Mars Transit In Aries: Potential Job Loss & Challenges For These Zodiacs!

Mars Transit In Aries: On 01 June 2024, Mars transit in the Aries zodiac sign at 03:27 pm. Mars will stay in the zodiac sign for 42 days and on July 12, it will enter the Taurus zodiac. This results in the creation of interesting yogas that affect the natives of all zodiac signs. 

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The effects of Mars transit bring ups and downs in the lives of people. Similarly, natives of some zodiac signs face different challenges in their careers. This AstroSage blog contains accurate details on the list of zodiac signs whose natives should be careful with their careers. 

Mars Transit In Aries – These Zodiac Signs Will Face Challenges In Careers 


Mars is the lord of the seventh and twelfth house for the Taurus natives. This time Mars will transit in the twelfth house and it affects the careers of people adversely. Luck will not favor them in the successful competition of various activities. Their reputation at the workplace will decrease hugely and the time will prove a bit harsh for the Taurus natives. 

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Mars is the lord of the third and eighth house for the Virgo natives. This time Mercury will transit in the eighth house and it will result in obstacles in their development. They need to make the right efforts towards it. Keeping patience in the career growth will be beneficial for the Virgo natives. There are chances of travel in connection to your work. The job pressure on Virgo natives also increases due to it. 

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Mars is the lord of the second and seventh house for the Libra natives. This time Mars will transit in the seventh house and create troubles in the careers of people. Their hard work can be ignored and there are chances of not getting proper recognition. 

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Mars is the lord of the fourth and eleventh house of the Capricorn natives. This time Mars will transit in the fourth house of the Capricorn natives and thus it can be problematic for their careers. As Mars transits into Aries, the comfort levels of people will be reduced. The work pressure in their job will increase and they will feel less satisfied in their careers. 

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Different Ways To Make Planet Mars Happy 

  • People should wear red colored clothes to please Mars and get its blessings. 
  • Respect your motherland and soldiers. 
  • Try to maintain good relations with friends, siblings, and in-laws. 
  • On Tuesday, don’t lend or borrow money from anyone. 
  • People need to worship Hanuman Ji to please planet Mars. They can also worship Lord Narasimha. 
  • Recite Sunderkand. 
  • On Tuesday, keep a fast and donate the right things related to Mars to please the planet. 

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Q1. How many days will Mars transit last?

Ans. The Mars transit will last for 45 days. 

Q2. What is Mars responsible for?

Ans. Mars is the factor of land, courage, and bravery. 

Q3. When will the Mars transit in Aries end?

Ans. Mars transit in Aries will continue till 12 July 2024.

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