Mars To Transit In Capricorn Soon, Which Signs Must Remain Alert?

Mars is a planet for courage and determination. Without the strong position of planet Mars, one will not be brave enough to take quick decisions. If Mars is placed well in a horoscope, then he/she will be able to gain full control with what they are doing and such people will be good decision-makers.

The above article throws some light on the upcoming event when Mars moves to Capricorn on 26th February 2022 at 14.46. Let us see the Mars movement and its impact:

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Mars Transit in Capricorn: What to Expect?

Mars is said to move soon in Capricorn on February 26, 2022. Capricorn is a sign owned by Saturn and denotes that the entry of Mars may give chances to excel well in their career. Mars’ entry in Capricorn is all set to make he/she a good decision maker and have strong command over others. 

As Mars entry in Capricorn is happening in the tenth sign of the natural zodiac, there will be high growth and scope for new career opportunities in a broad manner. He/She may develop more keenness in career development and excel with respect to the same. During this phenomenon, more scope for new job chances will be possible. 

Impact Of Mars Transit On India and the World 

  • There will be chances for good administration to come into effect.
  • Gaining good profits may be possible.
  • Sectors such as Military, Army and Navy will be booming and a high level of development in these sectors will be possible.
  • Job opportunities will rise in public sectors, which will give lead to an increase in employment ratio.
  • Natives globally will become accustomed to the upcoming challenges in various sectors of life.
  • Relationships with the siblings will become better and chances of relationship blossoming among wedded couples may be possible.
  • When it comes to the world, development and growth in the business sector will take place for individuals who are doing business globally. 
  • New business set ups will come into effect around the world and globally.

Impact of Mars Transit on Individuals

  • Chances of promotion in a job may be possible for those who are waiting in the wings to secure the same.
  • New employment chances will be possible.
  • A lot of couples can get married in this duration.
  • There will be an increase in perks and other benefits for the individuals.

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Mars Transit in Capricorn: Favorable-Unfavorable for Which Signs?


Aries– You will be in a comfortable position during this time and will excel well in your career with respect to the same. There will be an increase in awareness with regard to your career. You will become a workaholic and strive to seize the initiative to succeed on a rapid note. During this time, money earning capacity will remain high and there will be good chances for promotion that you will face during this course of time.


During this time, you will be in a position to come out successful due to strong efforts being made by you and thereby you will be in a position to emerge as a successful person. You will be lucky enough to succeed in the job and chances for gaining promotion may be possible. You will be gaining good money in this period via loans and inheritance. There will be a general optimism within you which may make you gain complete control over activities.


During this time, you will be busy in succeeding with your attempts and hard work with ease. You will see benefits coming in a large scale for you. You will gain more in your career and development related to the same will be possible. New job chances that will enhance your monetary fortunes will be applicable. If you are in business, then you will be able to make good profits.



During this time, you need to plan and calculate your moves in such a way that you move on the appropriate path when it comes to decision making with respect to your money, career. If you are in business, then you should be careful weighing your options in making decisions, else you may be facing the situation of loss. At this point of time, it will be fine for you to avoid taking major decisions. You may lose patience during this time, which is why you need to cultivate and work on this.


This time may not be smooth for you to witness progressive results with respect to job and money flow. Even if you gain money, you may not be in a position to save as expenses will rise in a big manner. If you are in business, then you may not be able to meet with high profits. There may be some strains in the relationship that you will be facing with your life partner and due to this, harmony in the relationship may get weakened. There are possibilities for you to spend money on the health of your life partner.


Delays in getting the expected benefits in terms of money may be possible. You may need to take care of health as this is essential. There may be issues in the family that may create problems in relationships. You may be facing expenses in an increasing manner for your house and this may bother you.

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 Remedies to Enhance the Benefic Influence of Mars During this Period

  • Light oil lamp for Lord Narasimha on Tuesdays/Wednesdays.
  • Chant “Om Bhaumaya Namah” daily 27 times.
  • Observe fast on Tuesdays.
  • Offer food to poor people on Tuesdays.
  • Chant the ancient text of Hanuman Chalisa on Tuesday.

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