Mars Transit In Cancer: Planet Of Desire Enters Zodiac Sign Of Nurture!

Mars Transit In Cancer: In our lives every planet plays an extensive and profound role. Their movements are significant and are very well interpreted through the art of astrology. One of the major planets that plays a vital role in Vedic astrology is Mars. It is known to be the harbinger of courage, passion, action, desire, and forwardness. So, the planet of energy and boldness, Mars will transit in the zodiac sign of compassion and healing Cancer.

This planetary movement will affect all the 12 zodiac signs, for some the effects will be positive and yet for some the effects might be differing. So, with the help of this blog you will be able to thoroughly understand the effects this celestial motion will have on all zodiac signs, facts about the red planet Mars, and the effective and simple remedies all the natives can follow to stay away from the ill and negative effects of Mars. 

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Transits among other important planetary states are prominent and impact all our lives and its different spheres as well. The planets transit from one zodiac to another and their movements can be used to explain the effects we get in our day-to-day lives. Many facets are controlled by planets as each of them have different and vital qualities and through their effects we come across progressive and life-altering changes.

Mars, which is known to be a fiery planet which blesses the natives with determination, strength, and agility will transit in the zodiac sign of Cancer, and through this blog we will gain all the relevant insights into this amazing movement. So, let’s learn more and commence with our happy reading!

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Mars Transit In Cancer: Date & Time

The planet of strength and determination, Mars will transit in the zodiac sign of support and nurture, Cancer on 10th May 2023, Wednesday at 1:44 pm. The zodiac sign of Cancer is ruled by the Moon and with Mars it shares cordial relationships. Let’s take a detailed look at this celestial motion!

Mars Transit In Cancer: Outcomes For Crab Natives

The fiery planet Mars is a Yogakaraka planet for the natives of Cancer and with that, it rules over their fifth and tenth houses. The descendant sign of Mars is Cancer and through this transit the health of Cancer natives might get affected. They might come across health issues like anemia, blood pressure, and hemoglobin issues. During Mars Transit In Cancer, the Crab natives might also face problems in their interpersonal relationships, as issues in their temperament could be there. So, it will be better to understand yourself,  before you say anything. From a viewpoint of finance, you will attain great results and you will see a rise in your income and your position in your job will improve. Positive effects of this transit will be on all Crab students as well!

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Knowing Mars Through The Lens Of Astrology

The red planet Mars is known by many different names and some of them are Mangala, Lohita (Red One), Kuja (one who is born from Earth), Sevvai, Raktavarna (one who possesses red color like blood), and Bhauma (Son of Earth). As a deity he is shown as a flamed red God who holds a trident, spear, lotus, and a mace. Each of these things in his four hands. 

His mount is Ram, and the day given to him in the week is Tuesday. This planet is cardinal-colored and has friendly relations with the Sun, Moon, and Jupiter and with Mercury it shares animosity. Mars is a commanding and a planet of authority and it rules over three Nakshatras and they are Mrigashira Nakshatra, Chitra Nakshatra, and Dhanishta Nakshatra. To transit from one zodiac sign to another Mars takes 45 days. The  gemstone which is dedicated to this planet and deity is Red Coral (Moonga). 

The two zodiac signs on which its lordship resides are Aries and Scorpio. The exalted zodiac sign of Mars is Capricorn and similarly its debilitated zodiac sign is Cancer, as we have read above. The red planet is small but fierce in nature and scientifically it has been made up of Nitrogen, Argon, and Carbon Dioxide. Mars has two Moons of its own and they are called Phobos and Deimos. It’s a planet with sturdy and terrestrial land. 

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Benefits Of A Strong Mars In Horoscope

We all are well aware of this fact that both positive and negative effects are given by all the planets, and they significantly alter our lives. So, below are some of the qualities that natives with a strong Mars hold: 


When natives have a strong Mars in their horoscopes, they become ambitious. They are able to progress in their fields with vigor and determination as this planet denotes strength and drive. 

Ability To Organize:

A Mars in a position of strength and authority bestows the natives with high abilities to organize and structure. Such natives are able to command themselves and others with less effort as it comes naturally to them. 

Physical Flair:

When the red and the fiery planet, Mars is in an authoritative position in one’s horoscope it tends to give them distinctive physical features. Individuals will be well-built, possessing tall heights, with fair skin and red complexion. 


Our senses are controlled by Mars and when it is in a positive position, one of the most revered qualities it grants the natives is determination. With this quality, the natives are able to overcome any challenges and are able to find progress in all areas of life. 

Leadership Qualities:

It is said that many warriors, pioneers, leaders, and explorers were blessed by Mars, and it blesses the natives with self-confidence, endurance, and the ability to always lead. Such natives don’t follow orders; they rather lead and are able to achieve their targets as well. 

Malefic Effects Of A Feeble Mars In Horoscope

Mars when it comes in a state of weakness or when is not strengthened in one’s horoscope, tends to give the below-mentioned negative effects: 


The natives come across temperament issues when this strong planet is in a weak state. They will be aggressive and violent and won’t hesitate to start a fight. 


Mangala, is also called the Commander In Chief for brother and landed property, and when this planet loses its strength then the natives come across impulsive behaviors. Things tend to get out of their control quickly. 


The natives who do not possess a strong Mars in their horoscope, are often lavish, and over confident. These natives become reckless, rash, and furious. 

Health Issues: 

The health issues that Mars governs are measles, mumps, inflammatory issues, burns,  hemorrhage typhoid, malaria, tumor, bleeding, wounds, cuts, smallpox, and tetanus. So, a weak state of Mars might make natives suffer from these health issues. 

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Potent Remedies To Attract Blessings Of Mangala

In astrology there are simple yet effective remedies given, through them you can wipe out the negative effects of the planet, Mars. We have brought some for you, so make sure to follow:

  • In order to attain blessings of Mars one should worship Lord Kartikeya and Lord Hanuman. One can recite their Mantras which are, Lord Hanuman: “Om Ham Hanumate Namah” and Lord Kartikeya: “Om Saravanabhavaya Namah”
  • One should also recite the Kartikeya Stotra or Hanuman Chalisa, to receive blessings of Mars. 
  • To attain the positive effects of Mars the natives can also wear 3-faced, 11-faced, or 13-faced Rudraksha
  • You can observe fast on Tuesday and should also donate red lentils, copper vessels, jaggery, coral, wheat, and fennel. 
  • The Gemstone assigned to the red planet Mars is Red Coral, so one can wear that, but before wearing any type of stone it will be beneficial for you to consult an expert astrologer. 
  • Lord Hanuman should be offered sweet betel leaves or bananas, if you want blessings of Mars. 
  • You can also install and worship Mars Yantra

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