Mars Rise In Sagittarius Impacts These 5 Zodiacs Strongly!

Mars Rise In Sagittarius: AstroSage endeavors to bring to you the latest and the most important astrological events with every new blog release to keep our readers up to date with the latest happenings of the arcane world of Astrology. Mars rises in the sign of Sagittarius, on 16 Jan, 2024. Let’s find out what impacts Mars Rise In Sagittarius will have on the zodiac signs.

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Mars represents power, authority and administration. If an individual is blessed with a strong Mars in their horoscope, it may provide all the essential satisfaction in life, good health and a strong mind. If Mars is placed well for a person in his horoscope, then the person may gain all reputation and position in his career. A strong Mars may confer the natives with all physical and mental happiness if it is placed and aspected by benefic planets like Jupiter. On the other hand, if Mars combines with the malefic planets like Rahu/Ketu it will get eclipsed and due to this one might suffer from health ailments, mind depression, loss of status and loss of money etc. 

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Mars Rises In Sagittarius: Timing 

Mars, the karaka of elder brother and profession, Mars rises in the zodiac sign of Sagittarius on 16th January, 2024 at 23:07 Hrs. Mars, which was combust till now due to the presence of the Sun in Sagittarius, is now set to ‘Rise’ as the Sun transits to Capricorn. Let us now read further to know how Mars ‘Rise in Sagittarius impacts different zodiac signs. 

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Mars Rise In Sagittarius: These Zodiac Signs Will Benefit


Mars becomes the 1st and the 8th house lord for Aries natives and will now rise in the 9th house. The 9th house is the house of luck, father, religion and gurus. During this time Aries natives may feel that fate is supporting them and good vibes are on their side as the Lagna lord rises in the friendly sign of Sagittarius. During this time long distance journeys could be possible.  Visiting religious sites with family is also possible. You will receive full support of your father though there may be slight clashes of thoughts between the both of you. The natives running businesses would do well. Mars in the 9th house may also help you attain high positions in your career as well. 


Mars becomes the 5th house and the 10th house lord for Cancer natives and will now rise in the 6th house. This phenomenon would be beneficial to the ones working in the corporate sector. Mars in the 6th house would help students become victorious in competitive exams and ṭhis period would be fruitful for judges and lawyers as well. Mars in the 6th house would also make you adventurous and your risk taking ability would increase. 

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Mars becomes the 4th house and the 9th house lord for Leo natives and would rise in the 5th house. It is a situation akin to a rajyoga for leo individuals and this phenomenon would be extremely beneficial to them. Mars rise in the 5th house would be beneficial for your children and you will receive happiness through children. If other planetary placements support then it will be a good period for astrologers and other occult practitioners. Mars’ rise in Sagittarius would support natives’ success and fame. Real estate owners would benefit too.  


Mars becomes the 1st and the 6th house lord for Scorpio natives and will rise in the 2nd house now. Lagns lord rising in the house of earnings will definitely increase your income and stabilize your finances. Your focus will be on enhancing your finances and you could even start a side hustle, giving you an added source of income. The people running restaurants would earn good profits and do well during this phenomenon. However, Mars can make your speech a little aggressive so you need to be careful of that. This is a good time to test your luck and take the risk you’ve been thinking about for a long time, like joining a new job or starting your own business. 

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Mars rules the 2nd house and the 9th house for Pisces natives and would now rise in the 10th house of profession. This phenomenon would work wonders for people engaged in administrative and government jobs. This is also a great placement for someone running their own organization or company. Mars gets “Digbala’ in the 10th house and would become even more powerful for Pisces natives. 

Mars Rise In Sagittarius: These Zodiacs Would Be Negatively Impacted


Mars rules the 2nd house and the 7th house for Taurus individuals and will now rise in the 8th house. Mars in the 8th house can pose dangers to your health. You may notice that you may get injured more often during this time and burn yourself more than usual. Precaution is advised. Take care of your bone health too and women might face hormonal issues. Mars may increase your anger making you suffer from issues  like high blood pressure. 


Mars governs the 6th house and the 11th house for Gemini individuals and will rise in the 7th house of marriage and partnership. Mars may bring in loads of arguments and conflicts between you and your partner and may affect your relationship with your business partners as well. You might face difficulties in business.

Mars Rise In Sagittarius: Impactful Remedies

  • Recite the Hanuman Chalisa every Tuesday
  • Instal and worship the Mangal Yantra in some auspicious place in your house
  • If it suits you as per your horoscope, wear a red coral ring in your right hand
  • Donate red moong dal, copper utensils, gold, clothes, etc to the poor
  • Donate besan sweets or laddoos to young children.

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