Mars Transit In Aries Brings Forgotten Love Back For 5 Zodiacs!

In Vedic Astrology, Mars is a fierce and courageous planet and now, this planet is going to enter its zodiac, Aries, on 1st June 2024 at 03:27 in the afternoon.  Mars will stay here in this zodiac till the 12th of July. and this transit will also create an interesting Yoga. 

Whenever a planet transits, its impact is visible on the different fields of the lives of all zodiacs. This Mars transit will impact the various aspects of one’s life in a unique manner. So,in this AstroSage blog, we are going to tell you about the zodiacs whose love life will be filled with happiness and prosperity due to the Mars transit in Aries.

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These Zodiacs Will Experience An Amazing Love Life 


Among the zodiacs whose love life is going to be amazing during Mars transit, Aries is the first one. Mars will move to your first house and it will leave a positive impact on your love life and marital life. The bond between you and your life partner will get stronger and both of you will make progress in the relationship. Overall, the Mars transit in Aries will bring happiness to your love relationships. 

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This transit will take place in the eleventh house of Gemini natives. During this period, the coordination and mutual understanding between the husband and wife will be very good. You and your life partner will try to understand each other better. Apart from this, you will get to spend some quality time with each other. You will be happy and satisfied regarding your love life in this period. 

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For the Cancer natives, Mars is the ruling lord of their fifth and tenth house and now the Mars transit in Aries will take place in their tenth house. There are chances of improvement in the relationship between you and your life partner. The relationship between the two of you will get stronger and both of you will stay happy with each other. You and your partner will feel connected in this relationship. 

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Mars is the ruling lord of the fourth and ninth house of the Leo zodiac. The Mars transit in Aries will take place in the ninth house. You will get to have a good time with your partner. This period will be favorable for your love life and marital life. You will be able to enjoy this period to the fullest. Also, your relationship with your spouse will strengthen.

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Mars is the ruling lord of the first and sixth house of the Scorpio zodiac and now, this transit will take place in the sixth house. You will be successful in setting up a mutual coordination with your partner. The understanding between the two of you will increase. You will be seen enjoying the love and affection of your spouse. Thus, this transit of Mars will prove auspicious for your love life. 

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For Pisces natives, Mars is the ruling lord of the second and ninth house and Mars will reside in their second house during this transit. During this period, the marital life of the natives will be filled with happiness. You will feel happy and satisfied in matters regarding your love life. You will set an example with your relationship. Love will increase between you and your life partner. 

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Impact Of Mars In Aries 

When Mars is in Aries, the native is able to express his feelings easily. They get filled with self-confidence and self-motivation. The decision-making ability of the natives becomes stronger. Courage and determination increase in them. They get more impulsive and vocal. Also, are able to influence others through their energy. 

The ruling lord of Aries is Mars. Apart from this, Mars also has ownership over Scorpio. The natives of this planet encourage them to fulfill their dreams and overcome obstacles. The way a native faces challenges depends upon Mars. 

Astrological Remedies To Impress Mars 

You can strengthen the position of Mars in your birth chart through the astrological remedies mentioned below; 

  • Recite Hanuman Chalisa on Tuesdays. 
  • To reduce the negative effects of Mars, you can place a Mangal Yantra at your house. 
  • Donate red-colored clothes, copper, Masoor Daal, and Batasha. 
  • To lessen the inauspicious effects of Mars, share a sweet with your brother. 
  • Donating blood is also a good option to lessen the negative influence of this planet. 
  • To strengthen Mars, you can also donate red-colored wood apple fruit. 
  • Plant a plant of red flowers in your home. 
  • Feed Gram Dal and jaggery to monkeys on Tuesdays. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

When does Mangal Dosha form?

When Mars is the second house, Mangal Dosha forms. 

What are the factors of Mars? 

Mars is the planet of courage and bravery. 

For how long has Mangal Dosha gone on? 

After the native turns 28, Mangal Dosha automatically disappears. 

How will we know that the position of Mars is weak in our birth chart? 

The natives who have a weak position of Mars in their birth chart get angry a lot and easily.

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