Mars Transit In Pisces – Natives of These Zodiacs Faces Business Losses!

After a certain time period, the planets transit or move their positions from one zodiac sign to another. These transits impact the lives of various zodiac signs. Such planetary transits also result in changes in the lives of people, while natives of some zodiac signs will also face troubles.

In the month of April 2024, Mars will transit into the Pisces sign and this will result in a recession in the business life of natives. In this AstroSage blog, we will discuss the Mars transit in Pisces and the list of zodiac signs whose natives will get business benefits in this period. 

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Mars Transit In Pisces: What Is The Transit Timing?

On 23rd April 2024, Mars transits in Pisces at 08:19 am. The fiery planet Mars will have great influence on the spiritual sign Pisces and this will result in different outcomes for the natives of all 12 zodiac signs. Some zodiac signs will face business troubles and thus the natives need to make careful decisions in the field. 

Importance Of Planet Mars In Vedic Astrology 

In Astrology, the planet Mars is referred to as the god of war. Mars is the planet that represents the male element and provides auspicious outcomes when present in its original Trikona sign Aries. It is also considered the lord of the first and eighth house. With the grace of Mars, the individuals get respect and a higher position in society. 

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Now let us move ahead and check details about natives of the zodiac signs that will experience a downfall in businesses due to Mars transit in Pisces sign. 

Mars Transit In Pisces: List Of Zodiac Signs That Experience Downfall In Businesses


The period will be very fruitful for the Aries natives for business expansion. Mars transit in Pisces sign provides good opportunities in the business field, but there are chances of less profits during this timeline. Due to this, you can lag in reaching the top position in the business field and your opponents will try to suppress due to different reasons. They will try to trick you in some way or the other. Plan the efficient way in your business to avoid different obstacles and challenges. This will deteriorate the financial condition of the Aries natives. 

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The Leo business persons shouldn’t have too much expectation in their operations in this period. There will be fewer profits due to Mars transit in Pisces and you need to avoid different investments in the business profile. You might face difficulties in running your business well and there will be the need to change strategies to gain the right profiles. Try to change the business policies if you want to change the overall business condition. This will result in strengthening the overall business sector of the Leo natives. They need to stay aware of their business conditions to avoid mishaps. 

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The Virgo natives will face different types of troubles in their professional lives due to Mars transit in Pisces. They need to make decisions carefully so that they yield the right kind of profits. Take decisions after thinking carefully, or else you might suffer losses. The natives need to operate wisely and intelligently to avoid losses in their businesses. Postpone the decision of starting a new business, if you are planning for it. The time won’t be too favorable for the Virgo natives and this will result in different outcomes in their lives. 

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According to Mars transit in Pisces, the Libra natives can face different troubles in their businesses. They will face different kinds of troubles in their progress. If you are involved in business partnerships, then you may face different types of troubles and there are chances of different troubles. The Libra natives need to be careful in making the right decisions in businesses so that they can earn the right kind of profits. This won’t be the right time to expand your business. In case you move in this direction, then there are chances of disappointment. In this period, you need to take a step back in your business profile. 

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For the Capricorn natives, the period won’t be favorable for the Capricorn natives due to the Mars transit in Pisces sign. They will face obstacles in carrying the businesses to the top place. Other than that, there are chances of different obstacles in your business. You need to satisfy yourself with less profits in this period. The natives need to avoid making the right decisions in business, or else they might face losses in financial life. You need to be careful in making the right decisions in your business profile during this Mars transit. 

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