Mars Transit 2023: Auspicious Alignments & Gains For Zodiacs Until August 18th

Mars Transit 2023: Among the nine planets, Mars, also known as Mangal, is considered as the commander of the celestial forces in astrology. It represents courage, anger, fearlessness, and is associated with the element of earth. Recently, on 1st July, Mars entered the Leo sign and will remain there until 18th August. During this time, several zodiac signs are set to receive significant benefits from the planetary movements.

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Notable Gains From Mars Transit 2023

During Mars Transit, some zodiac signs will experience the positive effects of Neech Bhang Raj Yoga. Additionally, the Matsya Yoga and Vishnu Yoga will also come into play. Until 16th August 2023, Mars will form an aspect with Rahu, while Saturn will be in direct aspect with both Mars and Rahu. 

This alignment might create some adverse effects, but on the bright side, it will also lead to the formation of Neech Bhang, Matsya, and Vishnu Yoga, which will be auspicious for many zodiac signs. A special aspect is that recently, when the Moon entered Leo and joined with Venus and Mars, a Trikoni Yoga was formed, indicating strong positive impacts for certain zodiac signs. For the following zodiac signs, the period until 18th August is quite auspicious:

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Mars Transit 2023: Auspicious Until 18 August For These Zodiacs 


The movement of Mars will bring advantages to your profession and business. Income will increase, and sudden financial gains are on the horizon. Savings will grow, and your courage and valor will see a boost, resulting in success. 

Aries natives will conquer your adversaries, and luck will favor you. A promotion or transfer in your job is likely, and business ventures will prove fruitful. Trikoni Yoga formed by the presence of Venus, Mars, and Moon in Leo is a fortunate gift for Aries natives, opening new paths to career advancement.

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Mars transit will prove to be lucky, resulting in financial growth and gains. Gemini natives, your identity and reputation will strengthen, leading to increased respect and recognition. Your bravery and valor will flourish, and success will be yours to achieve. 

You might resolve disputes related to property peacefully, and opportunities to buy new vehicles or properties will arise. For those in business or trade, this period will be highly beneficial. Trikoni Yoga also indicates beneficial travels for business purposes.


Until August 18th, Leo natives will experience the blessings of good fortune, and all your work will be completed successfully. There are indications of property and vehicle-related gains. Your courage and valor will increase. You might make significant purchases, such as a new house, vehicle, plot, or flat. 

The presence of Moon, Mars, and Venus in your own zodiac sign creating Trikoni Yoga will bestow favorable luck, helping you complete your pending tasks promptly. Employees might receive promotions or new job offers, and good news from family members is probable. Your health will remain good.

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Your interest in religious activities will grow, and your professional life will bring rewards. It is a favorable time for both business and job-related endeavors. Financially, Sagittarius natives will find stability. 

Disputes related to inherited properties will resolve, and the purchase of new properties or vehicles is on the cards. Businesspeople will gain from their ventures, and spiritual journeys are indicated. Success in business and trade is foreseen, along with benefits from ancestral properties.


Mars Transit 2023 will bring auspicious results for Pisces natives. The possibility of desired promotions is high, and good luck will be on your side until 18th August. Foreign travels may bring profits, and your fame and reputation will grow. Pending tasks will be completed, and beneficial travels are in store. 

You will be victorious over your adversaries. Your domestic life will remain peaceful, but mental stress might persist, so take care of your health. Opportunities for career advancements and victories over competitors are likely. Foreign travels related to work are also possible.

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During this period of Mars Transit 2023, these zodiac signs will enjoy favorable outcomes and significant progress in various aspects of life. The planetary alignment will bestow blessings and open doors to success and prosperity. So, embrace this positive energy, seize the opportunities, and embark on a journey towards a brighter and prosperous future.

Frequently Asked Questions

Ques1. Which zodiac does Mars rule?

Ans. Mars rules the Aries and Scorpio.

Ques2. Which planets are Mars’ friends?

Ans. Jupiter, Moon, and Sun are Mars’ friends.

Ques3. What happens in Daridra Yoga?

Ans. The native with Daridra Yoga in their horoscope suffers financial losses frequently.

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