Masik Karthigai: Know the Significance of Fast & Puja Rituals!

Masik Kartighai Deepam is a popular festival celebrated mainly by the Tamil Hindus. It is considered to be one of the oldest and most important festivals celebrated by Tamil Hindus. As per Hindu Panchang, this festival is going to be celebrated on November 2, Monday.

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Like Diwali, there is a tradition of lighting lamps/Diyas in households and streets during the evening of Masik Karthigai. The name Karthigai Deepam has been taken from Kartikayi or Kritika Nakshatra. It is said that the day when Kritika Nakshatra is in its dominant state, the festival of Karthigai Deepam is celebrated on the same day.  

There is a tradition of venerating Lord Shiva on the day of Karthigai Deepam. As per mythological beliefs, it is the same day when Lord Shiva transformed himself into the infinite light for proving his superiority to Lord Vishnu and Brahma Ji. 

Let us know the Pujan Vidhi of Masik Karthigai and rituals performed on this very day. 

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Masik Kartighai Pujan Vidhi

  • Visit a Shiva temple and duly perform the worship of Shivalinga.
  • Must keep perfume, Sindoor, Datura, red flowers, milk, honey, Ghee, sugar, jaggery, curd, etc. at the time of worship on this very day.
  • Light Diya/lamp of scented oil.
  • Offer a pink Kanar flower to Lord.
  • Along with this, offer rice Kheer as Bhog. 

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Perform these Rituals to Attain Peace and Prosperity on Masik Karthigai  

  • It is believed that one who lights a six-faced scented oil Diya/lamp made up of flour before Shivalinga, is blessed with good health .
  • In addition to this, one who lights nine Mukhi lamp/Diya filled with Shudh (pure) Ghee before Shivalinga, is blessed with peace and prosperity.
  • Besides this, if any dispute has been going on in your family and you wish to end it, then offering sugar syrup to Shivalinga proves to be beneficial.
  • Offer pink coloured flowers to the Shivalinga, if you wish to protect your family from any kind of trouble.
  • Tie a thread of pink colour on the idol of Shivalinga on this very day if you desire to uplift in your professional life.

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