Mars Transit In Aries: These Zodiacs’ Hospital Visits Increase

At 03:27 PM on June 01, Mars will enter Aries. This transit of Mars will have varied effects on all the zodiac signs. While some zodiac signs will experience unfavorable impacts at this time, some people will benefit from this transit. There’s a chance that some zodiac sign people’s health will decline as Mars enters Aries.

Mars is the ruling planet of Aries, and during its transit into its own sign, it gains strength. Mars rules Scorpio, with the exception of Aries. Mars is forming its most powerful yoga, Ruchaka Yoga, during this transit as it is in the central position of its natural sign.

Now let’s find out which signs of the zodiac are most likely to see a decline in their health as Mars enters Aries.

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Taurus Mars will be transiting your twelfth house, Taurus. Mars is the lord of your seventh and twelfth houses. Taurus zodiac signs should take extra care of their health at this time. You might experience some eye-related issues during this time. Furthermore, you can get eye pain. You can experience toothaches in addition to this.

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Mercury is the sign of Virgo‘s ruling planet, and Mars is the ruler of this sign’s third and eighth houses. Mars will now transit through your eighth house. During this transit, you should take extra precautions to protect your eyes. You have to get your eyes examined. You could complain of having a burning feeling in your eyes. Never ignore an eye-related issue.

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Venus is Libra‘s ruling planet, and Mars is the ruler of this sign’s second and seventh houses. Mars will now move into your seventh house. In terms of their health, those born under the sign of Libra are prone to headaches and migraines during this period. It would be preferable if you started getting ready to defend yourself against them in advance. 

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Mars is likely to move into your fourth house. Mars is the lord of the fourth and eleventh houses in Capricorn. This is going to be a period of slightly weakened immunity. There won’t be time for you to relax. You should pay attention to your mother’s medical needs as well. The cost of treating them could be very high.

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Significance Of Mars In Astrology

According to Vedic astrology, Mars is a warrior and bravery symbol. In addition, he now holds the rank of planet commander. It is a powerful and energetic planet. In addition, Mars is regarded as the element of aggressiveness, boldness, and courage. When Mars is in an unfavorable position, a person may become more courageous; nevertheless, they may also become more irrational. He begins to lose his temper over little matters or during every conversation.

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Mars Impact On Aries

Mars is a superpower to those born under the sign of Aries. It gives the person bravery and vigor. It gives the Aries people strength and determination and is also known as the God of War. Mars is the governing planet of Aries. Due to the influence of Mars, Aries people are ready to give their best.

Aries individuals are brave because of Mars. They constantly defend others as well as themselves and are unafraid of challenges. Mars inspires them to follow through on their lofty aspirations, which are usually big. People in Aries want to work independently, and Mars encourages them to take charge and make independent judgments. People in Aries enjoy working on projects of their own choosing, and Mars gives them greater motivation to follow their passions.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Ques: What signs indicate that Mars is weakening?

Ans. The person might suffer from blood related diseases.

Ques: What illnesses is Mars responsible for causing?

Ans. Due to Mars, BP, throat disease, urinary disease, piles etc. may occur.

Question: What planet makes you itch?

Ans. Mercury is considered to be the factor of skin. This also causes itching.

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