Mars Transit In Gemini (October 16, 2022): Impact On 12 Zodiac Signs

In this special blog of AstroSage, you will get all the essential information, like date, time, effect, etc., regarding Mars transit in Gemini on October 16, 2022. We will also discuss the remedies which can strengthen Mars as per your zodiac signs.

Four significant transits are taking place in October, including Mars transit. Natives of all the zodiac signs will face different effects of these transits, which will be good and bad. If you want to know about every detail of the transits, read this until the end.

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Mars affects every human life, and you must be excited to know what changes these transits will have on your life. What different aspects will unfold due to this transit? How will this transit bring changes in your love life? What will be your financial condition after this? We will find all the answers in this blog, which are derived from the calculations and movement of Mars from our learned and experienced astrologers. The predictions in this blog regarding the transit effect are entirely based on Vedic astrology. 

Significance of Mars in Vedic Astrology

When it comes to Vedic astrology, Mars holds a special place, and this planet is considered to be very fiery. Manglik Dosha or Mangal’s shortcoming in the horoscope is due to Mars. Therefore, it is entirely correct that Mars directly affects the married life of the natives.

In the astrological world, Mars represents courage, strength, and energy and is the ruling lord of Aries and Scorpio. The weak position of Mars in the horoscope makes a person angry. On the other hand, people who have Mars in the benefic positions are filled with energy and courage and always get things done quickly and systematically. 

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Mars Transit in Gemini- Date and Time

Mars is also known as a red planet; it is exalted in Capricorn, and on the other hand, it is debilitated in cancer signs. If we talk about Nakshatras, among the 27 nakshatras, Mars is the lord of Chitra, Dhanishta, and Mrigashira nakshatras. And now it is going to change its zodiac.

The benefactor of brother, land, and energy will leave Taurus on October 16, 2022, Sunday, at 12:04 PM, and it will transit in Gemini. This transit of Mars in Gemini will show its effect on everyone in one way or another. Now let us dive in and understand the remedies which can strengthen Mars for better results.

Remedies to strengthen Mars in Kundli

  • Chant ‘Om Bhaumay Namah’ 27 times daily
  • Tuesday is dedicated to Mars; fasting and worship on this day will be beneficial.
  • Chant ‘Om Bhumi Putray Namah’ 108 times daily.
  • Offer food to the poor and needy people on Tuesday.
  • Recite Hanuman Chalisa on Tuesday to strengthen Mars.

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Mars Transit In Gemini: Zodiac-Wise Predictions & Remedies


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