivratri, Lord Shiva should be offered Bel Patra(leaves) and flowers. 
  • Afterwards, offer lamps and incense sticks to the Lord. 
  • After this, recite Shiva Chalisa, Shiva Stuti, and Shiva Ashtak with clear pronunciation.
  • Later on, perform the Aarti of Lord Shiva. 
  • Take a bath once again during the evening hours and end your fast the following day. 

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Masik Shivratri Importance 

As it has been said, this festival is of great importance. Why is it so? 

It is because the fast observed on this day helps an individual to fulfill all of his/her desires. Moreover, the problems in one’s life also come to an end after the successful observation of this fast. Also, if unmarried girls observe a fast on this day, then they can get married to the person of their choice. Additionally, one acquires the special benediction of Lord Shiva after observing a fast on this day who also helps his devotees to surpass the most difficult problems. Last but not least, fast on this day is also observed to get blessed with a good progeny and also acquire freedom from all kinds of diseases and ailments. 

So, this was all you need to know about the Masik Shivratri of August month.

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