Mars Direct in Taurus (13 Jan): What To Expect On A Global Level?

In Vedic Astrology, Mars is considered to be a soldier. An action taker and a go-getter. Mars is often referred to as Commander-in-chief amongst the nine planets. It represents the masculine energy and is considered to be a furious planet. Mars is a significator of courage, energy, power, bravery, brother, land, ambition and passion.

We at AstroSage would like to welcome you to our blog, Mars Direct in Taurus. We will give our readers a holistic view of the phenomenon’s date, timing, and effects on the world and its people. We will also talk about how it would affect India. You will also learn about the various remedies available to counteract its damaging impacts on the world, the nation, and its people. So let’s read about the impact of Mars Direct in Taurus without further ado. 

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Mars Direct in Taurus Date & Time

Mars, as we all know, is a fiery and masculine planet by nature. Mars owns two signs Aries and Scorpio. It gets exalted at 28 degrees in Capricorn whereas debilitated in Cancer at 28 degrees. The Nakshatras ruled by Mars are Mrigsira, Chitra and Dhanishta. Compared to planets like the Moon, Mercury, and Venus, Mars transits through a sign in around 45 days, which is a significant amount of time. It signifies one’s desires and ambition. A good Mars in general bestows the native with a quick mental activity, agility, muscular strength, strong determination, ambition, and leadership quality. Mars is the power giver planet and a fearless warrior.  Mars will become Direct in Taurus on 13th January, 2023 at 00:07 am. Let us see how it will affect our lives in general. 

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Mars Direct in Taurus: What To Expect?

When Mars turns direct, it is a great time to overcome roadblocks to success. If you have been experiencing setbacks in career, finances  or in love life you will now be able to find clarity and stability after the confusing stint of Mars retrogression. The warrior planet says it’s time to take action without any further delay. This movement will increase the martial energy for sure but in a positive manner. You will also experience in your life and all around you that there is a sudden decrease in incidents of aggression and overall your temperament is improved.

Global Impacts Of Mars Direct In Taurus

  • There will be a decrease in global natural calamities though the world will continue to face challenges till mid of March 2023.
  • Speculators will continue losing heavily due to volatile markets, as Mars is often termed as being spontaneous and heedless. 
  • Gold prices might increase as Mars to a certain extent impacts gold prices along with the Sun.
  • Accidents and mishaps could occur but in less frequency.
  • There will be a sudden decrease in robberies and fire accidents.
  • Mars Direct in Taurus might continue stirring minor problems for a few southern states of India and maybe countries falling on the southern side of India as both Mars and Taurus rule the southern direction.
  • Mars has considerable influence on politics, and government related affairs. So, the role of Mars in the horoscope becomes important for the effects related to politics and attainment of high authority positions. Now, the direct movement of Mars in Taurus from 13th January 2023 will bring stability to some degree in politics of many countries, including India. In many states of India the political scenario will change for the better.
  • Mars Direct in Taurus opens a window of opportunity to prepare for positioning yourself for gains and progress in the coming year.

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  • Prices of certain edible items such as certain fruits and pulses might suddenly increase.
  • Infections such as flu or viral fevers related to soil pathogens might be on a rise during this time.
  • Economic position in India will definitely improve slightly but not much of a change can be expected before 12th March, 2023.
  • The Indian Government might continue to face challenges related to various public issues and the opposition will gain a stronghold during this period from 1st January, 2023 till 12th March, 2023.
  • The Indian government might continue to face challenges at the borders, however things will be under control.
  • After 12th March, 2023 things do seem to be settling down for India and the rest of the world. 

Mars Direct In Taurus: General Remedies

  • Respect the Mars deity, the Hindu warrior God Kartikeya or Skanda, the son of Lord Shiva. You will be able to absorb Mars’ beneficial traits by praying to these Gods. Japa and Mantra chanting are the best ways to pay respect to a deity.

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  • Change your thought process: Winning is good but paving way to let others win is a greater deed and this approach always works to appease Mars. 
  • Take blessings of your Guru (Mentor): Serving a Guru or elderly, showing respect towards our elders and teachers also is a good way to get good results in whatever we do. Spirituality is the path that leads to success.
  • Worship Lord Hanuman & Lord Kaal Bhairava: Lord Hanuman, is the symbol of valor and strength. Pleasing Lord Hanuman and worshiping him is another way to strengthen Mars. Reading through or listening to Vigyan Bhairava, one of the most ancient scriptures, is another way to get good results from the planet Mars. 

Note: Mars Direct in Taurus will bring changes across the globe. But do you know what will be the impact of Mars’s position on your zodiac sign? Get the best guidance, by consulting our expert astrologers on call or chat! who are interested to know this can make Mars strong in their horoscope with their help.

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