Mars Direct In Taurus 2023; Know Zodiac-Wise Impact!

As per the Vedic Astrology, Mars is considered to be a fierce and courageous planet and those who have the blessings of the planet are known to be fearless, adventurous, and risk-takers. Mars is the lord of the first zodiac, Aries, and the eighth zodiac, Scorpio. The planet Mars represents younger siblings, specifically younger brothers. Apart from this, if placed in the favorable house of a horoscope, Mars can bring prosperity, fortune, and success to the natives. However, a weak Mars placement can cause adverse misfortune. This is the planet that causes Mangal Dosha in a person’s horoscope. You can read more about Mars Direct in Taurus and its effects on the zodiac in this AstroSage blog. We’ll also discuss the meaning of Mangal Dosha and how it affects people’s quality of life. 

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What is Mangal Dosh?

Mangal Dosha mostly impacts a person’s married life when they struggle to find the ideal companion for marriage. Mangal Dosha is formed when Mars is present in the first, fourth, seventh, eighth, and twelfth houses in a horoscope. It is often referred to as Manglik Dosha. The impact of Manglik Dosha is a higher probability of separation from their life partner. Due to its effect, problems like delay in marriage, problems in married life, conflicts arise. Many different measures can be performed to get rid of the Mangal Dosha, with the help of which you can strengthen Mars.

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Date & Time Of Mars Direct In Taurus

Mars is going to turn directly in Taurus on Friday, January 13th, 2023 at 12.07 am. Let us now learn how the Mars Direct in Taurus will affect all zodiac signs.

Zodiac-Wise Impact On Mars Direct In Taurus 


Aries people, Mars is your Lagna lord and eighth lord and it was in retrogation motion in your second house of immediate family, savings, and speech. So the Aries natives from (read more…)


For the Taurus native Mars rules your twelfth house and seventh house and it was retrograde in your ascendant therefore Taurus was the most affected sign from the retrograde and now they are going to get (read more…)

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Mars rules the sixth house and eleventh house for Gemini native and now it will direct in the twelfth house which represents foreign land, Isolation (read more…)


Cancer natives, Mars is a Yogakaraka planet for you; it controls your Kendra and Trikona houses i.e fifth and tenth houses; and it was in retrograde motion in your eleventh house of (read more…)


Mars rules the ninth house and fourth house for Leo natives and becomes the Yogakaraka planet for them. Now this Yogakaraka planet is getting direct in your tenth house (read more…)


Virgo natives, Mars rules your third house of siblings and 8th house of uncertainty and secrecy and is now getting direct in your ninth house of father, Guru, and luck (read more…)


For the Libra natives, Mars rules the second house and seventh house and is now getting in direct motion in the 8th house. So we can say that Libra native may experience a bit of (read more…)


Dear Scorpions, Mars is your ascendant lord and sixth house lord and is getting direct in your seventh house of life partner and business partnership. So it would not be (read more…)

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For the Sagittarius natives, Mars rules the fifth house and twelfth house and is now getting direct in the sixth house which is the house of enemies, health, competition (read more…)


Dear Capricorn natives, Mars rules your fourth house and eleventh house and is now getting direct in the fifth house of children, education, romantic relationship, Purva Punaya. So firstly the (read more…)


For Aquarius natives, Mars rules the third house and tenth house and now it will be in direct motion in the fourth house of mother, house, domestic life, land, property, and vehicles. Hence, all the (read more…)


Dear Pisces natives, Mars has the lordship of second and ninth house and now it’s getting direct in your third house and the third house represents your siblings, hobbies, short distance travel (read more…)

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