Mars Transit In Pisces: These Zodiacs Will Get Success & Prosperity

We are all aware that changes in the position, movement, and condition of planets have a significant impact on people’s lives. Similarly, Mars, the lord of Aries and the most powerful planet, has a vital role in human affairs. They signify desire, courage, and passion in our lives. Mars is known by several names, including ‘Lohita’ (red), ‘Raktavarna’ (red like blood), ‘Bhaum Putra’, ‘Kuja’, etc. It will soon transit in Pisces, affecting all zodiac signs, as well as the country and the entire planet. AstroSage’s blog contains comprehensive details regarding Mars Transit in Pisces. So let us begin this amazing blog. But first, let us understand the significance of Mars in Vedic astrology.

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Mars Planet In Vedic Astrology 

Mars, often known as the God of War in Vedic astrology, is a ferocious planet. It is a male-dominated planet that is considered extremely powerful. Mars is said to be the source of strength and bravery in a person’s life, and it works to boost our energy levels. As a result, you and I can perform any task with our full strength and power. 

It indicates the courage, strength and determination within you. Mars is the ruling planet of Aries and Scorpio. Capricorn is their exalted zodiac sign, while Cancer is their inferior zodiac sign. However, when Mars transits the third, sixth, tenth, and eleventh houses of the horoscope, the person has positive benefits. These have an effect on human blood.

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Mars Transit In Pisces: Date And Time 

Mars, known as the God of War and the Red Planet, will transit into Pisces, Jupiter’s sign, at 08:19 a.m. on April 23, 2024. Pisces represents the water element, whereas Mars is associated with fire. In such a case, Mars’ transit in Pisces will have an impact on all zodiac signs, as well as the country and the world, as detailed in this blog post. 

Mars Planet Impact On Human Life 

Mars plays a vital part in human life, hence it is essential that this planet be in favorable astrological placement. If their position in a person’s horoscope is negative, he will suffer a variety of difficulties in life. Similarly, when Mars is powerful yet in an unfavorable position, it might even turn a person criminal. At the same time, when Mars is strongly represented in the horoscope, such a person is recruited into the army and ready to serve the country. 

In addition, if they are in an auspicious place, they will succeed in all land-related endeavors. Aside from that, the person has an abundance of land, structures, and houses in his life. Mars’ strong position prevents rivals from dominating. Mars is the ruling deity of three of the 27 constellations: Mrigashira, Chitra, and Dhanishtha. It is said that when any of these constellations aligns with Tuesday, donating things related to Mars is the greatest option.

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Scientific View About Mars Planet

In scientific terms, Mars is half the size of Earth. Mars’ atmosphere is known to be composed of nitrogen, carbon, dioxide, and argon. Furthermore, the surface of Mars is quite solid, and no active volcanoes have been discovered so far. Mars, however, has two moons of its own, Phobos and Deimos. 

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Signs Of Weak Mars In Horoscope  

We can tell whether Mars is weak in a person’s horoscope based on several symptoms. So let’s look at the signs. 

  • Mangal Dosh can cause a delay in a person’s marriage.
  • If you are married, your marriage may be filled with conflicts, or it may even end.
  • If Mars is an unfavorable sign in the horoscope, the person may experience difficulties such as kidney stones, high blood pressure, arthritis, boils, and so on.
  • A person’s relationships with his loved ones and relatives begin to deteriorate due to his short temper.
  • Mars’ inauspiciousness makes it tough for man to achieve the happiness of having children.
  • Such Mars can get you involved in judicial cases, and there is also a chance that close friends will betray you.

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Signs Of Strong Mars In Horoscope 

  • The signs of powerful Mars in a person’s horoscope are as follows:
  • People with a strong Mars in their horoscope are generally courageous and brave. These people are not afraid to take chances.
  • Such people are determined and do not become excited easily. They keep moving forward till they reach their goal.
  • People with a strong Mars in their horoscope are highly active and emotional. They enjoy being active in all aspects of their employment.
  • These people are self-assured and don’t mind speaking their minds. Furthermore, they speak up for themselves.
  • Their personality is competitive and inspirational. These folks enjoy challenging themselves as well as others.  

Surefire Remedies To Strengthen Mars In Horoscope  

  • If Mars is weak in your horoscope, wear red clothes after taking a bath on Tuesday. After then, recite ‘Om Kram Krim Kraum Sa: Bhaumay Namah’ three, five, or seven times.
  • Mars also gains strength if the person fasts on Tuesday.
  • On Tuesday, offer vermilion mixed with jasmine oil to Sankat Mochan Hanuman ji. Also, offer chola to Bajrangbali. 
  • Wearing coral gemstones is advantageous when Mars is inauspicious in the natives’ horoscope, but please consult an experienced astrologer in advance.
  • On Tuesday, serve food to the poor and needy.

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Mars Transit In Pisces: Zodiac Wise Impact 


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