Mars Transit In Gemini With Saturn On October 16: The Rise Of Shadashtak Yoga!

Mars Transit In Gemini: Mars, who is seen as the Planet’s leader, is seen as a source of power and strength. Those who lack the ability to sway their goals, plans, strategies, and decisions of all varieties want you to succeed. In addition, Mars also controls a person’s hostility and rage. 

Mars Impact On Horoscope

Mars’ influence has an impact on a person’s courage, energy, and self-confidence. If Mars is strongly placed in the horoscope in such a condition, the individual is able to deal with any problems that arise in his life in a warrior-like manner. Mars, being powerful, grants the native triumph over his adversaries, and such a person appears ready to fulfill every duty with energy and violence.

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On the other hand, if Mars is weak or weak in a person’s horoscope, it might lead to a lot of issues in that person’s life. With these people, there is a great chance that an accident will occur for some reason. On the other hand, if a person has Manglik Dosh, or Mars afflicted, in his birth chart, he may experience numerous issues in married life as well as a delay in getting married as a result. The ill Mars might increase the native’s enemies as well as the burden of any legal proceedings or debts pertaining to real estate.

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Mars In Astrology

The placement of Mars, which is naturally hotter than other planets and belongs to the fire element, is the most crucial of all the planets. Aries and Scorpio are the zodiac signs that are controlled by the planet Mars. Its lower sign is Cancer, while its higher sign is Capricorn. The Sun and Moon are Mars’ friendly planets, according to the theory of planetary friendship. Mercury, on the other hand, is Mars’s hostile planet.

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Transit Duration In Mars

Mars Planet moves from one zodiac to the next in roughly 45 days. Mars will once more leave the sign of Taurus on October 16, 2022, at 12:04 p.m. on Sunday, and enter the second sign. Mars is the planet of energy, the elder brother, earth-land, power, courage, might, anger, valor, etc. where their adversary planet Mercury will enter the sign of Gemini. Mars’ arrival into Gemini will bring about changes in this situation, and people of all zodiac signs will be impacted by this transit.  

Let’s now consider the impact of this unique Mars transit on each sign of the zodiac.

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  • These 5 Signs Will Be Impacted By This Transit!
  1. Aries: Mars will be in the third house of your zodiac throughout this transit. Mars will therefore bring about great improvements in your life. You’ll develop a lot of patience and bravery at this point, and with their assistance, you’ll be able to resolve any issues you were having with making decisions. Senior executives would much appreciate you if they notice your enthusiasm and dedication at work. However, it is still advised that you maintain appropriate interpersonal communication when managing your anger at work, since playful banter with coworkers will just add to your mental stress.
  2. Leo: The eleventh house of your zodiac will be the place of this Mars transit. This Mars transit in the eleventh house, or the house of profit, will work to your advantage in such a situation. Maximum financial progress will occur during this time, and you will be seen completing any outstanding obligations. You’ll feel refreshed at work thanks to Mars’ influence. Additionally, you will appear to be quite content with your marriage. 

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  1. Virgo: The tenth house of the Virgo zodiac will be where Mars will transit. Mars’s influence will therefore cause you to have success in your job. Due to significant financial gains, you can intend to purchase vehicles and real estate. Even in your career, things will go your way, and you’ll meet your responsibilities for each job by motivating yourself. 
  2. Capricorn: You will have success as a result of this Mars transit because it will be in your zodiac’s sixth house. You will finally be able to defeat your office competitors at this point. You will also be able to achieve better in the sphere of education because you have a high level of competitive spirit. If you are involved in business, this is the time to make all significant decisions. 
  3. Pisces: Mars will make a transit out of your fourth house of happiness. Your chances of experiencing financial success will rise as a result. Along with this, any moveable or immovable item or property will bring in additional revenue for you. Business owners will also receive assistance in growing their enterprises. Additionally, throughout this time, your family members will support you in your family life. Additionally, married people will be able to experience marital satisfaction with their spouse.

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  • Adverse Impact Of This Transit On These 4 Signs
  1. Gemini: Mars is in your first house, or zodiac sign, during its transit. Your personality and nature could become more aggressive in this situation as a result of this transit. Making any judgments right now in a rush will just make things worse. Therefore, it would be wiser for you to make any decisions after giving them careful thought. Some natives may argue with their spouse due to their increased zeal and passion. As a result, you will need to make the appropriate changes for your personality.
  2. Libra: Mars will move through Libra’s tenth house at this time. The transit of Mars in this house during such situations can cause the biggest issues with your health and finances. It is possible for employed people to be transferred at work, which would force them to leave their home country. Entrepreneurs may also find it challenging to make investments at this time. because they appear to be suffering a significant loss.
  3. Scorpio: Lord Mars is moving in your eighth house of the zodiac at this time. You run the risk of running into a variety of difficulties at this point. You might not be able to do any task at work on time, which will put extra pressure on you to finish it and raise the likelihood that you’ll make a mistake. Businesspeople will also seem dissatisfied with their effectiveness, and as a result, some people may opt to drastically alter their company.
  4. Sagittarius: On October 16, as it transits through your zodiac sign, Mars will move into the seventh house of marriage. Most married people can experience issues as a result. Because Mars will make you more angry during this time, there’s a chance you can have a major argument with your spouse as a result. This transit may also postpone your marriage if you are unmarried or planning to get married.

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Simple Remedies To Remove The Negative Impact Of Mars 

  • Each Tuesday, devotees worship Lord Narasimha ji by listening to or reading the story of his incarnation.
  • Every day, recite “Om Bhaumay Namah”, the Beej Mantra of Mars.
  • Every Tuesday, observe the fast and go to the Hanuman ji shrine.
  • Donate shoes and slippers to those in need if you can.
  • You should also recite the Bajrang Baan or the Shri Hanuman Chalisa.
  • Feed bananas to monkeys.
  • Worship Lord Kartikeya.
  • Donate red lentils, sugar, fennel, Lentils, wheat, red kaner flowers, copper kitchenware, jaggery, etc to the needy people.
  • Get assistance from our Astrology Experts  via call or chat to get rid of any form of Manglik Dosha. 
  • According to the regulations, wearing a Coral Gemstone will also be beneficial for you.
  • Chant “Om Namah Shivay,” the Panchakshari Mantra of Mahadev, at least 108 times every day.
  • Install a Mangal Yantra at your home or office in accordance with the law to boost your career.  

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