Mars Transit In Scorpio: Check Which Zodiacs Will Experience Good Days

Mars Transit In Scorpio: As per Vedic Astrology, Mars is a violent planet and thus referred to as the red planet. There is great significance of the Mars planet in astrology and its movements have different effects on the 12 zodiac signs. The planetary movements happen periodically and Mars stays in one sign for 45 days and then moves to the other zodiac. In the sequence, Mars is again changing its position in November and the Mars transit has both negative & positive impacts on all the zodiac signs. Let us move ahead and check the details of Mars transit and its effects on the natives. Firstly, let us check the time & date of Mars transit in Scorpio

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Mars Transit In Scorpio: Date And Time 

The factor of bravery and strength, Mars is going to transit into Scorpio sign on 16 November 2023, and at 10.03 am, that is owned by the Mars planet itself. Scorpio is a water sign and it is known to control the Tamasic energy of our bodies. It is also considered to be the most sensitive of all the 12 zodiac signs. Scorpio also tends to control the ups & downs of our lives and is also referred to as the factor of constant change. Let us know further about the effects of Mars transit in Scorpio on the zodiacs and the vital role of Mars planet in astrology. 

Importance Of Mars In Astrology 

In Vedic Astrology, Mars is the factor of energy, elder & younger brothers, land, courage, might, and bravery. Mars provides energy in our lives and it is considered the lord of Aries & Scorpio. It is believed that Mars in Aries is very strong. It is called by the name Moola Trikon in the zodiac sign whereas in Scorpio it will be in its sign. Mars will be in an exalted position in Capricorn and Cancer will be the debilitated sign. 

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Among the Nakshatras, Mars is considered the lord of Mrigashira, Chitra, and Dhanishta Nakshatra. In the human body, Mars is considered to control the eyes. If Mars is auspicious in the native’s horoscope then the person is courageous in nature and the chances of winning in war are high. Whereas, if Mars is stationed at the inauspicious position in the horoscope, then the natives can face troubles in different areas of their lives. Mars is considered to represent the red color. 

Let us move ahead and check how Mars affects the Scorpio sign. 

Planet Mars In Scorpio Zodiac 

The influence of Mars in Scorpio results in the support of natives from the government to complete certain government activities and thus tasks will be completed timely. If we talk about the financial life of individuals, it doesn’t create any kind of trouble. They become successful in running their lives smoothly and thus earn the right kind of funds. Such natives have a fearless & aggressive nature and are also able to suppress enemies in all ways. They also pay attention to their family life. Mars transit in Scorpio makes natives do the tough & difficult tasks and they have sharp senses. They also don’t lose their temper easily and can control their anger easily. One special thing about them is that they don’t trust easily, nor do they get close to anyone quickly, and neither like to compromise on things. 

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If we talk about the Scorpio’s negative impact on Mars, then there are chances of conspiracy against them and this might lead to getting trapped in long litigation. Many times it comes to the point of even going to jail. The presence of Mars in Scorpio or Mars transit in Scorpio, especially in the first house of Cancer, Leo, Capricorn, & Aquarius sign provides good and auspicious outcomes. 

Strong Signs Of Position Of Mars In The Horoscope 

  • Get auspicious results in the life of natives if Mars is positioned in a strong position in the horoscope. Let us understand the strong sign of the strong presence of Mars in the horoscope:
  • The strength of Mars results in efficient & fearless decision-making and they also stick to the right decisions. 
  • The individuals feel energetic due to strong Mars and the immunity levels remain high. Mars transit in Scorpio also helps natives to fight against all diseases. 
  • The strong position of Mars also enhances the overall productivity of natives. 
  • The natives are better poised to face big challenges in facing adverse circumstances and thus overcome the troubles. 
  • The effects of Bali Mars affect the lives of individuals and also affect the family life of natives. Because of the auspicious influence of Mars, the brothers & sisters of natives earn good repute in their respective fields. 
  • The auspicious influence of Mars also results in better performance in the fields of army, police, property deals, electrical engineering, electronics-related things, sports, and more. 

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Possible Signs Of Afflicted Mars 

  • The Mangal Dosha in the horoscope will result in marriage delays or hindrances in some manner. Other than that, it can result in a turbulent relationship and in the future can come on the verge of collapse or failure. 
  • If Mars is in bad condition or facing Mangal Dosha in the horoscope then the natives can be surrounded with different kinds of diseases. Also, they can face troubles related to kidney, stones, blood pressure, arthritis, and more. 
  • The afflicted Mars can result in the aggressive nature of natives and the relations can be spoiled. There will also be trouble with brothers & sisters and the anger levels rise. 
  • The weak condition of Mars also deprives the natives of the happiness of having a child or leads to facing multiple problems in conceiving a child. 
  • The weak position of Mars in the horoscope leads to court cases and betrays from friends & family members. 
  • Other than that, the inauspicious influence of Mars can result in accidents by natives. 

Relevant Astrological Measures To Get Auspicious Effects Of Mars

To deal with the removal of Mangal Dosha, adopt the right measures to get rid of troubles. 

Perform Fast On Tuesday 

To deal with Mangal Dosha, use proper rituals to worship Pawan Sut Hanuman. Keep the fast of 11 or 21 Tuesday and along with it recite Sunderkand. This will result in auspicious outcomes or results in every sector or area of life. 

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Wear Coral Gemstone 

To deal with Mangal Dosha, wear any one of the auspicious Mars gemstones like Coral or sub-stime Red Hakik. This results in courage and a rise in the happiness of natives. Also, it is vital for people to get the best results in their career & business. The astrologer’s advice should be taken to wear the right kind of gemstone. 

Chant The Right Mantras 

On Tuesday, chant the mantra related to Mars 108 times. The mantras are – ‘Om Bhaumay Namah’ or ‘Om Am Angarkaya Namah’. Doing this will result in happiness and prosperity in the lives of natives. 

Donate The Right Things 

To strengthen Mars’ position, donate items like red clothes, red lentils, red flowers, coral, red, sandalwood, and others. Doing this will help you to get rid of troubles in your financial life. 

Wear Red Clothes 

The color of Mars planet is red and thus it is known as the red planet. In such a situation, if the position of Mars is weak in the horoscope, then on Tuesday wear the red clothes. In case wearing red clothes is not feasible then one can also keep a red handkerchief with themselves. 

Chant The Mahamrityunjaya Mantra 

As per astrology, to reduce the ill effects of Mars planet the natives can chant the Mahamrityunjaya Mantra of Lord Shiva. Along with it, during the puja ceremony offer red chola to the Hanuman ji. 

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