Mars Retrograde in Pisces, Perform these Remedies to Avail Benefits

Mars in its retrograde motion will enter Pisces from Aries on October 4, 2020 at 10:06 AM and become direct on November 14, Saturday at 6:06 hours. As per astrology, the movement of planets becomes slow when in retrograde. Let’s see how this transit will bring changes on the natives of all zodiac signs.

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For Aries natives, Mars in its retrograde position will move from your ascendant house, where it was in potent position to your twelfth house of expenditures and foreign travels…Read More


Mars in its retrograde position transiting in your eleventh house of success and profits will bring auspicious results…Read More 


The transit of the Mars in retrograde will move into the tenth house of career and profession for Gemini natives…Read More 

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Mars in its retrograde position will move into your ninth house which represents higher education and fortune…Read More


The retrograde Mars is moving in the house of transformation and uncertainty from the house of fortune and luck…Read More


For Virgo natives, you have to divert your efforts in the right direction in order to achieve beneficial results as Mars is transiting in your seventh house of vocation, partnership and spouse…Read More 

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This transit of Mars retrograde in your sixth house of competition and obstructions will provide you with very high competitive energy…Read More 


The Scorpio natives will host Mars in their fifth house of intellect and planning in its retrograde motion…Read More 

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The position of retrograde Mars in your fourth house of innerself, home and comforts may cause you some restlessness and anxiety…Read More


The transit of retrograde Mars in the third house of valor, courage and efforts will bring auspicious results for Capricorn natives…Read More


Financial action must be taken after properly weighing in the pros and cons during the transit of retrograde Mars for Aquarius natives in their second houseRead More


The position of the retrograde Mars in your first house of personality will bring poor results for the Pisces natives…Read More 

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