Mars Transit in Capricorn: Two Yogas Bring Luck To These 5 Zodiacs!

Mars transit in Capricorn: In this blog by AstroSage, we are going to talk about the 2 very prominent forming due to the Mars transit in Capricorn and we are also going to disclose about the zodiacs that will get lucky because of the yogas. Apart from this, we are also going to inform you about the great yet simple method to avoid the ill effects of Mars. So, without further ado, let’s move on and find out about these yogas and astrological measures in detail. To get the complete information, stick with this blog till the end. 

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The transit of Mars in Capricorn is always considered very important as Mars is a planet of ambition and extreme might. Energy, brother, land, strength, courage and the son of Earth, Mars has ended its journey in Sagittarius and entered Capricorn on 5th February at 09:07 pm. It will transit in this zodiac sign till 15th March, after which it will enter Aquarius. With the Mars transit, two pious yogas have been formed in the Capricorn zodiac sign namely, Ruchaka Rajyoga and Aditya Mangal Yoga. And, as a result of this yoga, many zodiacs will notice great outcomes in life. So, come, let’s unveil those 5 zodiac signs out of 12 who are going to get the complete support of luck. 

Mars transit in Capricorn: How Are Ruchaka Yoga And Aditya Mangal Yoga Formed?

Ruchaka Rajyoga is considered one of the Panchmahapurusha Yoga. This Rajyoga is formed when Mars is present in the Capricorn sign or its own sign Aries or Scorpio. The natives who have Ruchaka Rajyoga in their birth chart are very courageous and neither come under any pressure nor do any work under pressure. Wherever these people are, they get a lot of respect. They live their life with grandeur like a king. 

Now, talking about Aditya Mangal yoga, in Vedic astrology, the Sun is known as Aditya because Mars will be exalted in the Capricorn zodiac sign. Along with this, due to the Mars transit in Capricorn, Sun and Jupiter will conjugate, creating Aditya Mangal yoga. Because of this yoga, some zodiacs natives will witness a positive change in their life. The impact of Aditya Mangal yoga in Capricorn will be very fortunate during this period and there are chances that the wishes of the natives can get fulfilled too. 

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Mars transit in Capricorn: These 5 Zodiacs Will Get Great Results 


For the Aries natives, Mars is the ruling lord of the 1st and 8th house, which showcases personality and the sudden profit or loss. Mars is already positioned in your 10th house on 5th February and the 10th house is the house of recognition and fame. The 2 auspicious yogas forming in Capricorn are going to give you a lot of blessings. You will progress rapidly in your career and will touch new heights. 

There are chances of promotion or increment in your salary and your income will increase as well. Your seniors will praise you a lot and will put your proposals or opinions on top. If you are thinking of buying a house, flat, or property then this period is good to fulfill your wish. The people who are involved in the real estate business can earn handsome money. Apart from that, Mars can also give you the opportunity and happiness to buy a vehicle. The natives who are involved in their business can expect profit and successful achievement of goals in their business. 

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Mars is the ruling lord of the 5th and 10th house of the Cancer natives. The 10th house portrays career and fame. Mars transit in Capricorn will happen in your 7th house and because it is the house dedicated to marriage and partnership so during this period, you will make good progress in your marriage life. You will come close to your partner and will spend precious time with each other. There are chances that you may invest in a property with your partner which will be fruitful for you. During this period, your relationship will move ahead positively and this time is dedicated and best for strengthening your relationship with your partner. You will also accomplish your goal of earning money and will live a stable life.

There is no shortage of money during this period. If you want to buy a property or make an investment then this is a great time for that. Your impact and importance will be enhanced at your workplace. The employed people will witness an increase in their salary and there are even chances of getting a promotion. For the natives who are looking for a job, this time is good for them and their efforts will be successful. Now, the natives who are associated with the sports industry, their performance will be better and they will get respect in their field.

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Mars owns the 2nd and 7th house of the Libra natives and it moved to your 4th house on 5th February. This house is the representative of the mother, property, vehicle, house, etc. The 2nd house showcases family and financial prosperity and the 7th house portrays marriage and partnership in your birth chart. The 2 pious yoga forms in the Capricorn zodiac are asking you to be a bit careful because there are chances that you and your partner might get involved in an argument. 

Nevertheless, this is a great time to make your career and you will make rapid growth in your career. You will get the support of your seniors and colleagues at your workplace. With your passion and excitement, you will even be able to complete your stork work and will be able to accomplish your goals as well. Your willpower will be strong during this time. You will get rewarded and a promotion based on your hard work and constant effort. Based on your hard work, you will get many positive results in life. This time will prove to be especially beneficial for people associated with medicine and mainly surgery. The natives related to this field can benefit from sudden money gains as well. 

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For the Scorpio natives, the Lord Mars is lord of the 1st and 6th house which has now moved to the 3rd house. This house represents short trips, siblings, neighbors, etc. Because of the 2 pious yoga formations, you will get progress in your career whether you are a job person or run your business. You will be able to make brave decisions in matters related to your career and income. Your efforts to change your job will be successful. If your promotion is stuck at your workplace then there are chances of one now. With getting an authoritative position, you may also get new responsibilities.

You can get the happiness of a house or a property during this time. The natives whose business is related to the farmer or agricultural field will get a fortunate profit this year. You may even earn money through investment as well. Apart from this, your courage and power will increase. Now, from the health perspective, you are going to remain healthy and will also feel fit. However, you are recommended to add yoga and exercise in your daily routine. 


Now, Mars is the ruling lord of the 4th and 11th house for the Capricorn natives which now has moved to your 1st house representing personality. The 4th house in the birth chart portrays comfort, luxury, and happiness whereas the 11th house belongs to materialism and desires. The 2 pious yoga that is forming in Capricorn will result in the natives’ success in various aspects of life. They will also become introspective and will be filled with passion and energy but they need to use their potential in the positive direction as it will result in immense progress.

Mars transit in Capricorn will affect your job and you may get a new responsibility which will help grow your career. You are satisfied during this period. If you are related to the world of Army, Police, or Sports, then you will make great progress in your career and this time is completely in your favor. You will perform very well in competitions and studies. Also, you will be able to earn and save money. 

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Mars transit in Capricorn: Astrological Remedies To Avoid The Ill Effects of Mars 

  • For the positive and auspicious impact of Mars, you should keep a fast on Tuesday and worship Hanuman Ji. You should recite Hanuman Chalisa as it will be very fruitful. 
  • Offer Laal Sindoor and Jasmine oil to Hanuman ji on Tuesday. 
  • Every Tuesday, you should donate copper, red clothes, red sandalwood, red flowers, or lentils to reduce the negative impacts of Mars. 
  • To reduce the ill effects of Mars, you should worship Lord Shiva and Lord Kartikeya as it will also prove fruitful. 
  • Chant Mahamrityunjaya Mantra of Lord Shiva, it can also reduce the negative effects of Mars. 

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