Mars Enters Own Sign: Brings Disturbance In Natives’ Lives, Know Remedies!

In Astrology, Planet Mars has a huge significance and this important planet will soon transit in Aries on 27 June. With this transit of Mars, there are possibilities of disturbance in the native lives and there are some natives who have a positive impact of this transit on the native life. 

Which zodiac signs need to be cautious and to which zodiac sign everything is going to be auspicious because of transit? Read our special blog and find out!

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Mars Transit: Date & Timing 

Mars, the responsible planet for Land, Army, Courage, and Energy will move from Pisces on 27 June 2022, Monday, at 5:39 and will enter Aries. Here the important thing to note is because Aries is owned by Mars as well as the sign of fire element and Mars itself belongs to a Fire element, that is why this Mars transit in Aries is considered very important in many ways.

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Impacts of Mars in Aries 

Now, if we talk about the impact of Mars in Aries then the natives believe in working more than just talking about it. They get angry very quickly and their anger gets pacified there and then. They do not regret the mistakes done in the past. However, they believe in not repeating these mistakes.

These natives do not take quick decisions; they take every decision very carefully. Moreover, these natives always hide their feelings from others, and sometimes their speech or voice and words can be very harsh which can hurt people.

Positive & Negative Impacts of Mars & Remedies

According to Astrology, Mars is considered to be a commander among all the planets. It is said that if Mars is kind to any person’s life then such people get good results from all around. 

However, due to weak, debilitated, or inauspicious Mars, one may have to face many difficulties in their life.

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In this state, the Astrologers recommend many Astrological remedies to eradicate the inauspicious impacts of Mars, let’s understand what are these astrological remedies:

  • On Tuesdays, offer a triangular and orange colored flag in Hanuman Temple 
  • Observe fast on Tuesdays and avoid consuming salt on this day.
  • Recite Sundar Kand.
  • Every morning, offer Arghya to Surya Dev (Sun) after bath.
  • Every Tuesday, you should worship Kartikeya Ji.

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Mars Transit In Own Sign: Impact & Remedies  


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