Mars Enters Capricorn! Which Zodiac Signs will be Affected?

On the 22nd of March this year, the red planet Mars will move out of Sagittarius and enter its exalted sign, Capricorn. This transit will take place on Sunday at 13:44 in the noon. Since, Capricorn is the exalted zodiac of Mars, its strength will increase to a great extent during its residency in this sign.

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 If we take Vedic astrology into consideration, then it mentions that there is a significant relevance of worshipping the planet Mars. It has been said that one can gain redemption from some excruciating loans, if he/she worships this particular planet with a devoted heart and mind.

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Usually astrology condemns Mars as an inauspicious planet. But, once it dons a favorable state, the planet thrives to fulfill many of your unfulfilled desires. Mars comes under the governance of the fire element and during its transitory motion, it will be entering a zodiac sign, which is determined by the  earth element. Consequently, the influence of this planet will increase.

If the planet Mars remains in a debilitated state in one’s Kundli, then it creates some problems for the natives. Under its influence, many others may also fall prey to an accident. Hence, it can be said that a debilitated Mars can a person’s domestic life also suffers due to the weak condition of Mars. This transit of Mars will have an effect on all zodiac signs. Let us know what will be the effect of this transit of Mars according to your zodiac sign.

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