Mars Rise In Sagittarius: These 5 Zodiacs Might Face Challenges

Mars Rise In Sagittarius: As per astrology, the change or transit of planets has both positive and negative impacts on the lives of humans. Out of the 12 zodiac signs, some will face good times and few will face losses too. In January of New Year 2024, Mars rise in Sagittarius and it will have inauspicious effects on different zodiac signs. In this blog, we have only mentioned the zodiacs which may have to face troubles due to the rise of the Mars planet. 

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Date Of Mars Rise In Sagittarius 

On 16 January 2024, Mars rise in Sagittarius at 11.07 pm. This will result in different types of sorrows for the zodiac signs. Mars is referred to as the hot-natured planet and is also known as the Male planet. 

Let us know further about Mars rise in Sagittarius and the natives of zodiacs that will face different troubles in their lives. 

Importance Of Mars In Vedic Astrology 

As per Vedic Astrology, getting the blessing of Mars planet will result in success in the careers of natives. The planet is also considered the factor of administration and governance. With Mars in a strong position in the horoscope, people will like to follow their principles appropriately. A person is able to reach the heights of success in the work field with the auspicious influence of Mars in the horoscope. Other than that, the auspicious effects of Mars will result in a higher position and prestige for the natives. The grace of Mars on individuals will result in greater mental and physical happiness. 

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Mars Rise In Sagittarius: These Zodiac Signs Will Suffer Losses 

Let us move further and learn about the zodiac signs that can face troubles due to Mars rise in Sagittarius. 


In the Taurus zodiac, Mars rises in the eighth house and there will be a high probability of health deterioration. The income levels will go down gradually and the expenses also rise. There are higher chances of spending money on the mother’s health. You may also have to face troubles regarding property and the workload will increase at the workplace. The natives may face financial crunch in this period and there are clear signs of discord with your spouse. Talking about your health, there are high chances of back pain complaints, along with thigh and leg pain in this period. The natives are advised to do regular exercise and yoga to fix their health troubles. 

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For the Cancer natives, Mars rises in the sixth house. The inauspicious effects of Mars will result in a higher possibility of health deterioration. You may also need to spend money on your children’s health. In your career, there are chances of big changes. You might need to change the job. The business persons can face troubles from their rivals in this period. 

The expenses of Cancer natives increase due to Mars rise in Sagittarius and might need to take out a loan to meet the expenses. In married life, you may face troubles and there are signs of a lack of misunderstanding between both. Your condition regarding health will remain favorable. 

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In the Virgo zodiac sign, Virgo rises in the fourth house. Among the family members, there are high chances of differences of opinion. This will result in disruption of happiness and peace in your family. There are indications of some obstacles in the way of overall development because of Mars rise in Sagittarius. In this period, avoid long-distance travel as it might result in varied difficulties for the natives. At the workplace, the relationship with senior officials and colleagues will deteriorate significantly. 

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In the Scorpio zodiac sign, Mars will rise in the second house. The natives will get the desired results only after making a lot of effort. Because of Mars rise in Sagittarius, there is the possibility of rising expenses and at the family level, they might face different challenges. Handle your money or funds appropriately with advance planning for the investments. You need to pay more attention at your workplace as there are more chances of making mistakes in your work. The natives need to stay focused to get the desired results in their careers. To earn the right kind of profits, traders need to alter their strategies effectively. There are chances of ups and downs at the emotional level with your spouse. In terms of your health, the Scorpio natives may face complaints of toothache and eye irritation.

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In the Capricorn zodiac signs, Mars will rise in the twelfth house. There are clear signs of obstacles and troubles in the way of your development. Other than that, the natives may also suffer sudden financial losses. The overall comfort levels in your life will decrease. In the career, there are chances of negative results and there are clear signs of job change for the natives. Due to Mars rise in Sagittarius, traders may face losses along with profits. The natives may face trouble in saving money. There will also be a lack of coordination between the husband and wife. In terms of health, you might feel a little dissatisfied and might also suffer from fever or anemia. 

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