Mars Transit In Gemini Will Form Shadashtak Yoga; Know Impacts!

According to Vedic astrology, Mars is considered a very important part of our life as it is a very influential planet. Due to the presence of Mangal dosha in the horoscope, many obstacles start coming into the marriage of a person. On 16th October 2022 Mars is going to transit in its enemy sign Gemini. So what will be its effect on the natives? Also, what will be its impact on the country and the world? To know all this read this special blog of AstroSage based on Vedic astrology, which has been prepared by our learned astrologer after analyzing the movement and position of Mars.

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Impacts Of Mars In Gemini

Impacts on Gemini natives

  • Since Mars will transit in the sign of its enemy planet Gemini on 16th October, this transit will bring aggression like many natives.
  • Also, the effect of this transit on the Gemini natives can cause disturbance in their married life. Because during this time a dispute with your partner is possible due to anger.
  • Apart from this, Gemini is the third sign of the zodiac chart or Rashi chakra, and after Mars transits on 16th October, Gemini natives are likely to have arguments and arguments with their siblings.
  • Also, Mars transit in Gemini will bring an increase in your mental stress. In that case, it will be better for you to put them in the right direction without wasting your energy.

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Shadashtak Yoga of Mars-Saturn

  • With Mars transit in Gemini, “Shadashtak Yoga” will be formed between Saturn and Mars present in Capricorn.
  • According to Vedic astrology, when the distance between two planets is at the distance of the sixth and eighth houses from each other, then in this situation Shadashtak yoga is formed between those two planets.
  • In this situation, when Mars will transit in Gemini on 16th October, then Saturn will be in Capricorn. In this way, the position of Saturn from Mars in the eighth house and the position of Mars from Saturn in the sixth house will form Shadashtak yoga.
  • Both Saturn and Mars come under the category of malefic planets. Therefore, the formation of Shadashtak Yoga by Saturn-Mars is going to enhance the tamasic qualities in most people.
  • It is predicted that due to this yoga, people in some parts of the world will be troubled by some long and serious diseases.
  • At the same time, the increase in mental stress can be seen in the people of India as well.
  • Saturn is the benefactor of the construction work, while Mars is of energy, so because of the formation of this yoga between these two planets, many important plans of the country will be stopped in the middle.

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The Fourth aspect of Mars will be on Sun, Mercury & Venus

  • Since Sun and Venus are already present in Virgo along with Mercury and now on 16th October, Mars will also transit from Taurus to Gemini.
  • In such a situation, as soon as Mars transits in Gemini, its fourth aspect will fall on the three planets Sun-Mercury-Venus in Virgo.
  • Therefore students, lovers, and people associated with government jobs are going to be affected the most by this aspect of Mars.

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Effect of Mars transit on the stock market

  • Copper, gold, iron and other metals, energy, machinery, jaggery, coriander, turmeric, sugarcane, raisins, cloves, areca nut, grocery, red chilies, wine, lentils, and wheat are controlled by Mars only.
  • So, the transit of Mars, which is a sinful planet, in Gemini, which is a benevolent sign, will give positive growth in the stock market in the beginning.
  • But after due to the slow phase in the market, the bulls and bears are advised to take advantage of it in the beginning.

Effect of Mars on the country

  • India’s horoscope is of the Cancer sign, so due to the Mars transit in Gemini, Mars will enter the twelfth house according to the country’s horoscope.
  • As a result, there will be a lot of chaos in the politics of the country.
  • There is a possibility that some big leader may announce his retirement.
  • This Mars transit will make any deal or agreement between India with other countries.
  • The people of the country will be seen spending freely.

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