Mars-Venus Conjunction; Critical Time For These Zodiacs

Mars-Venus Conjunction: On 10 May 2023,  Mars entered in Cancer at 1:44 am and the planet Venus will transit in Cancer on May 30 at 7:39. Mars will remain in this sign until July 1, therefore the conjunction of Mars and Venus will have an impact on humans until then. The conjunction of these two planets could be unfavorable for three zodiac signs so they have to be cautious during the Mars-Venus Conjunction. First of let’s know the significance of Mars and Venus planet Conjunction.

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Mars And Venus Planet Conjunction

Mars and Venus are frequently addressed in astrology because they represent two key parts of human nature: Mars represents energy, assertiveness, and action, and Venus represents love, relationships, and harmony. The placement of these two planets in a person’s horoscope can suggest how they balance assertiveness and a desire for action with a need for love and relationships.

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In astrology, the placement of Mars and Venus in a person’s horoscope is said to impact their relationships and personal style, particularly their approach to love, sex, and partnerships. When these planets are well-aligned, they can bring balance and harmony to a person’s relationships; when they are misaligned, they can generate obstacles and conflicts.

The impact of Mars and Venus in each house of the horoscope will depend on the particular placement of these planets, as well as other elements in a person’s horoscope. An astrologer or astrological reading can provide you further information about how the positioning of these planets may affect your life. However, it is crucial to note that astrology is only one component of self-discovery and should not be used to make critical life decisions or to limit a person’s potential.

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Mars-Venus Conjunction: Unfavorable To These Zodiacs

Check out the list of three zodiac signs who needs to follow extreme precautions during the Mars-Venus Conjunction: 


This Mars and Venus alliance will take place in the twelfth house, often known as the spending house, for persons born under this sign. In this way, the conjunction of Mars and Venus might act against you financially. Leo natives, you might feel exhausted during this period and so you could spend a lot of time and money on vacations during this time which might affect your financial situation and your business or job. 

At this time, you should also prioritize your health. Eating junk food or greasy food could lead to various health issues. So, you should look after your diet and maintain yourself. Apart from this, you might get the chance to change jobs, but it might not prove beneficial for you. Also, avoid extra marital relationships as there is a chance that an outside woman may ruin your image at this time. 

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The combination of Mars and Venus will be in the eighth house for persons born under this sign, which is considered a bit unlucky for them. This alliance in this house could cause problems for your wife. You could be experiencing marital conflict at this time. You must exercise extreme caution while conducting financial transactions with anyone or making financial dealings in businesses. 

Moreover, Sagittarius natives you should also mind your speech during this period because you might seem rude to others and your harsh words could ruin your relationships as well as hinder your image in society. Your sour nature may cause family strife. Apart from this, drive carefully because there is a probability of injury.

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The Mars-Venus union will take place in the enemy house, the sixth house, for persons born under this sign. Because of this combination at this house, Aquarius natives, you might get insulted at work by a female colleague. You must avoid hurting your partner and learn to respect their feelings. 

Furthermore, people working for the government might experience work delays at this time. If you want to invest anywhere, you must go with caution since there are possibilities of fraud or cheating. Also, you might lose money so you have to be more careful with money handling. Along with this, take extra care of your wife’s health, she might fall sick which could grow expenses on medicine. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Ques1. Is Venus Mars conjunction good?

Ans. Yes, the Venus-Mars conjunction is considered good.

Ques2. What zodiac sign does Venus rule?

Ans. Venus rules over Libra and Taurus.

Ques3. When is Venus-Mars Conjunction in Cancer?

Ans. Venus will transit into Cancer on 30th May, 2023, where Mars is already present, creating a conjunction.

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