Mars Transit In Aries Could Create Havoc In Love Life Of 4 Zodiacs

Mars will transit in its own sign of Aries at 03:27 PM on June 01, 2024. On July 12, Mars will enter Taurus following this. Due to Mars transit in Aries, interesting Yogas are also forming. In addition to being the planet that rules Aries, Mars also rules Scorpio.

When Mars moves into its own sign, its influence increases. Given that it is in the heart of its natural sign—the most powerful position for Mars—this will also result in an intriguing form of yoga.

There could be ups and downs in some zodiac signs’ love lives as a result of this Mars transit, which will have both positive and negative influences on each sign’s life. We go into great detail in this blog about which signs of the zodiac are most likely to experience issues in their romantic lives as Mars enters Aries.

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Mars Transit In Aries Could Spoil Love Life Of 4 Zodiacs 


Mars will transit in your twelfth house in Aries, which is the house where it will be lord for Taurus. You and your spouse may have unnecessary conflicts during this period. It’s also possible that you two don’t communicate well or work together. As such, there may be a problematic atmosphere in the husband and wife’s relationship.

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Since Mars rules the third and eighth houses for Virgo, the transit of Mars in Aries will fall within your eighth house. You are advised to keep patience at this time. Relationship-wise, you and your partner might run into unnecessary troubles. This could lead to a negative relationship between you both. You should make an effort to keep your relationship in sync.

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As the lord of the second and seventh houses in Libra, Mars will be entering your seventh house during this transit. You could have to deal with setbacks in your house life. Additionally, this is a bad period for husband and wife relationships. Making decisions related to marriage will require you to exercise greater caution. There could be less love between a husband and wife. Your married life and your romantic relationship will suffer as a result of this transit.

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Mars is the lord of the fourth and eleventh houses for Capricorn, and it will enter your fourth house during this transit. Problems may arise in your family during this transit period. The detrimental effect it has on your relationship will also be apparent. You and your partner might be having an argument.

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Mars Planet Impact 

Happiness and prosperity enter a person’s life when Mars has a strong place in their Horoscope. The individual’s leadership abilities grow, and he succeeds in fields associated with Mars. A person born under the sign of Mars is brave, diligent, and passionate.

Additionally, the individual is prone to digestive system issues if Mars is weak or in an unfavorable position. Problems can arise from consuming hot and spicy food. The person experiences emotional weakness. Marriage is delayed by a weak Mars. The metabolism of these people also remains weak. These people experience jealousy and a rise in ego. They get tired very quickly.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Ques. What are the signs of weak Mars?

Ans. There is always a property dispute.

Ques. When Mars become inauspicious? 

Ans. The Mangal Dosha forms in the 1st, 4th, 7th and 8th house in the horoscope. 

Ques. Which factor Mars is responsible for?

Ans. Mars is the factor of courage and bravery. 

Ques. How to appease Mars? 

Ans. Worship the Mangal Yantra.

Ques. Which God rules the Mars?

Ans. Lord Hanuman is the Lord of Mars.

Ques. What should be done to pacify Mars? 

Ans. You can wear Coral Gemstone. 

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