Mars To Enter Its Own Sign: Be Ready For Major Life Changes!

In this blog, we will discuss Mars transit in Aries in its own sign, and this blog is a curtain-raiser to the same. Mars is set to transit on June 27,2022 at 5.39 AM. Since Mars is transiting in its own sign, this movement of Mars is going to be a very important one. Mars also combines with Rahu and this indicates more determination and passion.

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Mars Transit in Aries

Aries is a sign owned by Mars and it is the first sign of the natural zodiac. Here, Mars is going to be placed directly in its own sign. When any planet is moving in its own ruling sign, it is deemed to confer excellent results. But, here it is combined with Rahu and due to this, results may vary little in terms of relationship. Health may be a concern. Otherwise, this transit may be fine for taking major decisions, prosperity in career and money flow may be possible. But nothing adverse will happen. This transit of Mars in Aries denotes more success after taking hard efforts. During this transit of Mars, the native will be determined to be fast and make quick decisions for their future. Also, on the other side, the natives will need to take care of his/her health. 

Further, the natives will get positive or negative results depending upon the position of Mars in his/her horoscope. 

Impact of Mars in Aries on Natives

  • Natives will be able to do well in their career and secure promotion.
  • Natives who are in search of government jobs and public sector jobs may stand a good chance of securing the same.
  • Gaining and saving a good amount of money may be possible for these natives during this transit.
  • Natives who are engaged in sports activities may be able to excel during this transit.
  • Gaining extra money via loans and inheritance may be possible for these natives during this transit. 
  • On the other side, health care is required for these natives as they may be prone to hypertension and headaches. Doing meditation may be fine.

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Impact Of Mars in Aries On India-World

  • There will be good chances of high prosperity globally due to the transit.
  • Stability in money flow may be possible in India and the world.
  • Relationship between India and the World during this transit will be fine.
  • Good economic policies will be formulated by the government of India.
  • There will be good bilateral ties between India and the world.
  • Harmony may be possible globally generally as a whole.

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Cancer- Natives during this transit may be able to do well in their profession and gain immense success. They will be in a position to gain new job chances which will give them confidence. Natives during this transit may get good recognition for their hard work and dedication. Those who are trying for government jobs have a fine chance of securing the same during this transit.  Money flow may be fine for these natives during this transit and the scope for savings may also be good. Gaining more confidence during this transit may be possible for these natives. Natives may get a good chance of getting a promotion for their hard work during this transit.

Gemini- Natives during this transit can do this transit in such a way that they will be able to fulfill their wishes. Efforts that they pursue will yield flexible results in their own way. Money flow may be fine during this transit and scope for gaining extra money in the form of loans and inheritances may be present. Overall happiness may be possible for these natives during this time and due to this fitness may be good. Even tough tasks the natives may be able to fulfill during this time with ease and determination.

Aquarius– Natives will be able to meet with success in their development due to self efforts. Particularly, natives during this transit may be able to shine well in their career. More travel may be present for the native during this time and such travel may be for career-oriented purposes. New changes may also be possible in their careers.  On the personal front,the natives may be able to get good support from their siblings and may be able to achieve several remarkable things.

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Taurus-  Natives during this transit may face relationship problems with their life partner due to lack of adjustment and ego related issues in the family.  It may be essential for the natives to accommodate themselves into a friendly mode in relationship and thereby ensure happiness in their mission or else unwanted small issues may arise and may jeopardize happiness. Natives who are doing business need to be careful during this transit as there may be chances for loss and issues in business partnership.  

Virgo- Natives during this transit may be facing obstacles in the efforts that they are taking. Lack of development may be possible for the natives and due to this, natives may be losing confidence. Some sense of unknown fear and insecure feelings may be possible during this course of time for these natives, which they need to avoid. Chances for money loss may be possible during the course of time while traveling and therefore it is essential for you to be careful and avoid long distance traveling. Natives need to take care of their health and particularly their eyes. 

Libra- Natives during this transit may be having money problems with more expenses in the picture. If they are in business, they may be facing problems with their partner and therefore it is essential to take some positive steps to maintain stability in business and thereby to witness profits. Health care is essential during this transit and particularly with respect to eyes. Chances for headache may be present for these natives.

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Remedies to Enhance the Benefic Influence of Mars During this Period

  • Chant “Om Bhoumaya Namah” daily 27 times.
  • Do Havan for Mars on Tuesday.
  • Donate food to handicapped people on Tuesday.
  • Chant ”Om Kraam Kreem Kraum Sahah Bhaumaya Namah ” daily 11 times.
  • Worship Hanuman daily.

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