Mars-Venus Forms ‘Rashi Parivartan Rajyoga’; 3 Zodiacs Will Win Lottery!

There are many Rajyogas mentioned in Astrology, out of which, the Rashi Parivartan Rajyoga is among the most prominent ones. A Rajyoga is formed when two planets transit in each other’s zodiac signs. This Rajyoga becomes more effective when both these planets are also having an aspect on each other. A coincidence like this is taking place when Mars entered Taurus on 13 November 2022, and after this, Venus will enter Sagittarius soon. It means that Mars will be in the sign of Venus, and vice versa. Also, they will aspect each other.

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The Rashi Parivartan Rajyoga formed due to this phenomena will benefit 3 zodiac signs. But before getting into it, let’s check out the date and timing for Mars and Venus transits that will form this Rajyoga. 

Mars Transit In Taurus: Date & Timing

Mars entered Taurus in a retrograde motion on 13 November 2022. The timing for this transit was 13:32. For your information, Mars will remain situated in the same sign till and motion till next year, i.e. 13 January.

Venus Transit In Sagittarius: Date & Timing

Venus will enter the zodiac sign of Mars on 05 December 2022. This transit will take place at 17:39. 

Now, let’s check out the zodiac signs that will benefit due to the formation of Rashi Parivartan Rajyoga.

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Rashi Parivartan Rajyoga: 3 Signs Will Benefit

Taurus: Mars is transiting in the Lagna and Venus is entering the seventh house of the Taurus natives. This placement will increase your confidence. This will be the period when you could decide to spend more money on fulfilling your wishes and desires. Also, the natives who were facing a delay in marriage might get good news. During this time, the married natives will be supported by their spouses which will enhance their bond. Some Taurus natives could also plan to start a business with a female friend. It is a good time to start a partnership business. Taurus women associated with the field of glamor will attain success. 

Cancer: Mars will be placed in the eleventh house, while Venus will be situated in the fifth house of the Cancer natives at this time. This placement of Mars and Venus in these particular houses are known to bestow the natives with immense fruits. If you propose marriage to someone then it will be accepted in this duration. The married couple who were trying to conceive for a long time will get good news. This Rajyoga is especially beneficial for the Cancer females. The females running any business might receive a huge order. 

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Sagittarius: Mars transit will take place in the sixth house of Sagittarius and Venus transit will happen in the twelfth house. Both these placements make Mars and Venus extremely powerful, as per astrology. Therefore, Sagittarius natives will get material pleasure during this period. Some natives might even get to travel abroad with their wife or lover. The female Sagittarius natives could expand their business to foreign countries. You will also see a huge change at the workplace. 

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