Mars-Saturn Conjunction in Aquarius Impacts These 3 Signs!

According to astrology, every planet while changing its place, rising, setting, or retrograding, exerts its effect on almost all 12 zodiac signs. All nine planets change their position at different intervals. In this sequence, when one or more planets are present together in any house of the horoscope, this position of planets is called a conjunction, and it deeply affects human life. 

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In this regard, if this conjunction happens between two friendly planets, then most of the zodiac signs get the auspicious results. On the contrary, if this conjunction occurs between the enemy planets, it affects all the zodiac signs negatively. 

Conjunction of Mars and Saturn in Aquarius Forms Dwandwa Yoga

In 2022, two enemy planets, Saturn and Mars will be present in the same zodiac sign from 29 April to 17 May, which will lead to conjunction. This combination of Mars-Saturn will occur when Saturn will transit to its own sign Aquarius at 9:57 a.m on 29 April, 2022, and at that time, it will meet with Mars, which will already be present there. Due to this Mars-Saturn conjunction, there will be a creation of Dwandwa Yoga, which is considered an inauspicious Yoga. 

In Vedic Astrology, the conjunction of Saturn with Mars will play a significant role in many different ways because Saturn and Mars are the enemy planets. And now, the Dwandwa Yoga formed by this combination may affect the lives of many zodiac signs negatively. 

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Consequences of Saturn-Mars Conjunction

According to Astrosage’s astrologers, the conjunction of Saturn-Mars is called inauspicious and Dwandwa Yoga. Due to this, there is a more possibility of quarrels or disputes. Many natives have to struggle more than usual to get success in their careers when Shani (Saturn) the benefactor of Karma combines with Mars. Let us know the facts related to this conjunction:

  • If in any horoscope, there is a combination of Saturn-Mars, then due to its effect, it takes more time to stabilize the career of that person. During this, only after much struggle and hard work do the natives get success.
  • The person who has Saturn-Mars conjunction in the sixth house of their horoscope might suffer from health-related issues. During this period, many natives might suffer from problems related to the digestive system, joint pain, or any kind of accident. 
  • Along with this, if Saturn is stronger than Mars during the conjunction of Mars-Saturn in a horoscope, then it proves beneficial for the native. Whereas the weakening of Saturn from Mars could bring troubles and challenges to the natives.       
  • If this conjunction is in the ascendant, fourth, seventh, eighth, or twelfth house in a horoscope, then the effect of Mangal Dosha on the person increases further. As a result, that person may have to face many problems related to married life.
  • Apart from this, if this conjunction of Saturn-Mars is formed in the ascendant of a horoscope, then its effect directly increases the ego and stubbornness of the person. Due to this, those people are unable to make many important decisions related to their life. 

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Mars-Saturn Conjunction is Dangerous for These 3 Zodiac Signs

The effect of Dwandwa Yoga formed by this conjunction will be seen on almost all the zodiac signs, but mainly there are 3 zodiac signs that need to be more careful during this conjunction. Let us have a look at these zodiac signs as well: 


This conjunction of Saturn and Mars will be formed in your eighth house. The eighth house of the horoscope is the house of age, danger, and accident. In such a situation, the formation of this inauspicious combination in these houses is bringing many problems for the Cancer natives. Therefore, at this time, you have to avoid any kind of untoward accident, otherwise, you may become a victim of some injury. Also, avoid taking any risks at the workplace and focus only on your work. 


Saturn-Mars will combine in your sixth house, i.e., your debts, enemies, health, business, and hard work. As a result, Virgo natives will need to pay attention to their diet while being most vigilant about their health during this period. Otherwise, along with the deterioration of your health, you might need to spend a huge amount of money on your treatment. Those natives who are 50 years of age or above must avoid doing the tiring tasks. 


You will need to be extremely careful during this conjunction because this inauspicious Saturn-Mars combination is going to be formed in your own zodiac sign. In such a situation, aggression and arrogance could be seen in your nature during this period. Also, its negative impact could be visible in your personal life and at your workplace. Especially, the working professionals would be more likely to have disputes or arguments with their colleagues, which could affect their image. 

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Remedies Related to the Inauspicious Saturn-Mars Conjunction

  • You must recite Bajrangbaan on Tuesday. 
  • Donate things related to Saturn and Mars.
  • It will also be favorable for you to chant Mantras to pacify Saturn and Mars.  
  • Organize a Yajna to remove the defects of Saturn and Mars.

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