Mars Transit: What will be the Impact on All 12 Zodiac Signs?

In this Navratri special week, Mars is making it’s transit in Gemini. Naturally, it is going to impact your life in many ways. To make things easier and convenient for you, AstroSage has brought to you an exclusive sale with major discounts on all Astrology services and products. Click the button given below to know more about it.

In the domain of Vedic astrology, Mars is considered to be a cruel planet and its impact is highly effective on one’s life.

If there is a Mangal Dosha in one’s Kundli then he/she faces troubles such as marriage-related issues, health disorders, etc. while its absence brings happiness in married life, child-related matters, etc. Besides this, a person also bags a good job, earns respect in society, etc. 

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In the context of astrology, Mars is considered to be the benefactor of energy, land, brotherhood, courage, strength, gallantry, etc. It is the ruling lord of Scorpio and Aries zodiac signs and remains exalted in Capricorn and debilitated in Cancer.  The strong position of Mars makes a person courageous and fearless while its weak position brings several challenges in life.   

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April 14, 2021, i.e. Wednesday – Mars Transit in Gemini: Mars will transit in Gemini on April 14, 2021, at 01:16 AM and will remain in the same zodiac sign till June 02, 2021, by 06:39 AM. In this regard, there will a great influence on all zodiac signs, and several changes will be observed through and through.    

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