Mars Transit In Pisces Soon (May 17, 2022): Impact & Remedies

Mars is a planet for courage and determination. Without the strong position of planet Mars, one will not be brave enough to take quick decisions. If Mars is placed well in a horoscope, then a person will be able to gain full control with what they are doing, and such people will be good decision-makers. The below teaser throws some light on the upcoming event when Mars moves to Pisces on 17th May 2022 at 8:58 am. Let us see Mars’ movement and its impact.

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Mars Transit in Pisces: What to Expect?

Mars will be moving in the friendly sign ruled by Jupiter, i.e. Pisces. Mars will be in Pisces on May 17, 2022. Pisces is a common sign owned by benefic Jupiter. Due to this, a person may gain more spiritual interests and due to this, benefits are possible, which may promote their interests. More travel will be possible for the natives which will serve the purpose. Those who are aspiring to visit abroad may find this transit to be good. The natives will be able to earn good money, but the scope to save will be moderate as there are chances for more expenses. During this transit, there will be increased interest in business among the natives and at the same time growth will be present. During this transit, the natives may be able to assess what is good and what is bad happening in their life. The natives might have some goals to fulfill in their life.

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Impact Of Mars Transit On India & World 

  • There will be chances for good administration and policies given by the government to come into effect.
  • Benefitting via foriegn exchange may be possible during this time.
  • Sectors such as Police, Navy, and Military may witness fine results during this transit.
  • There may be a good boost in financial sectors and the money market will be fine during this transit.
  • Trade will be picking up globally during this transit.

Impact of Mars Transit on Individuals

  • Chances of promotion in a job may be possible for those who are waiting in the wings to secure the same.
  • Individuals doing business may be able to witness an increase in profits during this transit.
  • Partnership business may also be fine resulting in increase in profits among individuals.
  • Auspicious occasions like marriage may be possible among individuals during this transit.
  • The natives may be having more interest in spiritual matters during this transit.

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Mars Transit in Pisces: Favorable-Unfavorable for Which Signs?



During this transit, you will be in a comfortable position with respect to gaining a good amount of money. There may be fine chances with respect to new career openings and such openings may give you a fine edge to fulfill your desires. You may be able to gain new friends and associates, who may guide you in times of need. You may get good opportunities with respect to foriegn travel assignments and such things may be promoting your interests.


This transit will be good for you in terms of earning a good amount of money and savings also. If you are in business, you may get good chances of amassing fine profits, and thereby, venturing into partnership will be most suitable. You may be able to achieve even impossible tasks with ease. Pursuing major investment decisions during this transit could be better for you and it will be beneficial to promote your interests. During this time, you may be able to gain via loans and inheritance, which may satisfy your needs.


You will find this transit to be a developing one. Any major decision that you may wish to pursue this time will materialize easily be it with respect to career or finances. You may be getting chances to travel abroad with respect to your career. On the personal side, you may get support from your siblings and they may render you help in times of need. During this transit, you will be able to gain good money and save also.



During this transit, you may need to take care in handling money as there may be chances for loss of money due to negligence. On the career front, you may have chances of facing certain sebacks in the form of job pressure that may bother you. If you are into business, then you may not be able to secure enough profits this time and due to this, taking major decisions with respect to business may not be fine this time. Health care is also essential as there may be chances for headache and pain in legs. Losing patience this time will be easily possible for you and you may stick to patience and empower yourself to become more positive.


During this transit, you may need to take care of your health as there may be chances for eye related infections. You may be possessing some unknown sense of fear which you need to avoid. Wise planning is essential on your side in taking major decisions like new investments etc. You may get emotional and excited easily during this time. You may be deprived of luck this time and due to this, you may be losing many new opportunities and particularly with respect to your career. There may be chances for you to lose money due to negligence which you may need to take care of.


During this time, you may not be able to maintain a good relationship with your life partner and there may be a lack of understanding which may result in less happiness. Communication needs to be checked on your part which may lead to some emotional imbalance. Financially, you may be facing problems due to more expenses. If you are doing business, then you may need to be careful in handling your business dealings to ensure stability and profits with respect to the same. 

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Remedies to Enhance the Benefic Influence of Mars During this Period

  • Light oil lamp for Lord Narasimha on Tuesdays.
  • Chant “Om Bhaumaya Namah” daily 27 times.
  • Observe fast on Tuesdays.
  • Offer food to poor people on Tuesdays.
  • Chant the ancient text of Hanuman Chalisa on Tuesday.
  • Chant ‘Om Bhumi Putraya Namaha’ daily 108 times.

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