Mars-Ketu Conjunction In Libra: Fruitful Alliance For Zodiacs In October!

Mars-Ketu Conjunction In Libra: In astrology, there is special importance on the movement of planets across zodiacs and houses. The Mars-Ketu Conjunction in Libra in the month of October will impact the lives of all the 12 zodiacs. It will result in a change of times for the different zodiacs and beware of the auspicious & inauspicious period. This AstroSage blog contains all the accurate details on the Mars-Ketu Conjunction In Libra and the benefits availed by the lucky zodiacs. 

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Mars is one of the vital planets in the astrological world and it indicates the strength and power of individuals. They possess the right energy levels to fight against tough conditions. 

Ketu is referred to as the South node of the Moon in astrology. It can affect the lives of natives with separation or isolation across different situations. 

Mars-Ketu Conjunction In Libra: Time

On 03 October 2023, Mars and Ketu will come together in the Libra zodiac and impact the lives of different individuals. Let us check the details of lucky zodiacs due to Mars-Ketu Conjunction In Libra. 

List Of Lucky Zodiacs Due To Mars-Ketu Conjunction In Libra


Mars-Ketu Conjunction In Libra will be beneficial for the Leo zodiac and the chances of success also rise. The natives will be courageous in the period and thus commit to new aspirations in life. Your big decisions will earn you the right kind of profit. There are also chances of travel across foreign destinations due to business or professional needs. Spend quality time with your partner to eliminate any kind of miscommunication. The right investments will result in good income and your troubles in the workplace will also improve. Your health will remain secure and there are hardly any chances of expenses due to it. 

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For the Sagittarius people, it will be the ideal time to make relevant decisions in life-related to your career. The chances of promotions at the workplace are high and select the right profile that will provide you success. If you’re into business then chances of new tenders are prominent that can help you earn the best profit level. As per Mars-Ketu Conjunction In Libra, the health of natives will remain safe throughout the month. Attain the right comfort levels at home and you’ll get love from your partner. Your right efforts at the workplace will result in the right kind of appreciation. 


For Capricorn natives, it is the best time to enjoy a comfortable time with your partner. Plan your moves correctly in the period so that you can take the right steps towards success in life. As per Mars-Ketu Conjunction In Libra, it will be the best time to attain the top level of promotion at the workplace. There are also chances of buying a new vehicle or property in the period and making the investment timely for success. There are hardly any worries related to your health and plan out a good time with your loved ones. You might travel across foreign locations for both personal and business needs. 

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Q1. Is the Mars-Ketu conjunction effective for zodiacs?

Ans. The Mars-Ketu conjunction will result in the rise of determination among natives. 

Q2. Do Mars and Ketu have a friendship among themselves?

Ans. Ketu is the friend of Mercury, Venus, and Saturn. 

Q3. Which are the enemies of Ketu?

Ans. The different enemies of Ketu are the Sun, Moon, and Mars. 

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