Mars-Venus Conjunction In Pisces Forms “Grahiyoga’, Know Its Impact On 12 Signs!

If our personal life is stable and on track, then we can find happiness in our career and family life. But if our love relationship is not good, it affects our mental health.

So, if you too have been facing any sort of problems in your love relationships, a dispute is going on between you and your beloved, or if you have been single for a long time and have been searching for a perfect life partner, then your life is going to change soon, and this period will be favorable for you.

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Planetary Position Is Going To Change…

From the middle of May, some planets of the Solar System will change their position and fill your love life with sweetness. This will be the time when love and romance will be in the air. The natives in love will enjoy this beautiful time in the arms of their beloved and enhance their relationship. This will also increase the affection between you two and even the married natives will enjoy an intimate time with their spouse.

Mars-Venus Will Conjoin

According to astrology experts, on 27 April, 06:06 pm, Wednesday, the planet of material pleasure, Venus, changed its zodiac sign from Aquarius to Pisces, ruled by Jupiter. Now, Mars will also transit in Pisces on 17 May, at 8:58 am, and conjoin with the already present Venus there.

Venus is regarded as the benefactor of love, romance, lust, sex, etc. in Vedic astrology, and Mars is the benefactor of blood, energy, speed, etc. So the conjunction of these two planets in Jupiter ruled Pisces will directly impact the love life of the natives and fill it with love, romance, and excitement. This Mars-Venus conjunction will remain for almost a week, then on 23 May, Venus will move from Pisces to Aries, marking the end to the Mars-Venus conjunction.

Mars & Venus In Astrology

In Vedic astrology, Mars is regarded as the Red Planet, and is the benefactor of fire, energy, brother, land, strength, courage, might, etc. On the other hand, Venus is considered as the planet of material pleasure, enjoyment, luxury, fame, art, talent, beauty, romance, sex, lust, etc.

Besides this, Mars is a fire element planet, and Venus is a water element planet. So, the combination of fire and water element planets will have an impact on almost all zodiac signs.

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This Conjunction Will Give Rise To ‘Grahiyoga’

  • Be it only for a week, but with the conjunction of these two planets, ‘Grahiyoga’ will be formed in Pisces, because in Vedic astrology, Pisces is a friendly sign with Mars. 
  • Besides this, Venus is considered to be in an exalted position in Pisces. Due to this exalted state of Venus, the impact of Mars is also reduced. 
  • So, this major ‘Grahiyoga’ forming due to the Mars-Venus conjunction will mostly give Venus related outcomes to the natives of 12 zodiac signs. Because of this, the love life of the natives will be significantly affected.

These Natives’ Lives Will Be Affected Due To This Conjunction

  • According to the learned astrologers of AstroSage, the natives with a Pisces ascendant horoscope, or in whose ascendant house Mars and Venus are present, are benefitted the most from this conjunction. These planetary positions will bring a major turn in such natives’ love lives.
  • Besides this, if the dasha, antardasha, or mahadasha of Mars or Venus is going on in the horoscope of a native, then such people will also attain favorable outcomes from this conjunction.

Now, let’s find out the impact of this ‘Grahiyoga’ on 12 zodiac signs.

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Impact Of Mars-Venus Conjunction On 12 Zodiac Signs

Aries: The Mars-Venus conjunction will form in the twelfth house of your sign, which might increase anger in you. There will be more expenses in your financial life. You might also have to face trouble regarding your health. The impact of Venus will attract you more towards expensive things, so you will fulfill your desires and buy what you want. If you are single, then Venus will make you attracted towards a person of the opposite sex.

Taurus: Mars being the twelfth house for you will give rise to the possibility of disputes in your family life and increase your expenses. But the presence of Venus in yoru eleventh house will make your love relationships favorable. This might give you benefits from a female friend of yours. Soma natives might also meet someone special with the help of their friends. 

Gemini: Mars-Venus’ conjunction in your tenth house will give you financial benefits while giving success in your career. Especially the natives associated with the stock market are likely to get immense benefits from this conjunction. The people who had a breakup in the past, can have a new friendship with someone by the grace of Venus. Strength will also appear in love relationships.

Cancer: Due to the conjunction of Mars-Venus in your ninth house, you can become a bit lazy. Due to this, some delay will be seen in your work at the workplace. Despite this, due to the grace of Venus, you can suddenly gain money through various sources during this period. There will also be a new twist in love relations. If you are single and have been waiting for a partner for a long time, it is possible that you may meet someone special during this time.

Leo: This conjunction will be formed in your eighth house, due to which the effect of Mars will not give you favorable results related to luck. Because of this, you may need to work harder than usual to complete each task. You will also see an increase in anger. But the influence of Venus will prove to be lucky for your love affairs. This will be the period when you will be able to get the full support of your partner.

Virgo: Mars-Venus will be in your seventh house, due to which you may have to suffer some financial loss. Therefore, it would be better to stay away from any kind of investment. However, the grace of Venus will increase the feelings of love within you. Due to this increase of erotic thoughts in the mind of some married people, they may express their desire to spend time alone with their partner.

Libra: This conjunction will be formed in your sixth house. Due to this, this time can prove to be stressful for the Libra natives. Your enemies will be active during this time and will be seen harming you continuously. Some natives may also have health problems.

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Scorpio: Mars-Venus will be present in your fifth house. In such a situation, this time will prove to be a little unfavorable for your relationship. Because Mars will increase your anger and become the reason for your dispute with your lover. But Venus will also be seen improving the conditions from time to time. Due to which, sweetness will return in your love relationship in no time, and you will try to strengthen your relationship with the beloved more.

Sagittarius: In Sagittarius, this conjunction will be formed in the fourth house. Due to this, your mother may have some objection to your love affair. There will be chances of her having health-related problems as well. Also, if you are married, your partner may hurt you by using inappropriate language to your mother unintentionally.

Capricorn: Grahiyoga will be formed in your third house, due to which you will be able to get maximum benefits in the field. Your reputation in personal life will also increase. Along with this, there will be proper love and respect from brothers. If we talk about love affairs, then this combination brings sweetness in your relationship. Single people are likely to get the most favorable results of which.

Aquarius: This conjunction will be formed in your second house, due to which you will get good money. If the Antardasha or Pratyantar of Venus is going on in your horoscope, then there will be chances of getting sudden monetary gains during this period. For some natives, this period will also create small chances of loss of money. So be careful from the beginning.

Pisces: This unique combination of Venus-Mars is being formed in your own zodiac sign. So, during this time, you will feel mentally refreshed. The tendency of single people may increase towards the people of opposite sex. On the other hand, if you are married then some dispute with your partner is possible. Because during this time, lust will be at its peak in your mind and you will expect fulfillment of all your desires from your partner. But when the partner does not live up to your expectations, it will affect your relationship. 

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