Mars Transit in Virgo on 18 August Brings Prosperity To Lucky Zodiacs

Mars Transit in Virgo: The movement of planets in different zodiac signs impacts the lives of all zodiacs. As per Vedic Astrology, the swift movement and alignment of planets across horoscopes & houses leads to solutions for multiple troubles. The Mars transit in Virgo happens on 18th August at 15:14 hours. It results in a surge in energy, appropriate motivation, good health, and the right attention to detail. The special AstroSage blog focuses on transit of Mars in Virgo and the type of benefits availed by the lucky zodiacs. The pure aim is to assist the natives make use of their auspicious period.

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The Mars transit is the type of phenomenon that can change the luck of zodiac signs and the movement of the planet in Virgo results in higher energy levels and improved fitness. There is also the negative impact of the planetary movements on zodiacs and the best way to deal with troubles will be through consultation with profound astrologers.

List of Zodiac Benefitting From the Mars Transit in Virgo


For Gemini natives, it is the best time to make their dreams come true and avail the right opportunities for accurate output. The time is fitting for buying a new property or vehicle at suitable rates. It will bring profits to your business and it will be easy to expand the current business model. Experience personal growth in life that will lift your overall satisfaction levels in life. It will be time to increase your income levels and expect delayed promotions in your job profile. The time is also suitable for the management of finances and flourishes in the work environment.

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There will be ample opportunities for the Virgo people to make their dreams come true. It will result in the rise of energy levels and complete different targets efficiently. Expect profits from your business profile and also invest the right amount for business expansion. For students, it will be idle time to travel abroad and also complete different activities with success. There will be peace in the family and get the support of your siblings for different tasks. Your relationship with the business partner will be stable and there will be hardly any chance of miscommunication with them.


For Scorpio people, it is the best time to avail the opportunities and also get ahead of the competitors. Manage the finances efficiently and also gain profits from the relevant activities. Your repute at the workplace will rise and also there will be an increase in income. Stay ahead of the competitors and luck will favor almost all sectors for favorable outcomes. For the Scorpio natives, it will be idle time to prepare for competitive exams and achieve the right kind of success. It is also the fitting time to move ahead in your career and find easy solutions for different life troubles.


For Sagittarius natives, it is the best time to acquire promotions in your job role and also kick start a new role. Get new opportunities in a professional role and secure your love relationship. Your love life or relationship will remain secure and it will be the best time to move around with the partner swiftly. The time is also perfect for abroad trips and getting all the happiness from your siblings. Also, the time is perfect to make investments in business for gaining profits and also enhance overall wealth.

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Q1. What is the timeline of Mars transit in Virgo?

Ans. Mars enters Virgo on 18 August and will be in the zodiac until 03 October.

Q2. Is Mars in Virgo Providing Good Results?

Ans. The Mars transit in the Virgo sign will ensure efficiency in productivity levels and increases the focus level in life.

Q3. What is negative about Mars in Virgo?

Ans. It can be inauspicious for some zodiacs and will alter the feelings of natives in relation to love or family life.

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