Rare Mars-Rahu Conjunction: These Signs Must Be Careful Till 10 August!

On Monday, June 27, Mars, the planet with the status of commander, entered the sign of Aries. There are a number of reasons why this Mars transit is special. The first reason is that Mars is in the sign of Aries, which means that when a planet transits in its own sign, it can exert its maximum power.   

Angarak Yoga is forming in Aries after 37 years as a result of this Mars transit, which is another significant factor in the importance of this event. Given that several zodiac signs may experience issues as a result of this Angarak Yoga, more caution is needed here. For your knowledge, let us mention that Rahu is already present in the Aries zodiac at the time when Mars enters this sign on June 27. Due to the combination of Mars and Rahu in Aries, Angarak Yoga is finally forming in this position after 37 years.

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Angarak Yoga will continue through August 10. Through this particular blog, we will inform you of the zodiac signs that are suggested to exercise caution at this time. You will also be aware of the impact of Mars and Rahu together. Moving forward, let’s first understand the impact of the Mars-Rahu conjunction.

Mars-Rahu Conjunction Effects

The conjunction of the planets is accorded real importance in astrology. In some cases, when two lucky planets align, people experience favorable outcomes, while other times, when two unlucky planets align, people experience unfavorable outcomes. In addition, different outcomes can result from the conjunction of lucky and unlucky planets. Also some interesting impacts can also be seen. 

Note: The position of the planets in your horoscope has a significant impact on how they affect your life.  

If we talk about the combination of Mars and Rahu in this case, astrological specialists claim that it has unfavorable repercussions. As we already stated, the conjunction of Mars and Rahu causes Angarak Yoga, which raises the likelihood of natives experiencing financial loss, arguments, strife, difficulties, borrowing, and a variety of other issues. People are recommended to exercise greater caution when Mars and Rahu are in conjunction for this reason.

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Angarak Yoga: Precautions & Remedies

Astrologers advise people who have Angarak Yoga in their birth chart to exercise extra caution around fire and motor vehicles. On top of that, they are advised to avoid conflict and avoid upsetting the family’s elders.

Vedic astrology states that when Angarak Yoga is formed, there is a fierceness in a person’s temperament; such individuals become furious quickly over trivial matters, and they engage in fights without any reason. If you find yourself in this scenario and wish to avoid Angarak Yoga’s negative effects, you can adopt the following steps.

  • Chant the Mantra: ‘Om ang angarakaya namah’. 
  • Avoid consuming non vegetarian food and alcohol. 
  • Try to control your speech and anger as much as possible and keep calm.
  • Worship Lord Shiva and Hanumanji.
  • Avoid negativity.
  • Be courteous to your loved ones, your partner in life, and your family.

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Mars-Rahu Conjunction: Its Effect On Nation & World

  • Cyclones, strong winds, police forces, military systems, and aircraft mishaps could happen. 
  • In the northeastern regions of India, there is a chance of flooding, which could result in the loss of life and property. 
  • The nation’s politics could undergo a significant shift.
  • Aside from this, incidents like fires and earthquakes might also happen during this time. 
  • The populace might disagree with the leaders.
  • A change in the weather will also happen besides this.
  • Rainfall may be insufficient, which could lead to issues in agriculture. 
  • In addition, health issues like heart disease, injuries, burns, and blood pressure issues could worsen.
  • Instability could be seen in the nation’s politics. 
  • The general populace will experience disappointment.
  • There might be a plan to disrupt the nation’s ecosystem.

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Mars-Rahu Conjunction: 3 Zodiac Signs Needs To Be Cautious

Taurus: In Taurus’s twelfth house, Angarak Yoga is forming. In such a scenario, your spending is likely to rise during this time, ruining your financial plan. Additionally, you might argue with your siblings needlessly. You should talk softly in this situation. There’s a chance that your opponents will plot something. Additionally, you are advised to use caution at work and refrain from making any significant business decisions during this time, as failure could result. 

Remedy: Recite Hanuman Chalisa and Sunderkand daily.

Leo: In the ninth house of Leo, Angarak Yoga is developing. Your luck could be ripped from you at this period in such a situation. There’s a chance your life might get more stressful since a significant deal in business might stop happening. Any significant trip that you were planning, whether it was overseas or not, might also provide some challenges. Driving requires extra caution. Taking special care of your health is also advised in addition to this because intestinal issues might cause serious complications.

Remedy: Donate red lentils. 

Libra: In your fifth house, Angarak Yoga for Libra is forming. Your chances of experiencing romantic disappointment and marital failure are very high in such a circumstance. Higher education might present some challenges for those students whose zodiac signs are connected to education. Because of how poorly you will be able to express yourself at this time, there is a likelihood that you might argue and fight with family and loved ones. Be extremely cautious when conducting business and at work. Otherwise, you might have to deal with a lot of issues here as a result of your speech and rage. 

Remedy: Go to the Hanuman temple on Tuesday and offer Bajrangbali with red vermilion.

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